Paradox factor no loss ending?

Quick question, how do I get a true good ending? The achievement seem to suggest I can.
Also, why was the MC killing his two partners, I seem to be missing something.
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If the MC is killed BEFORE time traveling for the first time, then there would be no time travel. Unfortunately, every time you try to make this happen, someone stops you. So, you try to stop them first. :slight_smile:

None of the endings are happy. It isn’t that type of game. :slight_smile:


Really? I got one where I accept the original time line and one where I saved everyone yet ended up alone, minus the successful suicide which I am assuming is the paradox ending, what is the other achievement ending?

Regardless, congrats on yet another excellent piece of work. This is the only title of yours I haven’t played prior to this day due to doubt over the premise. Seems my doubts were seriously misplaced.

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Thanks. :slight_smile:

It was a different type of game that didn’t appeal to everyone. Some of the endings could be considered “happier” than others, but none of them are perfect. :slight_smile:


One of my favorites.

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I was googling if there were any happy endings. I got the No Loss ending. I am so glad you said there are no “happy” endings because everyone probably searches for the one where you save your partner, friends, children, but in reality, not everything is perfect. Thanks for any amazing story.

which one is the no loss ending

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You need to unlock the option to accept your life and then go back to the college lecture and talk to Gwen/Greg so you never meet Beth/Tom and have children. Then, select the ‘accept your life’ option and you’ll get the achievement.