Without naming the game how would you describe the best and worst CYOA games you've played.?


Best: there’s a Ronin everyone wants to f***.

Worst: Thought this was a good game? Ha! Everything was in the demo!


Best: A badass assassin who uses sarcasm often and dies a lot.

As for the worst? Sure, I probably have seen very bad ones but can’t remember them at the moment.


Best: Ruthless CEO of a company that produces things that enhance people
Worst: Forced into agreeing with the author’s political agenda or else I’d be punished with a bad ending.


Life of a Wizard


Best: You get to ride a bear!
Worst: Almost too linear…


Best: Go by horse and sabre and do awsome bad ass things

ABSOLUTE WORST: Social activism simulator the game “Oh you dont share authors points of view- then BAD ENDING”-- “Game”


I’m quite curious as to what it is, considering how many other user has complained the same thing, would you be so kind as to PM me the title?


Best: Use spike pits and rock slides to kill 500 people, rain fire down on your enemies, or convince your lieutenant to become a suicide bomber, in an allegory that makes you the mujahideen.

Worst: I won’t name it, and I should emphasize that the game was decent, but I feel like it tried too hard to be too original, and both gameplay and narrative suffered in the pursuit of worldbuilding, so I couldn’t get into the game.