What is something from an IF game or series you enjoy that makes you uncomfortable/ throws you off?


Romantic options

Perfect dream gender black mask whose super thirsty

Lesbian Jenny who is your social worker imagine some social worker going up to the kid their working with going “girl you tasty” it creeps me out and im into weird shit and lesbians.

Lucky our camp crush who we somehow landed in even if we’re too shy to speak to people and lucky is thirsty

Fake out jury whose a shitbag racist

Prodigal literally like falling for the Joker.

And that’s still more interesting than redemption season Ros I have to say " well secretly my character is in love with their sister Because they only have each other " rather than say there wasn’t even. A prodigal equivalent worth romancing just boring forgettable characters .gahhh


Lady venauna poison ivy and that one Captain from the starship game where you can be enslaved all have emotional manipulation powers/spores


technicaly, it’s legit for Lady Venuma, it’s one of her power, she is basicaly fucking with your brain in a passive way with her aura or whatever, kinda like Poison Ivy with her pheromone, so it’s normal that you end up attracted to her no matter what


@GenecoInheritor @Balrog_Demorgothe haha that’s true! Though, I guess it kind of got a little old for me when that choice constantly appeared. Let my MC stay true to their RO! :stuck_out_tongue:


Something that throws me off from a series I enjoy? Let’s see.

I hate it when I’m forced to make specific choices based on my earlier choices. If I prefer one kind of outlook on life, doesn’t mean I have to feel the exact same way every single time I make a choice regardless of the situation. It’s even worse when it becomes the reason I die/fail. If I prefer talking out of situations, that does not mean I can’t throw a mean punch when I wish to. If I prefer to be confrontational, it’s not necessary that I’ll never be able to be subtle. In a lot of cases, the game punishes me for doing such a thing, as if to basically say “This is not how you usually do things, so this is not the option you should have picked.” It’s as if I’m locked to play a robot who is programmed to perceive the world in one specific way.

Stats are good. Way too much focus on the stats just kills a game for me.


ohh I’m about to sin…O father lol…

ahem…ok…the only thing I can say about Black Majik Angelina Jolie…:kissing_heart:

is…well , in a new playtrough where I didn’t romance her at all . So you know , picked all the ‘Muh…not interested’…its weird . I remember getting this scene where she show up to show me…cough her belly buttoncough so I can change my vote for her team . And it’s like…no no no…there is no US this time…

Too many stats . Too many ‘Go to the maket and Purchase…Huge List of stuff’ . That really bore me . I’m all for more customization and such , but that bore me though . Buying and selling…Urgh…

I really can’t think of anything else , most stuff that would make me stop playing a game would be : creepy stuff , horror stuff , incest stuff , pedo stuff…


Been mentioned above, but to summarise a few of my own pet peeves:

  • First character you meet is the drop-dead gorgeous woman that you are all over/all over you regardless if you said before you are only into men.
  • Lack of gender choice. It makes me feel like an empty sheet of paper.
  • Gender-locked to male - I will look for my literal escape elsewhere. It’s O.K. if the author wants to do it, but odds are I will pass (be it CYOA or any other game, as I am a picky player with a small budget).
  • Too little input, with pages of walls of text. I want to take part, not read an e-book.
  • Stats mattering too much - I rather role-play and do choices after my morals, personal preference or such than having to min-max and blanse bizarre stats that yank me out of the world an author have spent so much time to create.
  • Surprises in the form of sensitive subjects or themes that I should have been alerted to beforehand.
  • Complete lack of character customisation - I love to do this in game (I spend to much time in the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series on this) and without it I feel more like a blank sheet as per above the less options there is.

That is all I can think of at the moment. Too many already, possibly, but there it is. :blush:


What makes me uncomfortable:

  • I dislike choices which lead to your instant death without any premises. You don’t fail any checks or something, you just die. What such options for??? This is so stupid. A few WIPs I played recently use this terrible design.
  • I also dislike when game ask me specify my MC’s sexual orientation. This occurres very often. C’mon, game, can you just let me decided my attractions when you introduce characters to me?
  • Also when there is only one “right” choice. Like in Superlatives I could get good relationships with my team members only by choosing right option.
  • Superhero schools/academy. The way they organised makes no sense or practical use in most games. You just need take for granted that this works somehow.

What I really enjoy:

  • Certain way stats design regarding MC’s personality and skills: personality stats influence NPC’c perception of MC and skills stats influence on checks. Like it was in Study in Steampunk, there conventional/unconventional (or something like that) made lightworshippers treat you a little bit different if I remember right.
  • A tight bonds, past history and etc between MC and other caracters. How it was done in Fallen hero or I, cyborg made me really enjoy story much more.


Group gender swap in pendragon rising
Complicated micro management,like choice of rebels,I cyborg,hollywood visionary etc.Not saying it’s bad,just not my thing
The faith discussion in the Glamor climax of choice of magics
Fruitless romance of Orianna in heart of the house(I can never get over this :nauseated_face:)


Ah, so if said game is free, will you give it a chance?


This annoyed me so much in Pendragon Rising and Choice of Broadsides. It’s almost a fake gender choice. When playing a female MC, they pretend to have a matriarchal society, but it’s just a patriarchal society with different pronouns.

Why would men be the ones who stay at home and look after children while women go to fight? Women are the ones who carry, give birth to and feed children, and they’d have to take a break from military service to do so. There’s no sense in gender roles evolving that way.

Instead, look at the earliest human societies, which were matriarchal. Women took care of children and gathered plant-based food, which was the main source of nutrition, whilst men were given the dangerous task of hunting, being considered more expendable.

Why not have a society in which women are the heads of the family and occupy all the important positions in the government, whilst men are relegated to the military, considered unfit to occupy important positions in society due to the fact that they’re away fighting so often? It seems far more plausible to me.

By allowing women to play a significant part in the plot only by acting and being treated exactly like a man would be in the real world, you’re essentially saying that throughout most of human history the role of women has been completely insignificant, which isn’t true.


Depends. In most cases I will still pass on it due to lack of gender choice. Why? No idea, you may as well ask me why I like one type of food and not another or why my favourite colour is this and not that or even why I am heterosexual - I am clueless as to why and have to I assume it is simply how I am wired. :relaxed:

Now, if it is a world that is oppressive to women or objectify them while the guy you play ignores this (or more) - male power-fantasy, if you will, regardless of genre or era - then it is a hard pass (still would be even if I was offered money to play it!). A few big game series (non-CYOA) fall into this even though they are praised to the sky. I so do not need that kind of reality in my escapism, thank you very much. :roll_eyes:

So what does it depend on? Good question. The shorter answer is too long to mention here and very probable to vary from day to day. :thinking:


So true! Unless it’s some kind of weird magic, I should be the one deciding who I’m attracted to!


Yeah gender swapping the whole world really bugged me too.

Also more and more I find myself in the same boat as @Taylor_Enean . I just have no interest in gender-locked male games. If I’ve read some glowing reviews, along with personal recommendations sometimes I’ll give them a shot. I played, and enjoyed God of War this year, for example. Most of the time though I stop even reading about the game as soon as they make it clear you have to be a guy.


When the game says how attractive your mc finds a female even when they are only interested in men :roll_eyes:

Edit to add: Just a minor annoyance, when games say “play as ace” and mean having no romance instead of having a romance with no sex


The female character that is all over my (only interested in man, stated already many times) MC without player input.

My MC being fixated with boobs. She is female, and she is straight. She doesn’t care about the “forms” of other women. She got them too. Is nothing new.

Guy being all over any female around, but not even looking at female MC. At least let the guy flirt. Than is my MC that will decide if sayng no or accept the flirt.

Too much feminine/weak/overly timid male ROs. Usually are genderflipped, and is noticeable.

Fewer male ROs than female ones. I’m expecially bitter if said ROs are less interesting than the female ones.

Basically, I’m annoyed by all the signs that point to female MC (expecially if straight, but I guess is the same for gay guys) being a second thought.

And of course genderlocked to male. I would not even try a genderlocked to male game.


Heroes Rise is guilty of a LOT of these, so I’ll just say I agree with the points other people have raised, and leave it there.

In Fatehaven, there’s a couple of really awkward moments that made me feel like I was reading anime fanservice. The whole thing with Maeben is just…it’s another of those cases where the game tells you MC is attracted to somebody, like it or not. It gains a sliver of legitimacy from the fact that Maeben is really Silvanus, who the MC has slept with in previous iterations of the timeline, even if they romance someone different in the game itself. Still, I just wanted to kick him and leave the room.

Study in Steampunk’s gender-lock bothered me a bit, but what really bothered me was the whole ‘you can be gay, but in this world that’s extremely frowned upon’ part. Excuse me, but why? Oh, because steampunk is based on Victorian times so it’s being historically accurate and… No, no. You have vampiric light-eaters and steam-powered battle machines and a bunch of other fantasy stuff, don’t talk to me about accuracy.


Oooh I know! It kills me when “realism,” is given as the excuse for limiting certain player choices. We make/ play games about exceptional people or at least people doing exceptional things.

A lowly peasant, nobody from a dirt poor village rising up to save the kingdom or… whatever is already breaking all expectations to become a one in a billion exception to every rule.

Saying that all the limitations of your station in whatever world can be overcome, but breaking the “limitation” of being female is too much to be believable is just plain insulting.

Honestly I’d be happier if a CS author said something like “writing these games is a lot of work, and if I had to code all the gender specific changes I would never have finished.”

Much better than, “in the game world women aren’t allowed to… whatever it is the male protagonist doing.”

Across history, and across the globe women have not been allowed to do a lot of things, and still found a way to do them.


When the only way to express interest in another character is to either 1. Stammer and blush and get dizzy or 2. Innuendo and heavy winking. There’s apparently no other way to like someone.

here's my two cents

I dont think I’m bringing anyway thing new to the table but I agree with other people’s feelings that stat heavy games really throw you off your game. An example of such a game would be Tally Ho. Wonderfully written and very repayable but the amount of times I’ve failed to pass a stat check is actually phenomenal. It’s like telling me “oh you should stick to only the persuasive choices because that’s how you’ve established your character from the beginning.” I mean come on. People can acquire new skills you know? Even though I prefer a more knowledge based MC you can’t suddenly tell me I can’t pick up a sword and learn something basic with it you know?

And oh preset MCs really make me salty yikes. Also a lack of customisation. Okay if your background is preset bc of plot reasons or an MC is Japanese due to an idk?? samurai based game i guess. that’s fine with me. but not having the choice or enough choices to allow me to identify as the mixed blood person I am is really wow. Let customisation be more than just gender, skin tone, hair and eyes. I understand if the world the story is based in completely different to earth. I mean okay, y’all get a pass. But when i see the choice for asian and the choice for european as standalone choices I just feel a lil bit alienated y’know? You could argue that it’s not that deep and race doesn’t matter in the game, yes, but it’s just a pet peeve of mine when there’s a choice about your race and mixed doesn’t show up on it.

Also I might understand if you think it’s way too much code but eh idk?? you’re creating a cyoa, a game meant for player immersion. If I didnt care much about customisation and choices then I would’ve read a regular book instead.

and mircomanagement kinda sucks too. I mean “oh what village shall we conquer now? Oh we didn’t have enough weapons and everyone died because you decided to spend money on food supply” like I’m sorry I killed everyone??? I just wanted to play the game for the plot, I’m not a leader.

anyways rant over. thank you for coming to my TED talk