Playing on Twitch! (MetaHuman Inc.)


I’m going to take the time to play through CoG games (and IF Comp games, although I’ll focus on CoG here):

Twitch Link

If you’re interested in the IF Comp stuff, you can see my random playlist.

(edited to trim down the list)


Pretty sad to be late. I went trough most of those myself and it would have been fun to see someone else reaction. Ah well, I was at work and its 11:31 Pm right now.


I’m going to play Metahuman Inc. next in 1 hour: It’ll archive automatically. If you have suggestions for other games to Twitch stream too, I’ll go through them by suggestions.


You might wish to re-evaluate your channel offline picture…


Why? I commissioned that artwork, and technically own the rights to it. If there’s another reason though, I’d be eager to change.


Ah, that was my concern that someone would ping you for using artwork for a published game. I completely missed that you made said game :sweat_smile:


No problem! I probably should have led with my credentials… “I, Lynnea Glasser, winner of IF Comp, author of Creatures Such as We, will be playing…”