What Month Should the CSComp be held in

For me I have a big family so x mass is very expansive around here I normally do not have the funds til April for the comp sorry to say.

Also worth considering the effect swapping seasons has on any of us who happen to be Southern Hemisphere folk.


Sadly we are a small minority, with no choice but to be overlooked and bow to the ruling of the majority, them folks of the snowy christmas. :cry: :laughing:


I’ve always wanted to take part in the CS comp but have been unable to for the past few years due to exams. The best time for me would be July or August when I have nothing on… But of course, the judges have to be taken into consideration.


After careful thought and consideration we will be keeping the same date, I am truly sorry to some that this is not a good time for you to compete. However, moving the comp’s date would not significantly increase the amount of people that could join in.

I have thoughts on the CoG’s charity and will be working on something throughout the year that will benefit them as I really do feel it is a great cause.

Thank you all for your side of things and it was not an easy choice but since the results mirrored fairly closely to first debate we will not likely be changing the date again so consider this tradition for the annual CSComp and thank you.


April or August, May is just crazy in sweden. January might work too.

Count of me if you want me another year.


Aww…I wanted to try my hand at judging too, but May is sadly not a very good month for me, my least busy time of the year is usually June through to August, roughly coinciding with summer here. :disappointed:

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You can still request to be a judge. Judging is in June while game making is in May.


Mmm…that changes things.


There’s some preparation stuff like picking the theme in April too, but that really only a minor thing compared to the actual judging, which takes place in June.