What is something from an IF game or series you enjoy that makes you uncomfortable/ throws you off?

Like for me in Heroes Rise . " Here’s your license what’s your sexual orientation. We require everyone to register their sexual orientation with the government and publicly display them. Let’s just hope you don’t get pulled over in the Bible belt." It is kind of disconcerting.


well, without really reflecting much, i have two that come into mind :

the overuse of weird pronoun and made up word in the Versus serie and the heroes rise serie, as a non native english speaker, it’s really uncomfortable to read, it make it pretty hard to understand it and to have an easy read

the other is in the samurai of Hyuga serie, a lot of choice aren’t very clear, it’s a pain to have to reset the game because you picked the ‘wrong’ choice


But gene, in the HR verse same sex relationships aren’t a big deal anymore…

As long as bystanders can look at you and your partner and know what’s in your pants.
(Yeah, that subtext there was and is utterly wth)


those are series i enjoy

i don’t get what you mean, is it a reference to the whole tele reality thing ? (i suck at subtext most of the time)

There’s a bit in the first game that says how same sex relationships aren’t a big deal anymore, but relationships with ‘the androgynous zehirs’ are taboo or frowned upon.
Indicating that same sex couples are only accepted as long as the people involved are visually identifiable as male OR female


oh, i remembered the bits about all the relationship and race stuff being things of the past, but i had completly forgotten the bit about androginy, thanks ^^

Genderlock usually throws me off unless it’s a well written game.


Any time a game tells me my character is attracted to someone/ask me to specify my characters orientation outside of character interactions

Some games I’ve liked (and many I haven’t) have done one or both, but I can’t now for the life of me remember one off the top of my head as an example


You’re in a Club whose ass are you starting at

Noones Jesus that’s not who I am

You have chosen no one you are obviously asexual

That type of thing?


Yep! I’d rather that come out in dialogue or just who you do or don’t flirt with or pursue romantically.

Yeah I mean I kinda understand it in games where the ROs are customized to your preference. But even then I’d rather it be just flat out like not on a license or who are you checking out. But like " what’s your orientation" if it’s customizable gender. If the characters are set then let me find out the interaction with them. That’s one of my little criticisms about Villains: The Catalyst. The asexual option says you see a normal woman and that is sure and certain the asexual path. But the character in question says it just means you’re not focused on the physical. Like what if I’m playing a lesbian but she’s not looking for a super model what if she’s interested in someone because of their personality.

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Kinda in line with the awkward “what kind of genitals do you like” interactions, I hate it when after the very first interaction with a character the game asks me what I think of them, i.e. do I want to pursue them as an RO? Usually I dont know yet, and even if I do know (and want to pursue) it’s really unlike my MC to make that declaration after one scene. There’s almost never an “I’m not sure yet” option, and it’s impossible to know if the choice will close off a path or not. I thought Wayhaven did a good job by letting you make a choice much later in the game.


One thing that always throws me right out of the story is a perspective shift. In any kind of interactive fiction I just want to be one character.

There have been a few games that I liked that did it. There have even been a few times where I liked the character I switched into more than the main character. (Which made switching back a disappointment).

Generally though it’s very immersion breaking for me.


Nothing in particular, but I hate when you come across this:
“You are attracted to this character.”
But…but no? But no though? Made so much worse if you’re already romancing someone. Even more so if the game forces you or the other character to make a move regardless of your opinion or romantic situation.


For example way back when I was playing this stupid game, and they sent in this character solely to add some drama, which I picked up on and so treated them like dirt. Didn’t matter, they still wound up doing the smoochy smooch. My character was of course in a relationship at the time, so I was rather pissed. Then they were doing the “oh well it was no big deal, we should just forget it happened” thing. Two of the three options were basically variations of “but I liked it, can we do it again?” so I picked the one saying"What? No! It was a big deal!" For some reason figuring that my character might tell them off because they knew they were with someone. Nope. My character acted all hurt. I then rage-quitted. BUUUUUUUUUULL $HIT.


I do make exceptions in cases like this depending on the game. I mean, if the premise is that my character is married, has a child, etc. then I’m willing to go along with this as long as it is pretty clear from the start.

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“Black magic looks like the hottest celebrity like your hottest dream Girl/guy you instantly are DTF and they are too”

Bitch please that’s not my cup of crazy don’t try to force that on me I like my crazy extra crazy like prodigal


If it’s an established relationship, it’s fine. I’m mainly talking about some rando your character has never interacted with, or someone who’s just tossed in for the drama.

Yeaaah. Not going to lie that one was…uncomfortable. I’d have really preferred getting with…Jenny? I think that was her name…it’s been a while. You know, someone the MC actually knows?
EDIT: It’s actually kinda hard to get out of there un-touched by them too, which…I don’t feel it should have been.


On the attraction note, I really did not like how the MC always seems so completely infatuated with or mesmerised by Lady Venuma even if they are romancing someone else. Almost every time she appears, you have to decide whether or not you will give in to your attraction to her or deny it.

Edit: this was in the Versus series


Something that irks me is when the pages go on and on before you get to make a choice. Now don’t get me wrong it’s the author’s story and I generally don’t have an issue with this so long as the pages are interesting, what I have problem with is when the “choice to pages” ratio is poorly balanced, what I mean is that you don’t get to make many choices for all the content you read and it ends up being more of a regular book then a cyoa. Additionally there’s the problem when you don’t feel like mc. So many choices that could have been put up as options are already chosen for you by the author. It starts to feel less from your perspective and more what the writer wants to happen. So you’re not really choosing your own adventure.