CScomp discussion thread

Hi! The purpose of my opening this thread is to let people talk about the CScomp games, rather than winnings. To be able to talk about interesting things in the various games. I’ll be opening mine up as a WIP in a couple of days, but for now I want somewhere that things in the stories can be talked about. : ) The games are listed below.

Sorry that I can’t post the links for the games here- apparently copy and pasting breaks them somehow. : \

@Shawn_Patrick_Reed It’s great to have a central place that links to all of the games.

I don’t want authors to be discouraged from starting up their own individual threads on their games though, soliciting public feedback, and getting their games polished enough to be published though, for those that aren’t complete. So they shouldn’t feel as if this is the only feedback thread they can have.

So far, I’ve been working on Lunatic, by Mike Walter aka Lucid. I’m intrigued. I’ve managed to unlock having two personality problems at once, but unfortunately, I’m not sure how this works because there’s no apparent chance to input more than one choice (no password option, unfortunately). I’m wondering if this is preventing me from achieving special endings. I have the feeling that it works like a puzzle, where the other people’s perspective give hints as to what to do in a particular point of view. Actually, I’m sure of it, but I haven’t worked it out fully just yet. I do know that different disorders actually unlock new choices to be made. But I’m not certain if I’m locked out from special endings by not being able to choose multiple disorders. Anyone that manages to unlock a special ending, I’d be curious to know about it, though perhaps with spoiler tags. :slight_smile:

@FairyGodfeather I completely agree. And I’m glad that’s part of the first comment, so people can notice it. :slight_smile:

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Monsters’s link seems to be broken…

We’ll light a single candle too.

Light of the dead too.

I don’t have time to check all the links (browsing the forums on my phone with a really slow internet connection), but I think most of the other links are broken too.

I copy and pasted from LordIrish’s post. Perhaps doing that broke the links somehow?

Well, they actually take me to the website, but the page says “Not found” on every link that I’ve tested so far.

I truly have no idea why that’s happening. I’m just going to link to the other thread there instead.

@ballmot Thank you for letting me know.

Can I post reviews of the games here, or should I wait for them to have their own thread?

I think it is okay to post it here because this thread is for talking about the CScomp games. :grin: Review away .

Yeah, review away. That’s what the thread is for. :smile:

I’m going to wait with posting reviews until I’ve finished at least one playthrough of each of them. It feels more fair that way.

You can pretty much count on that being tomorrow…

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@Cecilia_Rosewood The 2nd place game, ‘Lunatic’, is a puzzle-game. It takes multiple playthroughs to really be all that comprehensible, much less shine. Just to give fair warning. Honestly, imo, that game really is good, but NOT on one playthrough; on many. Just a heads-up.

@Shawn_Patrick_Reed I had fun writing this tangled mess of a story. :slight_smile:

The password entry is found on the first screen. So, you need to restart the game to enter them. But, if your game is still running, the things that the passwords have unlocked are there, so no need to reset the game and enter the passwords. The passwords are for those who have their games restarted when they stop playing them.

There are three passwords. The first unlocks 2 disorders at a time. The second unlocks a third disorder. The third unlocks all of them at once.
The first two show up just by playing a bunch of times… 4 times and 8 times.

The game was a gamble. It makes no sense on a single playthrough. The true stories and various interpretions get deeper the more you play it. :smiley:

Congrats again to all the entrants. I can’t wait to start playing!

I enjoy the puzzle aspect. And I did figure out that the second disorder comes on a second menu later. I’m -going- to figure the darn thing out. Eventually. I get the feeling there’s a ‘true’ choice for each choice. Figuring it out is going to give me a headache because I’ll probably need to diagram the effin’ thing (that’s a compliment) XD - but I will do so.

My game is very re-playable, too; subtle differences in how NPCs react, based on your choices. But it was my first attempt at coding- yours is like… a Hexaflexagon. I’ve yet to read Blood Moon Prophecy but I don’t mind yours beating me, Lucid. : )

@Fiogan I’ve done a playthrough on your game. To me, the biggest blow for the game is that so many choices are left unfinished, even within the scope of the game. To where, at some points, you can only make one choice… which isn’t really a choice. It is an intriguing game, though. It’s like a cross of that one mission in Mass Effect 2 with the Supernova, and some books I once read by C.J.Cherryh. I like Rhia- though it was tough to reverse-imagine her limbs after I’d imagined them as normal at the beginning. In short, I feel that you started out strongly and ended up not having enough time to finish and rushed part of the story. You got me into the story, but then the story jury-rigged a completion- I think I would rather have not seen the ending, personally. It feels like there’s no way to stumble upon a cure for yourself, and that the ending is set in stone no matter what your accomplishments. If you have no plans to finish the story, I appreciate the effort in this, but on the guess that you will, I think I would have preferred a cliffhanger to have more sense of anticipation.

I also appreciate the sci-fi setting. It feels all too rare here, alas.

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Lots of fun games!

@honeymichie We both used moon phases as section titles, neat! Can’t wait to see more. Spoiler: I’m guessing that the dream we have may mean that we are Psyconic too. But, either way, I’m excited to see where it goes.

@Shawn_Patrick_Reed I love the diverse characters! Makes it feel like a traditional horror movie. Spoiler: I was definitely caught by surprise when I was attacked! I had to play it a few more times right away to see who else would get me. Very curious to see where it goes next and learn what is going on!

Great work! Still lots to read. :slight_smile:

@Lucid Hahaha I also noticed that once I played the game, neat. Thanks. Nope, a Psyconic can only manifest when a person is still a child. No adult can awaken that ability; they need to have it tapped as a child. The dream could be someone hunting the MC or it could be the kid who died first at the opening.

Currently playing the CSgames. Will give my review once I’m done, but I’m having too much fun at the moment so it will take a little while.

Lucid I hate you so much this game difficulty was INSANE for judgment i played 15 times within find any of the real endings. You have to drop difficult if you want publish it.

@honeymichie I thought it was most likely an attack or a contact. But, when one subject was mentioned to be a potential, it made me think that the MC might have been a potential and now a rare late bloomer. But, I’m always guessing ahead, sometimes right, often times wrong. :slight_smile: Either way, interesting premise.

@poison_mara I never intended for it to have a correct playthrough or any correct endings. :slight_smile: I wanted players to enjoy the experience itself and enjoy the many Easter eggs. Not coded Easter eggs of extra branches, but instead pieces of information that would make a person go “Oooooo, so that person was the one who did this, so that this person became the one who did that…” :smiley: And, I wanted a few moments that would mess with the reader’s head. :wink:

@Lucid Hang on. Are you saying there are no special endings? basilisk deathglare XD