What is the worst ending you got?


Well, nobody actually uses arrows for anything except sport archery in the Infinite Sea, but I digress.

And of course, not everyone has that mindset (Cazarosta and his callous disregard for his own life is a good example). Someone is always desperate enough for glory or promotion to step forward, but that person doesn’t have to be you.


In Choice of Romance I was hedging my bets with a few suitors and somehow that ended with me and the Queen. It wasn’t romantic – it was terrifying.


But you can avoid this, if you want, I stayed with Mendoza and I delivered the rose to her.


The ending you get in Fallen Hero: Rebirth when you get the farms attention again. I’m 100% I will regret that in the sequel


I decided to play a mad psychopath ex mma fighter in zombie exodus: safe heaven. Been killed by the fourth dude I tried to murder. And he was already hurt before. Feel bad, it was unnexpected, as my character was a specialist in range and melee weapon. Guess I was too greedy for that one.


NOLA spoiler:

Got turned into a brick on a wall that some guy publicly urinated on. Gotta say, that’s a personal low.


Really? I loved that ending because I learned more about the farm, “cuckoos,” and frankly I like anything that makes my poor MC’s life more complicated.


I’m so glad someone actually found that ending!



Context needed?


Well in I, Cyborg, I just got blown up by a person that turned me back on (yeah cause I failed at getting the bus back) just to gloat about the fact that she was about to kill me. I feel pretty dumb right now


Oh no I loved it, my preference is to get the as much possible angst in my play through as possible hahahahaha it’s sort of like the hospital scene with Ortega at the end if you’re friends with them but beat the shit out of them. You feel great and awful all at once. That farm ending made me feel that angst but like 10x more.


It was definitely that one time I tried to avenge my parents and save the kingdom of Daria but ended up actually destroying everyone and everything I ever cared about by with my unintentional demonic invasion.

I’m looking at you @Lucid :eyes:


Do Not Click The Big Red Button
me: Imma click it.


If you fail in the midgame, you get sent down to hell, where a demon (?) invests you with the powers of hell, and sends you back up to earth to finish what you started.

If you fail again in the endgame, one of the possible punishments you receive is being turned into a brick for a latrine in hell, or something to that effect.


The worst endings I got whas in Blood Money: Because in the end there is no way to really let everything go back how it whas if I do not die.
Hero Rise Hero Project: Getting Eliminated instead of Scoundrel
and Wizardry Lvl C getting Turned into an Undead willingless Minion.


I’m Hollywood visionary I just made a 3d musical horror movie that was somehow successful and got an Oscar.

That’s a nightmare right there. A successful musical horror. I guess there’s little shop of horrors, but that has comedy elements.

Oh, and everyone but my neice hated me because I was married to my job.

Oh, and the leads were a pair of men crossdressing as women. Somehow not only did it succed and get an Oscar but I wasn’t thrown out of the country.

One of the auto generated song titles was ‘silence the mystic clock’


Look, my granduncle survived WW2 because of that. (My grandpa tried it, but was sent on the Normandy landing, and suvived by getting off of the boat, dropping his gear in the ocean, swimming instead of standing, then hiding where the fighting was lightest until it was over. Given that he was on Omaha beach, I’m glad he chose to live or I would not be here. Later, Patton would threaten to have grandpa shot. So that’s my claim to fame, I guess. Patton threatened to exicute my grandfather for cowardice in the face of the enemy)

Remember if you ever get drafted. Never fucking volunteer. Never go above and beyond. For any physical activity do as shittily as possible. Get good at missing the target when shooting and pretending to be trying. Get good at sucking. If you’re lucky, they’ll keep you far away from the front lines as you’re clearly a liability to everyone.

It’s better to be beaten by the drill instructor than to be shot at.


The Lost Heir: the MC becomes a demon-puppet and the worst part is I got that ending more than four times— until my stubborn self got a different one.

Choice of Rebels: They killed Breden and the MC died.

It’s not an ending actually but when Woody dies in Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven


You made Rocky Horror! :smiley:


Congrats, it may not be a good ending for your mc, but you’re one of the few people that have told me they found that one :grin: