What is the worst ending you got?


Choice of Robots: Got killed by my robot after she decided she was going to join the revolution. Et tu Sessy?!

Hollywood Visionary: I’ve never managed to get a good film made, the best I’ve managed is a cult classic. Didn’t feel too bad as it felt like a consequence of going power crazy and talking to Orson Welles

Orpheus Ruse: Never managed to get a good ending while playing nice. Romance interest would die, things would explode etc. If I played as an evil bastard I got everything I wanted so lesson learned!

Affiars of the Court: Got my head chopped off both times I played it, second time I got my sister poisoned.


Choice of Broadsides:
I got killed by the mutineers.

Choice of Rebels:
Before I figured out how to play nonviolent runs, I screwed up the food situation in the Winter, tons of people starved to death, and Radmar led a (successful) mutiny against me.


If you can get yourself killed in a game I will always manage to do so at least once.


Choice of Rebels: I got absolutely wrecked by the Plektoi towards the end.
Most others, just trying to go full ruthless brute generally led to my death.


Sounds like something Radmar would do. The guy is a total asshole


It really does. I somehow always successfully forced him to back down. However Radmar was a complete tool most of the time.


You’re correct, but I think Radmar may be smarter than he lets on. After you beat the Archon and talk to him at the celebration, he says he knew the Rebels would be victorious once, but not anymore now that the Thaumatarchy has the measure of them. He appears one step improved from the bloodthirsty brute he presents himself as.


For me, that would be the ‘ending’ to Deathless: City of Thirst, which is to say that there wasn’t any kind of ending. The game just abruptly stopped, for no apparent reason, telling me that I had finished the game. Needless to say, I was incredibly disappointed. You would think that Choice of Games titles would be the best of possible quality, but it is games like this one that so strongly disprove that assumption.


whAT the hell ??? I mean… I got the ending where he did all that after i romanced him but he ended up staying at the church and i left with the survivors and that was that but i mean… your ending… I want to replay it just to try and get it now.


Mass Effect 3: I played ME2 without a ME1 save, meaning Wrex was dead from the start. Then I managed to get Garrus killed during my first playthrough of ME2’s suicide mission. THEN, I didn’t have enough paragon points to convince both the Quarians/Geth and chose the Geth. Which caused my girlfriend to kill herself. All of that combined made it one of my worst ever playthroughs.

(But I’m saying this as someone who likes ME3. My decisions during my first ME playthrough were pretty much terrible all-around. Starting with me calling Sheploo “Craig” after Dean Pelton in Community. :joy:)

One bad ending that I loved was in A Study in Steampunk: Choice by Gaslight: Finch kills serial!killer MC. (This is especially interesting if romantic feelings were involved and the grief over Finch’s death caused the MC to snap in the first place. Drama!)


That one still makes my heart wrench every time I read it!!! :sob:


I played through the entire series for each romance and I thought I was actually misreading it at first. My description doesn’t give the mindfuck justice, honestly the entire thing is so out of left feild it was amazing.

You know you get it when you drink a glass of water after the end scene( With Tom if I remember correctly) At first you think your gonna get poisoned and suddenly you find yourself strapped to a hospital bed and someone is dangling a sandwich over your zombified self. It’s nice that you get a little insight into how it feels to be a zomb but Jesus Christ it feels like the twist to the movie a beautiful mind. Even worse is the fact Tom is such a shit in that ending…ugh…

Yeah, it really turned me off the romance after that… But I still need to replay the series like Jim suggested and try and leave the church this time.


To be honest, I was tentative to buy ZE because out of two male ROs there, Tom is the one I’m planning to pair my MC with but I discovered about who he is and got discouraged. And then when I saw JimD’s reply to your post, I decided to take the plunged and buy the majority of ZE. But I do know it’s not a really happy ending per se. :grin:

Perhaps I should have bought ZE:SH directly since it has more wide variety of ROs this time around lmao


Yeah was considering that as well ,I played the early demo and the story and characters looked promising.


I don’t think I ever got a displeasing ending, but then again, there were a lot of things that frustrated me in certain games. In truth, most of these were my fault because I didn’t raise the correct stats or choose the correct options in order to get the desired effect, but things like luck-based combat (looking at you, The Great Tournament!) are just a little ridiculous. I like the way Lost Heir and some other games handled fights - all you needed was a particular stat to be high enough.


I agree stat based combat is the way to go and it’s more immersive, it would be a different story with luck if luck was a tangible stat that you could increase maybe like in Apex Patrol(Wow btw I loved that game and felt the endings were really valid but just wish there was more flushing out…) .


…Oh ha! I just remembered this :stuck_out_tongue: . So I haven’t really gotten a bad ending before. Not like really bad…actually thinking about it I’m not sure if I’ve posted in this thread before, if I have was ages ago. But one ending I think I remember mentioning if not here then somewhere else is in alter ego where I committed suicide. And another was where I spent my whole life looking for a partner, neglecting my health only to die alone. And in another I again spent my whole life looking for a partner, found one, but never went on a date with them or anything, just stayed with them because the relationship was so awful xd. But no the one I just remembered was in double cross where the son of your employer(sorry has been ages since I played it) asks you what your dream profession is. And since my mc in all these games is kinda a bitch at times, I said a pornstar whilst head cannoning my mc rolling their eyes and giving them a really bitchy look, not wanting to tell someone she barely knows something like that, and finds it weird he’d care or want to know. But if you pursue a romance with him(which I did) in the end you end up doing your dream career. So yeah thanks. My mc ended up as a pornstar all because CYOA games aren’t complex enough to realise I was being sarcastic.


On the subject of luck in the great tournament, once I found this artefact which increased my luck… I’ve forgotten its name, but I became so lucky I couldn’t Hunt big game anymore because I had basically hunted the big game to death :blush:


My mc ended up being a lottery winner in one playthrough and overlord of the universe in another :joy:


Once, I died before even making it to Preston Springs on a Tin Star run.

Anyways, I always feel bad on Tin Star runs where Preston Springs becomes a ghost town, which is indeed the worst ending for the town! I think it happens if you fail to secure any outside investment, and your Law and Order are shit, but I haven’t checked the code.