Winners of the 2nd Annual CScomp


Everyone did a great job, and thank you all very much in taking part.
Here are our winners for 2014
aetheria 44.5
Cottage14 40.5
Lucid 33.5

And as promised here are the links to all the games. I will be sending pm’s out to all the writers here shortly with the judges feedback and other info.

Lunchtime at St. Expeditus by aetheria

Your One Moment by Cottage14

Chronos by Lucid

Legends - Never Ending Dawn by PORT3R

Time Traveling Werewolves by Saint_Nicholas

The Girl of Time by Sandstorm

Please enjoy as much as we did and feel free to comment,

Looking for Judges

oooooooh. Good thing tomorrow is a holiday here in Canada


Chronos is not working


I’d like to thank @Lordirish for hosting the competition again this yes. Also, thanks to the judges. It was fun to write something short and silly for a change. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the heads up will get with @Lucid and see if we cannot resolve this as it is an updated copy.


Seems I have caused another error while trying to fix the first. Can the mods please change The Girl of Time by Sandstorm link to the following.

Still working to correct Lucid’s link thank you.


Congrats to all the winners and my hat’s off to all who managed to submit a story for the contest! That’s quite an accomplishment by itself.


Yes, thank you to Lordirish, to the judges, and to all the writers, both those who completed a game and those who gave it a shot. It is not a small task!

Having lunch at St. Expeditus right now, and really enjoying the game.


Looking forward to playing these, well done to everyone who submitted and thank you for agreeing to share them with the rest of us! :slight_smile:


Aw shucks :slight_smile:

Thanks again to the judges for taking the time to play all these games; all your comments were really interesting and helpful, and I’ll definitely take them into account if I ever get around to revising this thing more extensively.

Also, the updated version above fixes a bug from the original where restarting the game after playing the girl version broke the guy version… 3 AM me is not a good beta tester. So if you ran into that while playing the original comp version, you can now see the other version of the story (not that different, though).

And now off to play all the other games!


If a mod could please update the Chronos by Lucid link to the following. I would ever be so greatfull.


Congratulations to everyone! Now plot your story for next year lols kidding people :stuck_out_tongue:


I really look forward to next year, and I am thrilled by the hard work that went into these games. I need no thanks I am MORE then happy to do this. It gives me a great deal of pleasure. The judges do deserve another HUGH thank you from me. Of course any ideas or thoughts to help improve the comp are always welcome.

I sent you a pm, all the others have their prize money and would like to make sure you receive yours.

Sadly I missed getting with @Protagonist, I should have talked to him sooner, so the fault is mine. He may decide to do his own announcement on the winner for best supporting character. Or he is welcome to add it here.


Oh yeah! I got so distracted playing all the games that I totally forgot to reply. Done now :slight_smile:

Really enjoying the other entries so far.


Special congratulations to the winners. I haven’t checked out the other games yet, just jumping in to give kudos and say thanks. This was a fantastic opportunity and a learning experience for me. I hope I’ll be a wiser writer by the time the next contest rolls around.


Congrats to Aetheria! This was an amazing experience for me and I can’t wait for next year!


Congrats on the winners, and good work for everyone who competed :slight_smile: you guys should expand on these!


@aetheria wow, it just doesn’t even look like choice script anymore!
You did a great job, @Cottage14 and @Lucid you guys also did a great job.
The others, did a good job, not great but good.

Now what I have to tell, I will continue mu story as it is summervacation at the end of this week, actually today sort of. But you can expect a demo soon and yes it will be bigger.


I haven’t read through it all, but what you’ve done with the images in your story is incredible!


Thanks, @LordIrish.

The prize for best supporting character goes to *drumroll* @Aetheria for the character of Evelyn in Lunchtime at St Expeditus.

I’ll transfer the $100 to @Aetheria this weekend, if she could let me know her PayPal details.