When will paradox factor Came Out?

I’m just asking a question,
When will paradox factor Came Out
it is another game by @lucid which i have played and is one of the best IF i’ve played so far
so @jasonstevanhill please answer my question do you have any idea when will paradox factor came out

It was scheduled for June, but is now being held up by my very busy graphic designer. I’m hoping the images are done soon so I can get the ball rolling again.

Wow thanks for the very fast reply @lucid i’m eagerly awaiting for it to be released though

Is it the same one as the one you posted earlier? Because I still don’t know if I have all the scenes to the story yet… It was a creative thing to do with choice of game storytelling.

It was polished through a round of Closed and then Open beta. I took a very different approach to the regular COG format, but as a time travel story, I think it turned out well.