[SPOILER] I think No Proper Thief has the most impactful and emotional ending for a HG




I don’t think this should be posted. It’s literally just an image of the final scene with no warning, which is a huge spoiler for anyone who hasn’t played it.

Discussion of the ending is fine, but literally taking an image of it shouldn’t be.


I’ve added some spoiler tags to the image, but some actual content for discussion wouldn’t go amiss here.


since no Hosted Games are available on steam I never played any on them past their respective demos, but I would love to see what other people think it’s the best HG ending (mostly because I might want to buy some of those games and I don’t give a flying F about spoilers)


Hey @Loriela, there actually are HG’s on steam (just not the full range due to restrictions put in place by valve). Have a look here: http://store.steampowered.com/search/?developer=Hosted%20Games

If there’s one you want you can’t get on steam, they are all hosted on the main cog page as well and should play in any browser.


DAMN, I did not know that, that is actually pretty awesome

And I just prefer buying stuff on steam because I can pay with steam card money and save a few reais.


I haven’t played this game yet, but damn that scene alone just breaks my heart. It’s so… bittersweet.


I loved the endings it is good as it doesn’t say that you are dead or caught ,and it also doesn’t say that you escaped I think it is good ending as it help your interpretation , it is what i felt


@sarath_a But they were killed by cops! Hehe just kidding, looks like your a sucker for good endings like me lol.


Yeah bro I love good ending in game where the ends define love , it might be because i want a good love end in my life , for my good attitude towards my life …,


Count me in your group then. :wink: