The Hero Project : Open Season’s ending (Spoilers)

So…that’s it huh? Heroes Rise: Open Season was the “last heroes Rise game” apparently, so this is all we’re getting with the wonderful world these FIVE games have given us.

And the ending to this one was something else.

Getting the obvious out of the way, the revelation as to who the New MC’s parents were was awesome…as a huge Prodigal fan myself, I’m decently happy with being her little brother. The interactions you get later are really cute actually, which leads into the fact that Prodicessor is pretty cool, nuff said.

Then there’s the ending, bringing back the Infinity Nullifer thing was a cool twist, and there was something REALLY fun about teaming up with your old mc and making descisions for both you and them at the same time. Truly a fitting way to do the final battle.

But I’m not here to talk about that. I’m talking about the secret ending, the inevitable “Versus” tie in I was expecting since the first mention of aliens. In the author’s note at the end it even mentions that to find out what happens to the “eight” who are teleported off we should support a Versus 3.

As someone who’s never played Versus, I dunno how to feel about this. It almost feels like a cash grab and an advertisement within the game…but in a weird way it interests me as well. I want to see a crossover of sorts and I want it to go over well.

And assuming this is a straight up crossover, does that mean we’ll have to carry over Heroes Rise and Versus data to the third book? That doesn’t seem right since you can’t save your data at the end…but it feels like an outright set up for something bigger…


What do you all think?

We might be able to drop Spoiler tabs since this is ALL spoilers but I wanted to play it safe.


At best you’ll get a no-name mention of the new faces, maybe work with kelly to save the others but lbr:

the merge was entirely unnecessary and hurts both stories more than it helps.


Yeah, I imagine it’ll be something like that. It’s kind of disappointing since this ending FELT more like it was setting up for something but it also wanted to be…conclusive? I feel like we have too many unanswered questions to just drop the story and our choices entirely.

To me it felt… as if Sergi had little interest and joy in writing. So many threads are either left hanging or are handwaved. Likewise a lot of the ‘twists’ seemed more whims than planned, from PG to Aliens.
But I said as much in the other thread.


yeah I’m super excited about the crossover, and the ending definitely surprised me in a good way.

kind of sad that you can’t carry over data, but i heard that the script itself doesn’t allow the input of two saves, so that’s that.

All in all I’m really curious about what the fourth Venus book will be about, the hype train is real!


So I have been reading a lot about the Hero Project having a potential crossover with Versus but this is kind of makes me worried because I never played the Hero Rise Trilogy and Project before and I wonder if the author make it a major component or not.

I am still unsure if I am going to tryout the Hero Rise trilogy and Hero Project though.

Seeing as how the end of this game doesn’t allow us to keep our save data and I imagine Versus 2 does, I don’t think you’ll have to worry.

You’ve kinda got the opposite problem to me, since I’ve never TOUCHED Versus.

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Here’s my major problem with this. With the way Versus works, only one person can survive the death matches and be Reborn.

That means the protagonists for all three games will have to fight to the death in the third Versus book, sooner or later. And clearly the only protagonist that deserves to live to the end is the Versus protagonist, since it’s their series.

So essentially, the Versus protagonist is eventually going to be forced to kill the Trilogy and Hero Project protagonists. GG.


I’m going to speculate based on what we’ve seen so far:

The MCs will all survive bringing an era of peace and harmony to the galaxy because they are the chosen ones. At least one canonfodder char will dry anticlimatically to show just how serious everything is. and there will probably be an in-your-face ‘hint’ to the next game project.

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I mean, sure, if Sergei intends on backing out on all the Versus lore so far. Which would be annoying, since I spent a lot of time trying to follow all of it.

Also, as a note: The HP sibling reveal felt completely unnescessary to me. I liked the idea of Menagerie, but shoehorning Prodigal and Artillery is just… Why?


2nd question: Because PLOOOOOTTWIST that shoves fanfav PG in the spotlight and shoves how superhyper special she is. (no seriously, that’s the reason)

1st question: Cross your heart, has Sergi EVER given a flying f*ck about consistency and continuity in his stories when it wasn’t relevant to an ‘impressive scene’? Answer is… no. Only time he seems to remember his own lore is when he tries to be clever, usually forgetting other parts in the process



I’d like to give the benefit of the doubt; I imagine it would take some serious effort to forget about the entire premise of one of your series.

Thinking about things, why did the big bad even wait?

Giving she was ‘scouting’ who is worthy of versus, what did she need her henchmen for, if she’s so hyperpowerful as the text keeps insisting? If she was looking who is worthy through seeing how they fight, either do nothing and just watch, or amp up the stress by outright launching a full attack and see how they react. If they die, tough luck, they weren’t worthy.

The only in-universe reason to wait I can genuinely think of, that would have made sense would have been:

if Infinitum would have turned out not to be a versus alien but Miss Artillery who knew something like prodicessor would happen and she wants to make sure her daughter stays dead in peace instead of becoming such a mockery of the living thing.

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I really enjoyed the HR trilogy and really liked having your MC joining forces with the MC from Open season. I’ve also really liked playing versus but the Open season and Elite trials felt really rushed to get them finished to reach this crossover. I feel they should have each had a third book to tie everything up and then maybe do the crossover.

I don’t really want to see some pregenerated character version of any of my HR characters that I’ve grown to love.

I’m really a big fan and I’ve bought all the cash add ons, even the ones that dont seem to do anything, but this seems like a move that’s going to damage both games in my opinion rather than add anything


Jayscott, I’d also hope you could at least name and customise the herorise and anipowered MCs in a Versus crossover, rather than the prenamed original OC in a fresh Open Season game.

I haven’t played Versus, so the ending was satisfyingly mysterious for me. I don’t think the plotlines were left hanging so much as left open; the story ends, and a world of characters just keep on living their lives without an author to mess them around. Issues and characters go on, but all the actual plotlines are tied up. So if you don’t like the sound of the crossover, you can simply ignore it.

I assumed in Redemption season that Infinitium was just a device to keep the Herorise MC occupied, but making her the real threat was a decent way to tie the series off without introducing a new villain.

It would be nice to have confirmation that aliens are responsible for the appearance of superpowers. The advanced technology excuse was literally just an excuse; technology in the real world robs us of powers like attention span and maths skills.

I would be interested to see more of Galexia, Starsoar and Less in a new Versus game, the former two have lacked screentime, and the latter deserves her side of the story.


I would’ve liked more from Less and the other voiceless too. They seemed like a really good enemy or possible ally depending on how you felt about them but there story seemed over far too quickly in favour of the main villains group

Tbh I feel like Hero Project Redemption Season and OS have improvements endingwise for the entire series, but still, certain things haven’t been improved, like the funky romances, and the strange plot twists that make me think I’m reading the super hero version of Maury. Also the link to versus was horrible and I wish it wasn’t made, seeing as this makes noticeable gaps in the ending of the series. It also makes the ending feel irrelevant as your MC probably won’t make it out of Versus.

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Pray do explain how you think the ending thing (not the bonus) was an improvement? I’m genuinely curious.

Imo you get the feeling that you ended with more of a choice. Up until the Versus part which probably ruined that feeling. You chose whether you stayed in Magnus or not (and hopefully, other options were still there regarding THP and such), chose your role within Magnus and such. Of course you had choices for your original MC. Though that inclusion is good and bad in a few ways I guess, but it certainly was interesting. The first installment was poor on choices imo, most of them didn’t really matter as much, which continued to evolve later in the series. It was more like your choices were irrelevant and more cosmetic. Meanwhile in OS, despite the Versus BS, clearly your choices mattered for the entire nation (similarly to Hero Fall).
Of course this is all in my opinion.

It’s an illusion. Your choices don’t matter at all here.
Sure. It looks like there’s a lot but it’s always near identical.