Quick question about an ending in "The Grim and I" (spoilers)

I played this a bunch when it came out and kept messing up cause I was exploring all the options, coming back I finally got to the other side but didn’t get the ending I was looking for. So my question is if its possible to end up with my grim reaper, and if so what choices do I need to pick? Thanks so much in advanced.


By end up with, I presume you mean romance in some way and live out the rest of your eternal life with them. No, there isn’t. The achievement ‘This Is Why I Love Your Kind’ only means that the reaper’s opinion of humanity as a whole changes. You can choose not to cross over to the other side but these are all ‘bad endings’.


Ah, okay so I got the best possible ending. Thats too bad, game was still fantastic though.

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Yeah, kind of wished there was more freedom to explore things from the perspective of someone who was not spiritual in any way (no belief in an afterlife). Beyond that though it was interesting to explore mortality in such detail.


I was wondering if you know how to get any other endings

So I was going through and playing CoG, and HG games I haven’t played in a long time. I got to this one, and I was wondering. Does anyone know what is required to possess the medium? I got the option once by accident, but cannot get it now that I’m trying to do so.

Hi, how you achieve the ending with the spouse