The Open Season Romance Discussion thread


Since apparently the other discussions have gotten nuked, I might as well start this new one:

What are your opinions of the romance options in Open Season?

Do we know everyone who can be romanced since the ad for this book said there would be 10.


Depends how you define romance. If you look for slightly longer bonus scenes and characterdvelopment, that doesn’t happen at all. As for the rest: jury, old mc, weaver and transfer. Dunno about griffin. Miss Boss doesn’t wake up, Crystalline’s not an option. StarSoar gets a passing mention and… that’s it.


That’s disappointing. So much for 10 romance options. Also, isn’t Crystalline an option if you mess up during the final battle and get Ignite killed?


tried doing that, didnt work. Which, if not romancing her then is intentional, that’s actually good. Cause lbr. It’d be quite a bit icky if she were to get into your pants right after his funeral


Wait, didn’t you say she got together with you if Ignite got killed? Was that something that got changed from the beta?

If so, that’s disappointing since now there one less romance option. Man, this game got shafted hard with regards to romance options


Well, i said that it seems like that might be a possibility but that I need to check.
But yeah… 10 ROs is a bit of false advertising.




I got a scene with weaver , and a ‘happy ending’ sorta…and , I also got a scene with my previous character from the previous serie…with ‘bright magic’ . I think , I have to do a full run again…cose for one sec there , I didnt recall their names XD


Honestly I found the RO’s writing was just super disappointing all around. There were very few really touching scenes, it mostly just felt like the occasional acknowledgement that you and RO are dating. Mostly impersonal things like “people talk a lot about how you and RO are dating”.
That’s not to say there’s no touching scenes, just… very few and far between.

Also, I fear that some of the advertised ROs were in reference to the old MC’s romance options being present.


So crystalline is not a romance option and the current romance options are barely even that? Well that’s a big disappointment.


Yeah, it’s like what the previous posters have said. Open Season doesn’t really handle romance and the most romanced scenes I remember is at the end where you have brief moment with or passing mention of your love interest and during the first time you play as the Original Trilogy MC when they wake up next to love interest.

However, if StarSoar is romanced, I kinda understand why there’s little to no romance. StarSoar isn’t in most of the book, therefore, the lack of mention is understandable.
For the other romance options, I think Jury/Verdict and perhaps Transfer are ones. I definitely recall an option consider at least one of them as hot.


So far, we don’t know. Melty said that she was available if Ignite died in the final battle
but the post in this thread suggests otherwise. I’m wondering, was this from a save where the MC had a crush on Crystalline or one where she wasn’t the romance.

However, yeah, the romances in this game are pretty much trash if they aren’t Weaver, Jury, or Transfer.


Well, it’s good to see a different thread being used to discuss the romantic aspect of the game, but the problem is, there’s not much to discuss. This is probably the only CoG story where I played through the whole game without romancing anybody, yes, and if you are surprised to hear that, don’t worry, you are not alone, I was too, when I finished the book. I don’t think I got to know the characters to such an extent that any idea of committing to somebody crossed my mind. So, here’s what I thought of the ROs so far.
Starsoar: Now, this is someone who pops up at the very beginning as your best bud,
or something close to that, is typically too much caring/curious to my liking, and then… disappears. So, I never got a chance to think anything of him. Oh, he is back again at the end of the story, but by then it’s late for many things.

Weaver: Now, this is the only character who actually has a decent amount of interaction with the protagonist. And being differently able,
they are certainly going to gain a lot of sympathy from the readers. I can’t help but think that this was the RO that the author actually wanted you to romance.

Crystalline: Before you get your hopes up, a little bit of warning, be guided by your brain and not your heart. You might suffer a heartbreak. It’s just that she is not an RO. Given the amount of screen time she had in OS, I think it was unnecessary to advertise her as an RO in the first book.
Jury/Verdict: His transformation was… surprising. Actually, too good to be true. To me, simply put,
once a Victon, always a Victon. And I think this romance, or whatever it is, is completely forced given he was already with Lyra, or someone with such a name.

MC from HR: Now, this reminds me of Narcissus, who fell in love with his own reflection. That’s enough, on with the next one.
Wait a second, is there a next RO?

Well, there’s another one, Transfer, who is similar to MC when it comes to powers, so, you can romance hir, right?
So, yes, I was a little bit disappointed with how the romance was handled in the game. But hey, you are a hero, and with great power comes great responsibility. So, who has got the time for fooling around the ROs? Certainly, not me.


I played a Mc with a crush on crystalline and ignite died in the final battle but nothing ever happened with her. And the weird thing is that in the first game, she and ignite are not dating but clearly have suppressed feelings for each other but in the beginning of open season, they’re now dating. Seems weird that something like that would change and not be acknowledged in a more significant way.


The only romance I really, truly enjoyed in the series was the one with Prodigal. She was just the right amount of crazy mixed with obsessive mixed with genuinely caring. It really felt like she understood us and cared about what happened to us. The rest of the romances just feel a bit shallow to me.


All I care about is that Prodicessor and My MC are together again. I honestly had no interest in relationships with anyone else. Showmances ruin everything . And a radical extremist like my second MC didn’t have time for love. The closest thing we had was our sister . And now that she’s got her own life we’re just living to work.


Well crap. Looks like she isn’t a RO after all. Man, why even bother letting her be a RO in the first place if there was zero chance of anything happening.

Then I wonder why Melty mentioned it was possible in the discussion thread. Something cut out from the beta? If so, I have to ask why???


Probably because having the only way to romance someone be killing their ex-boyfriend is maybe a little not ok.
I mean I would’ve hoped that something like that being poorly implimented would lead to good writing about a way in which MC and her get together without killing off ignite, but I guess that’s not what the writer wanted to do.

Though, I find it funny that the game still asks you at the start whether or not you’re still interested in her, as if to give you hope that it might still happen.


Just to be sure: Griffin remains a fling, no development at all?


So… I just finished OS and I just want to talk about the Original MC’s romance with Verdict.

Because it makes me happy.

Honestly I went into OS knowing that it wasn’t going to live up to everything I wanted from it. There was literally no way. Maybe if there was going to be another book, and honestly I feel like I should’ve been since this once had a lot of things I wish got expanded upon, but I’m just going to go by what the books gives you… And I like it.

Spoilers ahead:

It really isn’t much. The MC considers their feelings in the first Interlude and then right before the second they have a kiss, and then another one during the second Interlude. There’s some bits and pieces in the Epilogue and that’s all. At first I wasn’t a fan of how rushed it was but on the other hand… I am totally down with the idea that all they needed was to be in the same room for them to realize that the break up was a stupid idea and get back together. I would’ve liked a scene where they talked about it or something, sure, but this game isn’t about the original MC, its about the new one so I can forgive that we don’t get to see them work things out. That’s what fanfiction is for!

The only thing I REALLY didn’t like is that its the Original MC who broke up with Verdict and it has to be that way. My MC wouldn’t have done that so I would’ve more options on WHY they broke up and how. And, honestly, it kind of makes the whole break up and Aaron sleeping with Lyra thing kind of unneeded but, honestly, with all that this book tries to do I can see why those are the things that are left by the wayside… and, like I said before, thats what fanfiction is for. I would’ve liked to see what Zach would’ve done with two books instead of one but I want to judge this by what it does, not what it should’ve or could’ve done.

And, at the end of the day, I’m happy.


Though I’m not really into the whole romance thing, but Jury is definitely the one that catches my eye, unlike the previous series in this one you spend quite a large amount of time with Jury, and he’s shaping up to be a great hero despite not having any super powers, the scene at the warehouse is definitely the moment that changed my opinion on him, as he was pretty reliable.

Starsoar definitely comes second, although we don’t really interact with him at much, something about that character just peaks my interest, and i would definitely like to know him more