Upcoming Games by Lucid


Thanks for the reply! I’m really looking forward to this!


Good central location. Lost Heir 1 was my intro to HG/CoG, nice to see the series connects to so much else.

So, do you have the most games out there? Or is there a more prolific author?


I think the only author who is more prolific is Zach Sergi. He has Versus 1 and 2, Heroes Rise 1, 2, and 3, and Hero Project: Redemption Season.

That being said, Lucid is a writing beast!


I really loved Life of a Mobster and Life of a Wizard. Those two games were my introduction to cog and interactive novels in general.


I’d like another time travel game, something similar to the game Life is strange or the anime/light novel Re Zero


What about a hybrid of the two? A time traveling, lesbian, demon maid (or butler)


For Re Zero I was mainly focusing on the whole (haven’t done a spoiler tag in a while so I hope this works) Return By Death thing, and the whole psychological impact it leaves on Subaru, and for Life is strange I was focusing on the difficult choice(s) that comes with Max’s ability


There is an option for spoiler tag.


Life of a Starship Captain sounds awesome if it will have the flexibility and scale of your previous ‘Life Of’ games, especially if it lets me rise up the ranks of a Starfleet style organisation, and getting to be an alien too, yay! The Last Wizard also sounds really interesting.

I loved Paradox Factor too and I’d love to see a more traditional ‘Life of a Time Traveler’ game from you if you’re into doing another time travel based game. As a Doctor Who fan the idea of an interactive game where you can create your own time machine, travel to numerous places across time and space and decide whether you should try and change history or not would be a dream concept. And also I’d be interested to see your own takes on the superhero and zombie genres too, so glad you’re thinking about projects for those.


So many ideas, so little time. :slight_smile: If I were retired, I could really churn out the games, but alas, I have to continue working… for now. :smiley:

Yes, Life of Time Traveler could be very cool. I’m also a Whovian, and I love a bunch of cool Time Travel stories: Donnie Darko, Looper, 12 Monkeys, Butterfly Effect, Groundhog Day, Edge of Tomorrow, Coherence, Predestiny, Time Traveller’s Wife … I could go on for a very long time with this list. :smiley:

When I assembled my list at the beginning of this topic I saw the Paradox Factor thread and saw that you, @derekmetaltron , were the one that inspired me to do Paradox Factor over the roguelike dungeon crawler game that I made. :slight_smile:

Rise of the Runemaster was mostly complete. It’s still in my WIP library, but I don’t know if it’s revivable. The coding was pretty clunky. Might be easier to remake the game, if I ever returned to such a thing. A randomly generated dungeon with fighting, experience, items and all that fun stuff!


I have the opposite problem I fear… too much time with not enough hours for work but also not enough drive to get my own ideas out there, plus me finding the coding system often complex due to my dyslexia and all that. I’m sure you’ll keep churning out great stuff whatever amount of time you have!

Awwww, shucks, thanks, I actually forgot I mentioned that idea about time travel to you before, given what a great job Paradox Factor turned out to be it was a great addition to your line up! So I would totally love a Life of a Time Traveler game. Could be pretty complex given the fact it would likely not happen in chronological order and how crazily likely the chance of running into multiple versions of yourself could be, plus I would be wondering if there would be a sort of guardians of time like the Time Lords or Time Police involved, or if there would be some monsters who inhabit the time stream like the Time Splitters from the aforenamed game series. But plenty of tropes with time travel to play with. I think the main thing I would want is the ability to design my time machine and how it works, whether it’s a box, a car, a watch, flying train or the like. But whatever happens will happen!

That Runemaster game does sound interesting, maybe if you could recode it properly it would make for a fun experiment like Paradox Factor? I imagine fans of the Fighting Fantasy books of the past would love a game like that! :slight_smile:


Hey I have dyslexia as well but the nice folk here help me a lot. :smile: So don’t let that slow you down. Agatha Christie also had dyslexia bad so write already. Sorry for going off topic. Go @Lucid :smile:


Wooh for Dyslexia Bros! Winston Churchill had it too and look how he turned out. And yeah, given the ideas I’ve been stewing around a while now I should really get one actually out there, lol.


Choice of sith/jedi… if only it would be legal


You could if you just host it on dashington and call it fan made.


so do I :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I made the mistake of thinking too much about this the other night. Got in my head and I wrote a bunch of stuff down. Nearly pulled an all-nighter. The next day, I wrote some of the key pieces of code. The result: Enough code and notes to make a complete open-world dungeon crawl. :slight_smile:
(WIP +1)

“The Hero of Daria”: A full RPG filled with combat, magic and multiple classes. Lots of randomized battles where you’d level up your hero by fighting monsters and finishing quests. Fully open world, allowing a main quest line, side quests, and exploration across the entire country. Dungeon crawl style with hundreds of items.

Okay, I lost 2 days of writing. I’ve put it in my WIP folder, now back to the Last Wizard! :slight_smile: Rise of the Runemaster had some interesting mechanics, but ultimately, it was flawed. The plot of Runemaster was kind of cool, but the story itself was broken and short, so no real loss. Right now, the Hero of Daria is an empty engine that’s waiting to be completed and for a story to be built around it. :slight_smile: But, priorities! First job is to finish the Last Wizard so it can enter beta and be ready for the contest. It passed the 80k mark today.


meaning the same world as “the lost heir”? so this means that all your fantasy games are in the same universe? nice.


Welcome to the Lucidverse. :slight_smile:


If the setting is a place called daria its lucid, its his Tamriel or Hyrule.