What is the worst ending you got?


Which series is that?


@Rogar Grand academy for future villains


Honestly the the zombie exodus ending where I think it only triggers when you romance Tom and don’t kill him after the cutting the breaks. He says he loves you then a scene plays where it turns into some fu****
fever dream where you are actually a zombie that Tom (the lead scientist) has been experimenting with and every other survivor is an assistant of his. Yeah just doing that to the romance alone had me depressed, then they kill your zombie self anyway.


Technically, that ending happens if you keep Tom alive at all, whether you romanced him or not. If he survives Zombie Exodus, that’s the ending you get.


Ugh, I still feel somewhat cheated out of a romance there @JimD . But hey there’s still safe haven that I’m looking forward to.


Lost heir 3 After failing to defeat the big bad. If I remember correctly you become his “pet/puppet” and it is more than likely that everyone you knew is dead and the kingdom is in ruins. I got this ending twice and I am still upset, I tried replaying but I honestly lost the motivation. Maybe some day I’ll get that good ending.

Oh, and one in The hero Unmasked. It wasn’t that bad, but still not a very happy ending. MC ended up merging with his twin, and continues to be hero. That first part is just pure nightmare fuel for me. That part were the doctor asks MC his name and he just doesn’t know what to answer and then realised that his brother is gone but not completely gone and that they’re now one… oh boy.
MC’s determination to make it work in the end did take the edge of it a bit. Made it a bit less somber.

Evertree Inn, I did two playthroughs of MC refusing to hurt the tree -despite the fact that the tree was strangling their love. In one the tree stops and realises that violence isn’t the answer. (I loved that part!) In the other MC was unsuccesful in making the Evertree realize and MC passes out and then wakes up only to find his love and other companions dead.


People eiher love or hate that Wizard-of-Oz ending. Sorry you got that one. Try it again but leave the Cathedral, still friendly to Tom.


Choice of pirates really did a number on me. I was so close to the ending, I can just SENSE it, and next thing you know I made one wrong choice and I died. I was so mad, I was brooding over it for a whole two weeks. I’m still a bit salty about it, okay you got me, i am STILL salty about that ending even though it was a few months ago. I’ll admit, I did try to start over, but after the first 5 choices, I remembered my ending and quit the game. It’s a good game, and I’m really happy that it adds a poly relationship choice instead of your typical “pick a or b” scenario. Yet, I just can’t seem to get over my ending. :triumph:


Wooo there’s hope! I’ll have to replay the whole series again. :grin:


In “The Eagle’s Heir”, it’s probably because I wasn’t able to reconcile Alexandre and Franz AND did not persuade the Emperor to do an announcement which up ended Alexandre to be exiled, the revolutionaries to be killed and my MC being in service to an emperor who all the French hate.


please give me a spoiler cus i never got exiled


It was a little while ago, but as far as I remember, I tried to get the Monarch’s current spouse in trouble for using forbidden magic, but got discovered.


Haven’t seen that one. Nearest bad end I got was failing to prevent Franz becoming Emperor by killing him, and getting guillotined.


The Sea Eternal, where

the game managed to make me hate LITERALLY everyone in it so I decided to leave the mermaid kingdom or whatever and even though it gave me that option, it felt like the game world was throwing a tantrum.

It almost completely skipped over the journey. My boyfriend was excited about leaving with me, and then dumped me as SOON as we reached the surface. And the ending was that we were still magically stuck together. That was it.

If it were tragic or I caused some sort of visible catastrophe or something that would be one thing, but it skipped over literally anything satisfying about playing it again. Why even bother writing that path if you’re going to make it completely unsatisfying? It wasn’t sad. It was a hot mess.


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While I can’t remember all the details (It’s been a while since I played those games, and for good reason!), I do remember some… not ideal endings. Nothing spectacularily awful, mind, just depressing or creepy.

  1. “Orpheus Ruse” was one big bad game for me, hard as hell, just as frustrating, and all the little successes I managed here and there didn’t feel rewarding AT ALL. And then at the end the spoiler-y thing decided I wasn’t worthy to try and change anyone’s life for the better, and my love interest’s body got hijacked by my dad (and he refused to give it back), and… I don’t remember, I just stopped playing at that point.
  2. The Sea Ethernal was not too hard, but depressing, and I don’t remember any characters that I liked at all. Nobody caught my attention, no one pulled at my heartstrings. I did sympaphize with my ex, but that’s it. And the ending… So we got on dry land together with the ex, I was about to wave him goodbye (“have a nice life” and all that)… Yep, wasn’t going to happen. We were to be joined at the hip for the rest of our lives. Otherwise, he’d DIE.
  3. The Hero Unmasked. I honestly believed that I got the worst possible bad ending for the game. Merging with my twin. I was so creeped out I didn’t even bother reading the rest.
  4. Ending up mind-controlled in “Til Death Do Us Part”. I was way too cautious and didn’t take risks where I could afford it (according to the game’s code, at least, I had very good chances). I felt so stupid after learning about this. It could have been avoided, damn it! :tired_face:


There’s a worse one for Unmasked!:

the merging has the possibility of working towards undoing it, and can even be played as beneficial. Still creepy af.
The worst for me was the twin dying, and everything going to hell. Especially since i decided to go back to my civillian life. The epilogue shows how exhausted everyone is with the crimewave washing over caledon. Culminating in my character taking up the mask after all.


I got turned into a rat in Sorcery is for Saps
Got trapped by the owner of the mansion in Heart of the House
I also got killed off in a Wise Use of Time.

Haven’t really read those stories twice


In Heart of the House, at the end of my first or second playthrough, I got the ending wherin my MC ended up at a mental hospital. That wasn’t very nice.