How did you feel when it was all over?

Having just marathoned all three games as Mr. Goku Son himself, beating President Victon and getting to rest with Ms. Lucky, I felt a weird tinge of sadness that this was over. That these characters I had adventured with were now leaving me. Sure, Goku was happy, but I wanted to see more of them. I wanted to see their happy lives.

Oh yeah and I’m still crying over Prodigal’s death so that’s fuuuunnn.

Anyway, it gave me an idea for a topic here, so I’m curious, after blasting through three different games and finally bringing the story to a close…what did you feel?

I’m so used to my favorite games ending with bad or sad endings, that I don’t think I really felt much sadness when the game ended. Well, it is really rare for me to become sad when a game ends. (No matter if its a bad or a good ending).
The only time it happened was in Mass Effect 3, when Shepard’s adventure came to an end. I knew that we wouldn’t be able to play as him anymore, just for the fact that he had achieved his purpose: saved the galaxy. Yet, I felt something drop down from my heart and be lost when I played ME:A. I just couldn’t get into other characters of ME. The old crew had taken place in my heart, and nothing would fill it up, so that’s that…
I guess I felt good when it ended, because of the fact that I had achieved the impossible: got my legend to 100. Prodigal’s death was pretty sad, I even tried to make her hate me so that she wouldn’t save me in the end. Welp, failed, she’ll save you no matter what you do: even if you don’t call her and hate her guts.

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The ending felt really good, like my MC made all his dreams come true. He got his parents back, became the first and only official Millennia City Hero of Tomorrow Resident Protector, stayed with Lucia (aka BM), achieved 100 legend, destroyed the Meek’s ship and arrested its leader and all his enemies are either in jail for life or dead. The ending was perfect, one of the best endings of all CoG/HoG game.

The only dad thing about her death is that she was killed by Victon and not my MC. B*tch deserved what she got.

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I was happy with my ending too, only screwed up a little bit with the decisions near the end, but it was still good and I was happy. I was sad because it wasn’t OVER and I wanted more.

Got a hella sweet ending and all but still…ow. That Prodigal char development man


Haven’t played last one, is prodigals death inevitable?

I thought it was a really good end to a story. My MC ended up with Jenny, her parents were released and could retire in comfort, and My MC was the leader of the Millennial Group, and is currently the #1 hero. I still would have liked to have Rebellion as my RO tho.

Fortunately, yes.
20 char

Me too. That character development was the best any CoG game has to offer. I was really sad that she died.

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Yeah…I still need to romance her at some point, I just find it hard to romance anyone BUT Lucky because I just care about these characters too much.

I am not the first and certainly will not be the last to say Prodigal’s character arc both warmed and broke my heart.

Apart from that, the story made me feel genuinely attached to everyone, because I could really put myself in my MC’s shoes, something I can’t say for all COGs.

That’s pretty much me. A lot of people say these characters feel flat…but I swear Hero Project BROKE me when the romances came in. In the first game of course, you’re pretty much forced to romance Black Magic at the start, which when playing the first time didn’t really bother me. It was kinda linear but it was still fun, but then Lucky shows up and…sure, she’s less INTERESTING but…I’d rather be with her, but at the same time I don’t want to abandon BM in my time of need…let’s just say my first playthrough didn’t turn out that great because I was trying to please everyone and it just wasn’t possible. Herofall was bittersweet to me even after a replay of Hero Project, where I finally just decided to stick with Lucky (Playing as Goku and chasing after the sweet crush from your childhood named Chi-Chi just SEEMED right.), and well…I’ve gone over how Prodgial made me feel before. I adored her from the first game, just as a character. It was INTERESTING to me, and I just about freaked out when I saw her at the end of the Hero Project.

I was relieved when it ended, since I really wanted my happy ending. Kind of got it, not completely but I was satisfied. I was also relieved since it was my first game with health and such to keep track of, and I found it to be very difficult. I was so done with it XD I might replay it again.

I was happy I got to see the series for the character reach its conclusion, but then slightly sad that it was over and there was no more. I occasionally would replay it know when it ends but have that faint hope that there was more past the end when I read it like doing the same thing over and over would change the result.

My MC had a happy end… till Hero Project happened and my boyfriend left me.

I did do one play through where I stuck with BM though, that was pretty cute. I do think BM did get some good character development over the games as well.

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Yeah, the Jury thing, heard about that. Haven’t played Redemption Season yet…I do PLAN to. I’ve never actually gone with Black Magic all the way.

Don’t do that, Hero Project is bad, like really bad. Do yourself a favor and don’t spend your money on that thing.

I think you might have said that a bit politely as i am at a bit unease because i kind of liked it. I accept it’s nothing like hero project trilogy but it’s still a nice game.


To put it like this:
If you have experience with bad YA novels, nothing here will surprise you, but it might easily be the fastest BINGO this side of Throne Of Glass and Ready Player One
dodges out of reach

Lol, don’t worry, I’ve heard the rumors and such…but I’ve gotta give it a shot for myself, right? It’s only a few bucks, so if I’ve got a little cash to throw around I’ll have to give it a shot. Maybe I’ll enjoy it, I’ve seen some people who had fun with it.

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