What Month Should the CSComp be held in


We talked about this a few years back, but after some talk it maybe time to revisit this.

  • May (Keep the same)
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • January
  • Other

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CSComp Winners 2016

I’m pretty fond of traditions, so May works well for me. If we had to move it to some other month I’d go for April though. It seems to clash a bit less with (local) exam schedules.

@Lordirish Add -'s before those options to make a poll out of it. (At least, that’s what little I remember of it.)


I went with October, solely because my birthday is in October. What better way to celebrate than have my nerves on edge the whole month trying to come up with a story?


It’s also worth noting that whatever month the Comp is held in, the following month is when the judges will have the most work to do. So moving it affects not only the writers, but the judges.


I was going to suggest doing a split-competition - have the big contest as is now but have a smaller “school” version held a bit later in late july.


This takes four months of my time now lol.


Who knows, maybe she means to do a @Zolataya Annual CSComp…


We’re doomed. Dolphins everywhere. :joy:



Someone who understands!! I thought I was the only one to get it. Or rather, don’t get it.


March through July is dreadful for students, Summer is best (late July through to September).


:dolphin: are amazing. I ended up voting for the current date.

Just remember :dolphin: are amazing :heart:


I will leave this up til the close of the judging. But right now it is looking like August.


That means judges will be busy with school n stuff though

Edit: :dolphin: :dancer:


That is something I have to consider. What does July look like for most students? That would give the judges August.


August is a month professors get evaluated, it is death to me. So I won’t vote for that month lols. Still regardless of the competition month, it will still generate problems. What is important is when @Lordirish can or will be available to make the competition possible since it is his completion lols.


Thank you, but I would like to make this as access able to as many as possible. Right now we are talking about the possibility of moving the date for the comp.


June is by far the busiest month for me. It’s when I have to make preparations for winter, the closing month in college which means exams, a lot of work in the labs and I also work outside campus. So if I do alright as a judge this year without going crazy then any month would work for me.

October or april would be a lot less stressful, but like @Cecilia_Rosewood I do like traditions.


I rather like the current date myself but seeing if by moving it if it would be better. However, it is sounding a whole lot like the first debate we had about when to hold it.


The only reason I want a one month shift is due to the CoG’s charity event held the same month as CScomp. I try to be generous but with both events taking place in the same month one will lose out. I would rather be able to contribute to both rather than having a short coming.

The upcoming authors are brilliant, but the CoG charity auction is for a good cause, so I rather not see either compete for my money.


My vote was write in January - Judge in February. Many people stay in those months. Not sure what else major it clashes with.