Upcoming Games by Lucid


I like the sound a dungeon crawler. Hopefully one day you’ll continue it or restart.


Clearly I am going to have to start charging for accidentally inspiring games then. :stuck_out_tongue:

But sounds awesome all the same. We do come up with the best stuff in bouts of insanity.


I hope things like Sirens and soulburners get expanded upon future games (Hopefully the Last Wizard) and you get to play as one, it would make for some interesting choices and dialogue. Some of the things I enjoy the most in your games are the unique (at least to my knowledge) Things you come up wity in the world, Your intepretation of the demon world and the magic of soul burning were interesting and even influenced some of my ideas a bit.


Sooner than you think @JustAReader :slight_smile:

I want to include a lot of specialized things like that @GuyNamedGreg

You’re killing me, @derekmetaltron

It got my attention again. So, I put a few more hours into it. I know I should be writing the other, but I can’t seem to stop myself!

  • ability stats implemented
  • race stats implemented
  • combat implemented (no magic or skills yet, just primary weapon fighting)
  • criticals and initiative implemented
  • gaining of xp, but no level ups yet
  • home implemented (allows resting and healing of hp and passing of time)
  • first quest started, allows combat testing
  • end of combat loot, xp, and gold gained, dropping of items for weight
  • difficulty and death implemented, but just a Game Over screen, if on Hardcore
  • weapons (3 of them), body (the clothes and armor slot) (2 of them), and items (just 1 item) implemented. But now that it’s in, I can add new weapons, body, and items in seconds. With the template, new equipment slots are also easy, like rings, head, feet, hands, cloak, etc
  • some of the stat screen, such as “Items Equipped”, “Abilities, Resistances and Saves”, “Inventory”

With all this, the things that are still in my head that I’d like to put into code so I can sleep again are:

  • Hunger and Tired statistics. With the Time Passing, these two are only natural. I’d like to finish this and put in Stat Screen
  • Personal Journal and Quest Journal, in Stat Screen
  • Some more Stat screen stats, like a closer look at items being worn and inventory
  • Maybe the entire opening town

Hopefully after that, I’d be able to return to my other story. That would complete most of the shell engine, leaving only:

  • Leveling up, along with Skills, Perks, and Spells
  • The higher level, and fancier, item and equipment stuff
  • The higher level, and fancier, mob actions and AI for combat
  • More items, weapons, equipment
  • More mobs
  • More quests
  • More locations
  • The whole freakin’ story! :slight_smile:

It’s good to be inspired, but it’s really hurting my current project and my ability to sleep at night! :slight_smile:


I feel for ya, how many times have I neem inspired by far to many plot bunnies. Yet have nothing completed lol. I decided any new plot bunnies that popup, they are being put out on the farm until I complete a few of these open projects. :wink:


I tell ya it’s a good job I kept a few plot bunnies safe in the hutch then for a rainy day, lol! But nice to hear it’s come on nicely! Don’t let it keep you from your main projects though, that’s an order from your inadvertent muse! :wink:


Oh my God.

Oh my God.


Lucid, never stop making games, you beautiful bastard.

That list of features alone just made my day.


Make life of a lucid😃


I second to that. :grinning:


Pretty boring game. Just me writing away and not sleeping when I’m supposed to. :slight_smile:

  • Ok, finished this. Hungry, Tired, Quests and Journal are done.

  • I also finished the Drop, Take, Buy, Sell options. All these things are being made procedurally, so by making one functioning store, I can add more with ease and without copy/pasting. Phew! Only a few weapons, armor, and items so far, but adding others shouldn’t be hard.

  • Wrote the intro and pulled it into its own file for efficiency.

Basically, you can walk around town, get in some fights, sell and buy the stuff, eat, and sleep. Limited locations and no leveling up yet.

I might put up a WIP when I have a little more of the town finished. That might give me a nice pausing point so I can get back to my other game. :slight_smile:


A few years from now, we’ll see a game. This game will be an open world rpg, this game will be amazing and will be set in Daria. The company that created the game? Lucidverse.



This game. I don’t know what it is, but I want it.

And, hey, if you ever need ideas for some boss type enemies to fight with your group, you can always count on me for suggestions.


Add someone named lucid to game pleeeeeeeeaaaaase


Yes! And have the character Lucid be super mysterious and sleep deprived with a slight Canadian accent, and he’s always hunched over a scroll/notepad/computer writing a story.


Take it even farther (or is it ‘further?’) and have the Lucid character ask the MC for help in writing his next story, asking the MC for opinions on a few plot paths. This could be like an imbeded advertisement for whatever other (real) game the (real) @Lucid is working on.


Just remember that M. Night does something similar.


M Night Lucid or M Day Lucid. Either way Lucid would still make a better last airbender movie


M. Night Lucilawn? Post must be at least 20 characters.


The Fall of Daria. Written and Directed by M. Night. Lucilawn. Coming soon.


I’m still writing Hero of Daria instead of The Last Wizard! I have to watch my time to be sure I finish Last Wizard in time for the contest.

New Features for Hero of Daria:

  • Fighter, Thief, Good/Evil Cleric quests and first levels are done.
  • Backstab, Brew Minor Healing Potion, Arcane Blast (but no wizard to use it yet), all done. Mostly to see how it fits into combat. Works well.
  • Main quest begun. I also have most of the story in my head
  • About 6 Perks coded
  • 12 Skills coded and being used in quests
  • Perk and Skills coded and levelling up and creation.
  • About 10 weapons, 15 items, 5 armor added. Done for the quests to work.
  • About 10 enemies to fight, also for the quests
  • Completed: drop, sell, buy, examine of items
  • Completed: Showing stats in stats screen. This was a monster of a challenge for this type of game! Abilities, Perks and Powers, Spells and Magic, Equipped Items (and their benefits), Inventory, Quest Log, Journal. As I add each new quest, perk, etc, I have to add it in, but the gruelling work of organizing it and getting the numbers showing is done.

I can’t stop! Things I must finish before I can return to Last Wizard:

  • Wizard quest and training needs to be made.
  • Add more perks (I have a list of about 20 that need to be put in)
  • Advance Main Quest a little further.
  • Add overland travel with encounters for between destinations, the next stages of the Main Quest will let me do this.
  • Put in level 2 to 4 stats in Training
  • Add spells and powers to go with those levels
  • Add a couple side quests
  • More monster, weapons, items, needed for Overland and Quests

Maybe then I can sleep again. :slight_smile: If I reach a certain point, I intend to share it as a WIP… I think. I don’t usually do such a thing, but in a game like this, the small continuity and mechanics errors will be enormous.