Upcoming Games by Lucid


If only your games could not be so challenging. cough cough Seriously now, am I the only one who has a hard time achieving the perfect endings? It takes me many playthroughs to get the perfect character so I can get a decent ending. Still, the games have replay value, which I can’t say for all games. Best of luck with any future projects. :smiley:


Hero of Daria has difficulty settings for you! :slight_smile: 3 of them: Easy: You get knocked out and someone finds you and takes you safely home. Normal: Lose all experience gained from current level and 10% gold. Hardcore: Permadeath, for the masochistic players out there. :slight_smile:

I’m trying to be very forgiving with Last Wizard and have no choices be ‘bad’ choices. Instead, all choices deliver stories which people should like.


No doubt. One choice will make the player cry.


Whats the popular phrase on the internet these days?.. Oh yeah, harder daddy. Hardcore+ 75%less experience, starting gear only, and upon death Danny Divito emerges from the device and suplexes you.


Yeah…um…can you add a “Chicken Difficulty”? Easier to gain stats and all that? :smile: No, thanks, I will stick with the easiest difficulty.


The Lucid difficulty. You start off with nothing but Moff’s demonstone. The veil is torn, grinding for exp would be enough to make an army veteran cry. Everytime the difficulty is said someone exclaims “dear lord” in the background.


All those features! All those sweet, sweet features!!

Please tell me there’s, at the very least, a chance of you putting out a public WiP of this once you have enough progress done. Seriously, my consciousness will not let me rest until I have a peek at this game.




Still going strong…


  • Wizard quest and training is done!
  • Added about 15 Perks
  • Narrowed down what advances the four classes get for the first 5 levels and some special/unique class options, some are stat balancing, but others need coding
  • Worked on races and some of their starting stuff, needs major balancing.
  • Added about 10 new weapons and 10 new armors.
  • As I continue, I find new/better/efficient/accurate ways to do things, so I’ve tidied/fixed a lot of other stuff, from hunger to tired to weapon immunities, etc.

Still must do before I can rest/sleep/maybe share:

  • Advance Main Quest a little further. I have to at least show a touch of where I’m going with all this. :slight_smile:
  • Create a couple low-level quest lines for balance.
  • Add the beginnings of some romance, mostly just to be sure that I’ve got some balance.
  • Add overland travel with encounters for between destinations, the next stages of the Main Quest will let me do this.
  • Put in level 2 to 5 stats in Training
  • Code spells and powers to go with those levels
  • Add some more Alchemy and Potions

I think that if I can finish these things that I’ll be able to take a break from it… Maybe. :slight_smile:


Now you are my new best favorite-est IF writer :star_struck:



I have a question about the Lucidverse, if I might ask.

Are cubi a thing over there? You know, succubus, incubus, that kind of stuff. In a world where demons are explained in great detail, I kind of found it weird that it never explained that.

And I’m sure there’ll be plenty of tales of Planewalkers trying to summon a cubus for some unsavoury deeds, only to lose the battle of the wills and basically become their bitch for the rest of the day. An entertaining thought, to say the least.


@Lucid how do you write or code so fast?! Do you work on writing full-time?


Love it. Love everything about it.


Definitely. The demons of Lost Heir aren’t the only kind. Also, there were demons there before the Som’Reth arrived.

@Sophia I’m on vacation. So, for a few more days, yes, I get to be a full time writer. A little beyond full time. 12+ hour writing days can’t be good for me. :slight_smile:


Holidays… I dream of those, apparently I have 40 days of annual accumulated!

On a different note… Would you be interested in potentially “renting out” your “engine”? I’d been wanting to do something similar for ages, but time and too many WIPs…


Since, you’re working on races and such can, I guess are you going to use some of the same races from a life of a wizard? This is burning a hole in my head; But can I can only ask one thing can are we going to find out what happened to the Som’Reth.


@Envy The secret of the Som’Reth disappearance partially came out in LH3. Tyborr knows. :slight_smile:

@adrao That’s an interesting thought. This engine that I’ve built is still pretty sloppy and just in its infancy, but it’s running. It needs a lot of work, but by the time I finish Hero or Daria, it should be cleaner. I’ll have to think on it though. Cool thought. :smiley:


I’ve been doing that all summer, and it is murder on my back.


@Lucid cool, and no pressure. I can see that you might want to go either way (for a variety of reason I can think of myself). Anyway, I need to stop thinking about new WIPs and concentrate on finish my existing ones! (this seems to be the biggest problem that most of us face, it seems…)

@Gower, I envy you… I’ve hardly had any time at all this summer, aside from time spent on planes… (also not good on anybody’s back…)


I’m getting lots of writing time, so I’ll keep posting. :slight_smile: Posting these updates makes me feel Ike I’m moving forward, since things become hidden amongst such a large project. :slight_smile:

Daily Update:

  • Added about 5 spells to the wizard class. This included a spell that lasts several rounds, so some new coding for that style is added too.,
  • Added shields. This brought in the problem of two-handed weapons, which led me into the heavy armor restrictions for various classes. This led to a large ripple effect, but it’s now all done. Added 5 shields to the game and to the local store and fixed up the store menus too. This was a big one.
  • Added the last of the Perks, although I might add some more.
  • Added even more to the stats screen. I think it has everything now.
  • Added 3 Cleric skills/powers
  • This means the first level up is attainable in the four main classes. :slight_smile:

Wow, that looks like I hardly put a dent into my To Do List. :slight_smile: These “first time” things are more work than additional, yet similar, things. The spells did a lot, since they opened up rounds, durations, instant use, spell menus, and so on. The offhand slot opened a ton of large problems, which are now fixed, so future equipment slots will be easier, although I may want to rethink which equipment slots I still want to add.

Off to try to get a little sleep. :}