What is the worst ending you got?


I’m surprised the ‘staked’ ending from Vampires hasn’t come up. Apparently staking only paralyses a cog vampire, so you end up buried, helpless and presumably dying of thirst…


Ohhh, I forgot about Choice of Vampires. One time I got blown up in that too.

I get blown up a lot in CoGs…


The worst ending I ever got was in Study in Steampunk.

I’m not sure if it was worse when Finch killed my MC or the time my MC killed Finch and then got captured by the government.

Oh, I forgot about the one where the MC sacrificed his life so Finch could escape from the revolutionaries.

But I have only myself to blame for trying to find every last little branch.


My first character in Choice of Rebels died because she drank her own kool aid and tried to get the Angels to save her from the phalangite army, instead of just Doing the Thing and using the spy code her girlfriend gave her. That was pretty bad. I’m gonna replay that one, I think.

The worst ending I ever got in Affairs of the Court involved Tomas and his stupid engagement ring. That was grisly.

But hands-down the most depressing ending I’ve ever got in any branching story was in a visual novel called The Blind Griffin. I still don’t know what triggered this, but the name of the ending in the ending gallery is “Lethe” so draw your own conclusions. Brutal.


Worst ending I got was Choice of the Dragon after I failed literally every single quest hook and metric in the entire game and died old, broken, penniless, and alone.


I tend to be chill with endings where you die if the cause is bittersweet, for example is Welcome to Moreytown where I ended up giving into my feral nature and died due to overdose, but I did ended up killing the Shinning One, Kris mourned for me and David’s efforts for peace betwen pinks and moreys are not in vain , surprisingly, that is my second fave ending besides being the Alpha, sorry Lucy, you’re hot but this ending makes more sense for me.

But! My most miserable ending by far currently is Life of Gangster’s prison ending. Don’t get me wrong, its a great game, but its stat management beat the crap out of me and I lost motivation on replaying it. Main reason why I haven’t finished Tally Ho tbh, I realized I’m not too into skill checks (Thank GOD for Highway Wars’s difficulty setting!)


My worst has to be with broadsides. It was the first COG game I ever played and the first time playing it.

I got to the end with the final fight with the enemy captain. I chose to be friendly with him and I didn’t want to kill him so I held back. He ended up killing me at the very end


lost all memories to whatever?


Literally forgot her love interest even existed, and also all the events of the game. And then it ends when she meets her LI on the street and greets him like a stranger, but he still remembers her and so she’s all like, “I wonder why he looks so sad?”

It just about wrecked me. But I have no one to blame but myself.


Yea in guns of infinity… I know, I know. I’m sure I’m the only one who got a bad ending in guns of infinity. (heavy sarcasm implied) but I played through the whole game and was killed trying to make my final stand by enemy forces. So then I reset go all the way through… again mind you only to get shot in the head by my rival for no real reason. Then as if I hadn’t learned my lesson I got the sequel only to be killed by an exploding bridge and then murdered countless times during the forlorn hope mission I mean I tried every which way I knew how but couldn’t survive those games so y’know what hats off to the author and whoever made it through all the way you’re made of sterner stuff than I.

Oh also, am I the only one who genuinely liked Don Torres in Affairs of the court? I know it’s weird but I kinda wish that ending hadn’t just been. You died unhappy and alone I mean I realize he’s the easy ending like being given a wife if you haven’t courted one at the end of Harvest Moon : It’s a wonderful life but still.


There’s only one possible way to beat forlorn hope have correstia work with you and don’t wear armour


You can wear armor during the Forlorn Hope.


You can also survive the Forlorn Hope by not showing up.
“Never volunteer for anything” is a perfectly good survival strategy in wartime, just saying.


It’s better to die with glory and honor than to live with shame and disgrace


That’s a tried-and-true survival strategy in Wartime or peacetime especially if you’re the enlisted.

There’s nothing shameful about wanting to live just because some twit officer has a hard-on for “glory”. In some ways think how selfish you are for volunteering for that mission.


I am a fan of samurai philosophy, especially on the part of “never surrender, win or die trying.”


Doubt dying’s going to accomplish much.


You can also survive the Forlorn Hope by not showing up.
“Never volunteer for anything” is a perfectly good survival strategy in wartime, just saying.

If everyone has that mindset then no one will do it and then your attack goes nowhere. You will just end up shot with an arrow arguing over who does it.


Really don’t want to set everything on fire, but suffice to say that this particular topic is too philosophical to be in a “What is the worst ending you got?”

And truth be told, such debate is an endless satanic circle. Better avoid this.
Feel free to create a new thread if you guys want to continue this.


You never heard voluntold my good sir it a think.