CSComp Games on Twitch

I am so excited, in 1 hour I’ll be streaming the 2016 CSComp games on Twitch! :open_mouth:


Here’s my playlist:

@Lycoris “The Purple Desire”
@Shawn_Patrick_Reed “The Other Side”
@Fiogan “The Beastie Watch”
@Imon “The Darkling Depths”
@EmperorHeartless “World Anew: The Compound”
@Porter “The starting end”
@Charles_Parkes “Venom Beneath the Skin”
@Adrao “Tokyo Wizard”
@Aera “Potions and Explosions”
@AlexClifford1994 “The Insurgency”
@OScott “Poisson-ous Intent”
@Hanon_Ondricek “All The Boxes Ticking”
@Lucid “Espienage: Poisous Intent”
@Wraith “Second Chances”
@Mrwolf2 “The Black Roses”


@Lglasser For some reason this thread tries to save something on my computer whenever I try to open it, and the second post is acting up… :neutral_face: No clue why.

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I shall make a most valiant attempt to stay awake. ^_^’

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oh technology. It gives and it takes.

It might be because there’s an embedded video in the post. I went and replaced the embedded video with just a link to the twitch in case this was causing anyone else problems.

The second post is because I deleted it. I think @Lglasser was having issues with not being able to mention more than 10 users in a post, so I added the other users. .

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Didn’t notice that… So now the last few games and writers have been mentioned twice…

Oops! Thank you @FairyGodfeather . I deleted the 2nd post. And now everything’s fine. It’s all fine. Glad we got all the glitches out before the stream starts! crosses fingers


@Cecilia_Rosewood , true, but it’s always nice to know I am worth mentioning twice. (even though Lglasser already corrected it)

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Can I send you a corrected version of mine? Or is it too late?

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@Imon Are you in the twitch stream? If you link it there.

Yep, okay. I have to recall how dropbox worked again ha ha

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Awesome job, wish I could have stayed for the whole thing but being a trucker not always some place I can do so.


Just wanted to say thanks for this. It’s such an awesome idea and I’d love to see more of this. I ended up getting overwhelmed. (I’m really bad at being able to deal with filtering between music and voice, and reading text.) But it was just lovely to see the community get together, as well as the appreciation of the games.


That was really fun! Thanks so much for playing through the competition games and for your commentary. I look forward to the next instalment with some of the remaining games!


I missed it but watching the replay! XD

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Yep, I had to cut it short early to help out my family, but I’ll continue next week, starting with
@Imon “The Darkling Depths”

Looking forward to it!


I will try to go in and add all the authors this weekend so the rest will show. Sorry I did not do this to bgin with but it never cross my mind. :wink:


Huh. I missed it. I fell asleep just before- but I had the twitch channel left open in a tab with my headphones on, I’m surprised that I never heard anything. And there are no messages in the chat window, just: Sorry, we were unable to connect to chat. Reconnecting in 2 seconds. ~ But, at least I’m watching the replay. Still, for some reason… I had the twitch channel open via the CScomp winners thread link and it never seems to have activated, and no clue why.

I’m still thankful that there’s a video I can watch of it. And thankful it took place in the first place. Thank you @Lglasser


T_T It bugged out. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments on my game~ they really help. It gives me a better idea what work on. :slight_smile:

I also like the music you play in the background.

And The Beastie Watch is a looong game. (but awesome) - It’s the one I’ve managed to read all the way through so far.


Why is this happening in the middle of the night? :new_moon_with_face: Lols I’ll try to stay awake for the next part.