Paradox factor everyone? Spoilers intended to be here

Okay so I just finished paradox Factor, and I LOVED it! I lived so many lives, i was rich and poor, crippled, divorced, ect! But I was wondering what others thought and perhaps if they could tell me the endings they got? Cause well I’m not sure if mine was the best, SPOILERS: I shot myself after killing everyone because I realized that if I didn’t someone would always stop me, so I kille everyone and shot myself, after that I opened my eyes in the lab still crippled, and my children were still dead and so was Beth. But my char decided to accept the past and live on.

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I think a few of us here had talked about this in another discussion but… I’m all good with talking about it again x3

First off I believe you got the True Ending, I believe we listed all possible endings before so I won’t get into that. Suffice it to say that most of the endings are rather bittersweet, it seems no matter what you do something bad is bound to happen. But I believe that was one of the themes of the story.

When it comes to Time Travel most humans will never be satisfied. There will always be something they wish they could change or improve but sadly sometimes it just isn’t meant to be. Of course therd must be some way to achieve a perfect timeline (in our eyes anyway) but the amount of changes and the impossible combination of changes to reach that end would be near impossible. All you can realy hope for is that you don’t screw uo the world too much.

I could get into Time Travel Theory quite easily but I think that even if it were possible to time travel I would only test my theories of it. Time Travel intrigues me but I believe that it is better to live life the way you will and accept the consequences of those choices, whether they are good or bad because… it could be so much worst.

Sure there are a lot of things in history that we may want to change but the paradoxs from such actions and the changes they might have… I rather not think about it.

Tempus Edax Rerum

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