Winners Lordirish 3rd Annual CScomp

First off I would like to thank @poison_mara and @Pace675 for hanging in there and finishing the judging. The other judges were not able to finish. But I would like to thank them for aleast taking part.

It was a very tight Comp this year the winners did not win by much. Ok now for the winners:
1st Michie presents Blood Moon Prophecy
2nd Lucid presents Lunatic
3rd Shawn Presents Monsters

For Most interesting fail goes to
We will have to wait and see who @Protagonis says won on his sponsor this year.

We had no votes for romance conflict and particular point of conflict. So they will be added in to the general prize money.

I am working on the links so should have them up here in an hour or so.
Concrads to all that part took in the Comp, you should be proud of what you managed to do. Over the next few day I will be sending out feedback from the judges and will reach out to the winners to send the prize money.

I neglected to thank @Protagonist, @Pace675, and not least @seabean for being sponsors this year.

A World, Once Lost
by Juliane Ashwood

Winter Fantasia
By Adrian Caluya (Sandstorm)

My Mistress Alice
by Alex Clifford

The Moonlight Circus
by Amy Sasso

Treasure Hunting By The Light Of The Moon
by Cecilia Rosewood

The Last Lunarian Mage
by C. V. Cottle

Adventure in the Moonlight
by Dashing Don

Nature Boy
by Left4Bed

Lunatic by Mike Walter

Moon’s Light
By Mary

Blood Moon Prophecy
by Michie Adalbert

Light of the Dead
by Rock Star Penguin
We’ll Light A Single Candle
by Camilla Daumer

by Shawn Reed


Congratulations to the Winners! And to all of the other participants for finishing.

Thanks LordIrish for running this contest yet again. And to Poison_Mara and Pace675 for being amazing judges.

Ooops! I forgot to thank the sponsors too. Thank you sponsors!


Congratulations, and bravo, winners’ circle! I look forward to reading everyone’s stories. And many thanks to all of the sponsors and judges. The contest really inspired me, and I’m so glad I was able to participate.


My congrats to the winners and other contestants, job well done! And big thanks to you and the judges for making the comp possible. :smile:

I don’t want to be just another copy of the other comments haha, but I would like to congratulate both the winners and those who participated in the competition! As I experienced (but did not meet ends,) I understand it’s not an easy feat! So really, great job guys for setting out and meeting the deadline. That in itself is a great achievement c:

I can’t be more excited in going through the results of everyone’s work!

GG to the winners.
Congrats on the win you guys deserved it.

Thanks for another great contest, @Lordirish I can’t wait to see how everyone interpreted and used the theme. :smile:

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I am working through the list just making sure everything works. I have updated games from Shawn, Chrissy, Dyers, and Alex. If I missed any updates please email me and I will correct.


: D I’m pleased, considering I know I had some continuity bugs in there I didn’t catch first time around. I’m really glad I was able to fix things up for the presentation. : ) One thing though- isn’t Protagonist’s choice the one for most interesting failure? Do you mean someone else’s choice, @Lordirish?

hugs everyone XD Big congrats to Michie and Lucid! Big thanks to poison_mara and Pace675 and Lordirish! And the sponsors!

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Congratulations to all that submitted their stories for this year’s contest. It was a please to read each and everyone’s stories.

Shawn your new file I cannot make work.

I’ll send another right away.

@Lordirish It might be because I tried implementing a save feature with the update but it requires a line of script in the index file? Or… maybe not, but would you prefer I try taking it out for now?

Congratulations to all who entered, especially to Michie, Lucid and Shawn. Looking forward to seeing all the creativity done in this month long dash. And thanks as well to LordIrish (even though he doesn’t want to be thanked, we’ll thank him against his will!), and to the judges for giving up their time.


I am willing to try a few things so will not post your link to your game right now til we can figure it out.

It’s alright, taking that out and trying again is an easy fix.

Yay for everyone!!! Can’t wait to read every one else! when do we get to???

First, a big thank you to Lordirish for making this wonderful CScomp. Second, a happy congratulation to all the judges especially to poison_mara and Pace675 for testing the games and to the sponsors. Third, to all of us who made a game in only one month. We are all awesome.


I have the list ready but still have one update I am waiting on and trying to get Shawns update to work.

@Lordirish I sent via e-mail the web folder in .rar format. Let me know if this works. : )

Well there be a topic or links to play this games ourselves?