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Being a Wizard is tough isnt it?


This thing has grown large enough to deserve its own WIP. :slight_smile:


Okay, back to work on the Last Wizard.

It’s interesting that my two current projects are so different from one another. Last Wizard is even more story than my other works. Less stats (which should mean it’s less punishing, for those who found my others difficult), and more like other CoG games. It’s still obviously one of mine, but I use more CoG-brand things than my others.

Maybe that’s why, after writing half the game, I found myself wanting to write Hero of Daria, which is much MUCH more game than anything CoG has ever published (and more than any of the Hosted Games too.)

My two projects are very different from one another.

But, with 5 months before the deadline, I will now concentrate on Last Wizard until it’s done, after that, I’ll go back to Hero of Daria.


Heartwrenching yes, difficult…50-50


So, Last Wizard has just reached 112k words with an average playthrough of 29k a run!

I’m still 2 scenes short of finishing it, but I like the length. The contest requirement is 100k with a 20k run, so woo hoo, I’ve got that covered!

My lovely wife is giving me a few days of writing before I got back to work. With some luck, I might be very close to having the full rough draft finished before Tuesday after all.

That was my original goal, before I got lost in creating the Hero of Daria. So, almost back on track!

It’ll take me at least a month to read through it all and do some basic alpha testing. But at this rate, maybe I’ll be ready for beta in October after all. Beta through Oct, Nov, Dec, and I suppose I could go right through January, since it submits for Jan 31.

Hmmmm, I wonder what I should do about artwork? I guess I’ll have lots of time, since the results won’t come out until like April. Win or lose, Last Wizard will release in May, it sounds like.


Congratulations! I’m looking forward to trying it out.


hopes that @Lucid doesn’t jump on the bring the immense feels bandwagon with @Lycoris and @MultipleChoice. Lucid please don’t hurt our hearts with Last Wizard. :cry:


The Imaginarium Convention was awesome!

On a side note, I hit a strange quirk on my Facebook page. The algorithms are a mystery to all, but somehow, my post with a pic of myself and @Eric_Moser hit a reach of… wait for it… over 65,000 !!!

I keep waiting for the number to vanish (my previous top reaches have been like 2500.) But, they’re still there.

Just thought I’d share that neat news. :slight_smile:



There is only one logical conclusion…

A weekend workshop turned you into a social media genius!!


Well, I am a quick learner. :slight_smile: Facebook is suggesting that I spend $20 to boost that post to reach an additional 1300. Weird.

It’s a glitch of some kind. I hope that the glitch was that it was shown to more people than it was supposed to, as opposed to reporting a false number. No way to tell. :slight_smile:

Last Wizard Update: Life has had a lot of unexpected interruptions. Cars breaking, kid stuff, grandparent stuff, work stuff, and all the rest. That deadline is looming larger and larger. I WILL get it done. I just hope that I don’t short-change my beta testing window.

I’ve written a few Ends, so I’m getting closer. I have three major ends to go, then I can go back and do a big proofread. With luck, beta for mid-November? Dec and Jan beta? So I might still be okay, if things slow down a bit around the house so I can finish this thing. :slight_smile:


Hopefully you’ll be able to squeeze out the time in little chunks here and there. Still several more months to go.


I’m soo looking forward to your game! :smile:

BTW will it be public or private ?


Closed beta in waves. :slight_smile:

So, I’ll invite about 10 people to beta test, requesting people who have time to do it that very day, if possible. I’ll take feedback and make edits.

Then I’ll invite another 10 people and do it again, keeping the previous wave.

I’ll keep inviting new waves as my feedback dries up. This method allows me to have fresh eyes on new content as I go.

Eventually, I’ll have invited everyone who is interested, so it will become an Open Beta (kind of, because I won’t post a public link, but everyone will be invited.)

I’ve used this method many times and I think it gives me the best beta testing. :slight_smile: Hopefully I’ll have lots of people willing to help me out through December and January.

At the end of January, I’ll bundle it up and submit it to the contest. :slight_smile:


If you need another beta tester, pls send a PM my way. I have been enjoying your work and would be honored to help out.



Big news, everyone, I’ve finished the rough draft to the Last Wizard!

To celebrate, I am starting a mailing list and giving everyone who joins a link to a short FREE GAME. Email me at: lucid519@gmail.com and say “Add me!” in the subject line.

I promise that I won’t spam you and that I’ll keep your address confidential. I’ll only use the mailing list to tell you when my new games release and to give you free stuff.

Now that I’ve finished the rough draft, I need to proofread it and then beta test it. Post production is going to be a long process, so it likely won’t release until the spring, but it’s coming!

The Last Wizard:

It’s a regular Tuesday evening when you are pulled from Earth and sent to a place where magic still exists. You are given a wizard’s tower filled with arcane knowledge that you are expected to learn. You find yourself in the middle of a war between two nations and it’s up to you to save the kingdom where you now live.

In my newest 165,000-word interactive-fiction story the Last Wizard, you will get to choose which powerful spells you will learn and make friends with a variety of people. Your choices will influence who rules the land and what happens to the civilians living there.

Will you find love or will you strive to return to the life you were forced to leave behind? Will you save the kingdom, or will you betray the people for your own personal gain? The choice is yours in the Last Wizard!


No pressure. Definitely no pressure.


this sound like ones of those mangas where the mc is summoned to another world and he becomes OP…I like it.


It could be worse. It could’ve been a Monday.


Ohh now I love LW even more now, love how you went with the Stranger In The Stranger World approach!


To be honest, I’m not really a big fan of the “sent from the real world into a fantasy one” setting. It just doesn’t sit well with me, is all.

But, I won’t jump to conclusions. I’m sure Lucid’s talents will blow me away once more.