Chronicler Christmas Contest Submissions


Well, we got only two submissions this year, but that is understandable considering the technical issues that many of you had. Hopefully I’ll have Version 2.0 out by next year for the next contest!

Preamble out of the way, here’s the submissions:

Voting and reviews are welcomed, but the prize shall be split in-twain between the two. 7 CoG games apiece from the Steam collection!

Leave a like on the game(s) you vote for. I’d vote for them all, but you can’t like your own posts…

Chronicler Christmas Contest!
Chronicler Christmas Contest!


“A trip to a doctor’s office goes horribly wrong.”


Mismatched Core

“Experience a segment in the life of an important individual in a post-apocalyptic world.”


The Hero Deserved

“The mantle of heroism now rests upon you. (Assuming there’s actually any crime to fight in the metropolis of Goddam)”