Once in a lifetime opportunity! Beta test a game for CS Comp! (For Alex Clifford)


Yep, that’s right, the one and only chance you’ll get to beta test a game for this year’s CS comp right here. PM me or post here and I’ll add you to a big group convo with access to the beta.

At the minute there’s only a prologue but running feedback would be very useful. Obviously you’ll need to be ready to do a few playthroughs at the end of May.

Any questions post here and many thanks in advance for helping me out!


I’ll do it. I’m already testing a few other games but I play fast and it shouldn’t interfere.


I’d love the opportunity to be a part of this.


I’d love to beta for this


I would love to beta test!


I would love to beta test this game.


I would like to volunteer as a beta tester


I’d love to beta test.


I would want to beta test.


I volunteer. This seems like it could be an enjoyable opportunity.


Right, thanks for the rapid response guys! Unless there’s anyone else who desperately wants to, I think that’ll probably be enough, at the minute I’m in danger of having more beta testers than characters in my story!



Desperate at your command :smiley:

Timezone Problems.

Anyway Hope you still have room for one betatester


I would love to volunteer as beta tester :smile:


I would love to test your gane!!


I would be interesting in helping you with the beta testing.


I would like to participate.


hi would love to beta test


so bummed i missed this :frowning:


Ok, I’ll let you guys in but I really have to draw the line there


hey can I betta test this game