Local CoG meetup LOUISVILLE KY Oct 6-8, 2017


Still a little ways off but, wanted to give time for people to plan for this. Want to break last years record for how many of us in one spot. I will be there all three days. :smile:

Upcoming Games by Lucid

Why couldn’t this be a thing while I was still in St. Matts? Looks like fun though.


@MizArtist33 do you have a link for the event?


@Lordirish, man I have been looking forward to this all year! Only 10 weeks or so away now; that doesn’t seem so long.

And I decided there’s no need for me to buy a table. I think last year 99% of people there were fellow writers, not readers. I know they call it the Imaginaruim Convention, but really it’s a writing conference and that’s 100% cool with me. I plan on attending the workshops/panels pretty much every hour of every day to soak up as much knowledge as possible. I think the tickets are a steal!

Anyway, it would be awesome to meet other HG/CoG folks if anyone is fairly close to the Ville. If the classes are anything like last year’s, you WILL leave with your brain bursting to the seams with new writing tips and tools.

Tickets for the ENTIRE weekend are $65. And you’ll be able to hit probably 12 to 15 classes, maybe more.

Here’s the link! I’ll ninja @MizArtist33 Karate chop!


Lol I know my wife is alreay sick of me talking about going as I bring it up every month to remind her I am going. I hope we get a good group of us there this year.


It’s in a nicer area this year, although I’m not sure about how nice (or not) the actual hotel is.

But it’s only 20 minutes tops from my house. I just have to cruise up Hurstbourne and I’m there. I’ll be available for beers slash dinner slash beers with dinner if you, Beth, Tony, or any other attendees are interested.


It takes me two hours to get down there from the house but have told EVERYONE I have plans and taking the time off work as well. Starting to get back to writing Ghost in the Library but probably won’t have it done by then. Look forward to the beer/dinner/beer :wink: and hopefully a large crowd of us.


That’s the hotel near the Carmax and Walmart off Hurstborne? Never stayed there but my wife and I went there for a bridal expo a few years back. Nothing fancy, imo but it is probably one of the nicer hotels not in the downtown area. Definitely a good part of Louisville to be in.


Oh, hell yeah. Had been debating about getting a table again and we’re still on the fence, but I’d be down for just attending and hanging out, too! Keep me posted! :smiley:


Well now that I’ve said that…

I checked out the website again. Vendor tables are $95 and can be shared as we did last year. Additional vendor badges are then just $35 each. So for 3 people sharing a table, it seems it would be $165, split 3 ways = $55 each.

Whereas if everyone just buys a “regular” weekend pass, they are $65 each.

So we could save $10 a person going the table route? Seems odd they would do that, but that’s what it says. Still not sure if it’s worth the hassle of setup considering the small attendance last year.


I’m in just let me know when you want to pay for it. I really do not need table space just a chair :smile:


where is it this year? sorry if its been said I am not very observant today.


…it’s literally in the title of the thread.


Hmm, same table price as last year. But yeah, if we’re splitting it between even more people, then still cheaper than what we paid before. Been talking about it with Tony and I’m really not sure how much setting up a physical table ended up being worth it…actually, the most successful con as far as getting the word out, being able to talk about the game/story, having people download the app, and buy buttons was was a video game con in Lexington. So, I’m still kinda torn, but I’m open to ideas if there’s enough people to get a decentish discount.


How long has this con been active? I mean, I lived in the Ville for years and this is the first I have heard of it. Are they even advertising around town?


IIRC, last year was the third year they had held it? @Eric_Moser might be able to confirm that for me, since I think he knows a few of the organizers better than I do. But it is still relatively new and honestly they could do better to advertise, but I think they get better each year. They have a FB page and an event website if you’re interested in learning more.


If nothing else it would be nice to have a table for us to hangout at and chat and what not. :smile:


Just checking in to see if we are getting a table or if I should get the three day pass. :smile:


I’ll text you.

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Any chance of one of these happening in Dallas, TX or Oklahoma City, Oklahoma?