CSComp Winners 2016

Lordirish’s 4th Annual CS Comp 2016
First off, I would like to thank the community for keeping me inspired. I only wish I could do more for you all.

I am often thanked for running this each year, but to be truthful it’s partly selfishness on my part. I get lazy with my own writing. The energy I get from CS Comp motivates me, and I love to share that feeling with everyone I can!

I want to give a special thanks to all of our judges. We have three that could not make it all the way with us, but the effort they gave is awesome and we appreciate their efforts.

We have four judges that we’d like to thank for their hard work in scoring all the wonderful games submitted this year:

A special thanks to our sponsors:
@Imon for Most Visually Striking Scene–will be providing artwork
@EmperorHeartless for Best Character Development–will be offering coding help
@Pace675 for Best Romance Betrayal–added to $200 to the general prize fund, and $150 for Best Romance Betrayal
@Shawn_Patrick_reed for Best Character–offering $50

And special thanks to:
@Fiogan for taking the time and a lot of effort to improve this year’s CS Comp. With her help, we took a big step forward in making this one of the best competitions we’ve had so far.
We had thirty-six writers enter this year, a very impressive turnout! Of those, fifteen writers submitted an entry to the competition.

Thanks to every one of our entrants for making an effort this year. Whether or not you submitted a final piece for the competition, you should feel good about entering! This is a very tough comp, and taking the plunge is a bit scary I know for some. I really hope this inspired you to write. After all, the main reason for the comp is to get you writing.

The writers who submitted entries at the close of the competition are:

The judges did not have an easy task this year; there were some close scores. Even if you didn’t make it to the winners’ circle, you still should be Darn Proud of what you accomplished. I hope to see all of these made into Hosted Games.

Prize breakdown
1st Place $250
2nd Place $200
3rd Place $100
4th Place $50
Best Character $50
Best Romance Betrayal $150
Best Character Development - Coding Help
Most Visually Striking Scene - Art Work


Alright, I’ve stalled long enough! I will be contacting all the winners to get their paypal information. I will be sending the judges’ scores and feedback to the writers over the next several days by email.

1st place goes to: @Fiogan with ‘The Beastie Watch’

2nd Place goes to: @Charles_Parkes with ‘Venom Beneath the Skin’

3rd Place goes to: @Aera with ‘Potions and Explosions’

4th Place goes to: @Wraith with ‘Second Chances’

Best Character: @Wraith with ‘Second Chances’

Best Romance Betrayal: @Fiogan with ‘The Beastie Watch’

Best Character Development: @Adrao with ‘Tokyo Wizard’

Most Visually Striking: @Fiogan with ‘The Beastie Watch’

Scores and Links
Fiogan ‘The Beastie Watch’ S(253) BC(17) BRB(24) BCD(11) MVS(25)

Charles_Parkes ‘Venom Beneath the Skin’ S(217) BC(19) BRB(0) BCD(19) MVS(23)

Aera ‘Potions and Explosions’ S(215) BC(22) BRB(0) BCD(1) MVS(18)

Wraith ‘Second Chances’ S(209) BC(28) BRB(0) BCD(2) MVS(0)

Imon ‘The Darkling Depths’ S(207) BC(0) BRB(0) BCD(0) MVS(19)

Lucid ‘Espionage: Poisonous Intent’ S(204) BC(0) BRB(17) BSD(0) MVS(0)

Lycoris ‘The Purple Desire’ S(202) BC(8) BRB(8) BCD(3) MVS(17)

Adrao ‘Tokyo Wizard’ S(192) BC(20) BRB(13) BCD(20) MVS(17)

Shawn_Patrick_Reed ‘The Other Side’ S(192) BC(0) BRB(0) BCD(2) MVS(20)

Mrwolf2 ‘The Black Roses’ S(188) BC(9) BRB(0) BCD(1) MVS(11)

OScott ‘Poisson-ous Intent’ S(177) BC(2) BRB(0) BCD(4) MVS(2)

NeoHeartless ‘World Anew: The Compound’ S(176) BC(0) BRB(0) BCD(0) MVS(5)

AlexClifford1994 ‘The Insurgency’ S(165) BC(0) BRB(2) BCD(9) MVS(9)

Hanon_Ondricek ‘All The Boxes Ticking’ S(140) BC(0) BRB(9) BCD(0) MVS(2)

Port3r ‘The starting end’ S(67) BC(0) BRB(0) BCD(0) MVS(0)

Your welcome to make general comments here.

“We encourage authors to start a thread for your games in the forums, if you wish, in order to give readers a place to discuss your specific game.”


Congratulations everyone!!!


Flails around, waving with her hand frantically
Oh my gosh :open_mouth:
I am very very happy right now, and this just made my day!
To be honest, after I went through the game after the deadline, I noticed quite a few things and was just like: Well damn…
But now, I just don’t know what to say except thank you and I hope you enjoyed the story! And Congratulations to everyone else, even though you did not win. It’s the fun and thought behind the story! :slight_smile:

Also, I just need to ask…
For the Best Character, was it Ziggy? XD


S = over all score
BC = Best character
BRB = Best romance betrayal
BCD = Best character development
MVS = Most visually striking


Heh thanks. I shouldn’t be posting at 3:30am when I can’t sleep. My brain so silly.

What are the scores out of?


So cool that we can play the games the authors put so much hard work into. Can’t wait to play each and every one. What about runner ups? Or honorable mentions for people who didn’t qualify. And if there is a possibility to play the other wip’s the other authors put. Thanks for cscomp love to see the community to come together and judge and read each other’s wip’s. Sorry for the rambling but are there seasonal cscomps or something like this?


In the second post gives links to all the games submitted and their scores. :smile:


I will be on and off all night and if the winner’s could pm or email me at choiceofbox @ gmail . com their paypal info I will start the payout process. Congrads to all.


Congratulations, and well done everyone who entered this year! I’m excited to read everyone’s stories!


@P0RT3R you were serious this whole time about your entry, also you did have a typo…


The CS Comp, run by @Lordirish, is yearly! This is the fourth, and so far they’ve always been in May, with judging through June.


Which reminds me. Everyone planning to compete next year (or judge) should look at


Congratulations everyone!

Alas, I knew I bit off more than I could chew… ah well. Now I get to read a bunch of good stories! :smiley:

Oh and P.S. Next year, compers, next yeaaarrr! XD


Congratulations to ALL of you !!! And thanks again for your amazing games.

As promised, the games for which I have a small list of bugs, typos and the like are:
Second Chances; Beastie Watch; Espionage; Potions and Explosions; Purple Desire; The black roses; Venom Beneath the Skin; World Anew; The other side.

If you are the author of one of theses games and want to have the list just ask me in PM. If you are teh author of one of the other games and want me to do something similar you can PM me too.

And remember that all of us judges are available to answer any question you might have concerning the scores, feedback or whatever.


Aww…you didn’t make it this year, well there’s always the next one I suppose. :smiley:
You had a good idea though!

Congrats to everyone whose submissions did make it in and to the winners of course. :tada:


@idonotlikeusernames I have a great idea! (Which I can talk about now). :stuck_out_tongue: I’m still working on it, super-slowly mind you. It should be very, very silly. I decided I wanted to give the idea the attention it deserves and not rush it in a couple of days. Then have spent a month procrastinating.


I will be emailing out the judges scores and feedback on Saturday night.


It took me a few moments to find the words to say this…

I’m honoured, and floored, to have received first place. Thank you!

Many thanks to my patient and fantastic beta testers, my artist, and everyone else who helped me whilst Beastie Watch was in process–most of all to my two infinitely patient daughters, who put up with one rather absent-minded mum for much of May.

Many thanks to @Lordirish and all of the judges, for inspiring me to write something far outside my normal storytelling sphere. And thanks to the fantastic, supportive CoG forum community; I had a blast participating in the contest this year.

I’m very excited to read all the other stories, as well! The theme was a great challenge and I look forward to seeing where everyone’s gone with that as the foundation.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading The Beastie Watch. Look forward to the next instalment soon!


Congratulations to everybody who participated in it :laughing:

Now i got a lot of reading to do