Upcoming Games by Lucid


The vast majority of the game takes place in the new world. If you want to ignore your old life and never return, that’s you’re choice. :slight_smile:


Finally, I have a chance to face off against the timeline of Daria!


I don’t think I’ve ever heard of an isekai CYOA before, sounds like an interesting concept just as long as the main party consists of a useless water goddess, a masochistic knight and a cute girl obsesed with explosions.


I did a full spellcheck and corrected my perspective on all the choices. Wow, not a small task. :slight_smile:

Next step: gotta proofread the whole thing. Good times!

My goal was to be sitting here for Sept 1. Oops, two months late, but I can still do this. One month of proofreading and alpha testing, two months of beta, then submission? Sure!!

I’m also getting my mailing list up and running. I only plan to send for freebies and release dates, so sign up by sending “add me” to Lucid519@gmail.com

On a side note, I had to reclaim that address from my kids, which meant deleting 3000 YouTube messages from all of the crazy videos they subscribed to. :slight_smile:


Have that same problem, Just wait until they comment on popular videos and then the spam bots swarm


so how would you do it? the sending the MC to “whatever the land name is”, will you use the summoning circle plot or Japan’s favorite: Truck-Sama/Truck-Kun?

Truck-Kun: no1 serial killer in Japanese popculture

truck kun


Did i miss something? I thought Last Wizard wouldn’t be part of Daria setting.


It’s a part of the plot. :slight_smile:

No, it doesn’t take place in Daria… although it’s not too far away. :slight_smile:


I just reached the 51% mark during the big proofread. Tomorrow is 50% through the month. I’m ahead of schedule! Well, for 1 day, then I’ll be behind again. :slight_smile:

Beta for early December for Last Wizard is looking good!


This sounds awesome. Putting it on my buy list for sure.


So, I missed my self-made deadline of finishing the proofread for December 1st, but not by much. I’m at 95% with just the last scene to edit. I’ll want to run through it a few times but then beta will begin. Can’t work on it this weekend, but perhaps I can squeeze in some hours over the next week.

Getting closer!


I did it! The proofreading was finished yesterday. I need to Alpha test a little now. I have to at least catch some of the bigger errors before Beta.

Fixed the Dashing Don problem and set up the platform for Beta testing too. Off to my Christmas party. Maybe get a little time to test tomorrow. Getting closer!


Is it too late to sign up for the beta?


Too early. :slight_smile: It will likely start within a week.


I can already see my upcoming battle with the timeline is approaching!


Here we go! It begins!


The Beta Test is over! I’m very happy that I got 98 testers to help me. So, if I don’t win the contest, I’ll blame them. :slight_smile:

Just kidding. Either way, I’m very happy with the game and very happy with their help! I’m free!! I have no dead lines and I can work on whatever I like once more. :smiley:


Are you addicted to coffe?


Yes, I feel good about shelving Hero of Daria: The RPG

It was a experiment, but I also question using Choicescript as the medium for an open-world sandbox game. :slight_smile: I learned a lot though. It gave me the balance I craved after writing Last Wizard, which was very story-based. I look forward to hearing the contest results and for it to release. :slight_smile:

I’m not exactly sure which project I’ll pick up again, but I know it will have to be something. I can’t not write. :slight_smile: I did this very thing back with Lost Heir. I wrote the first third of Lost Heir and I wasn’t entirely happy with where it was going, so I stopped. I went and wrote Life of a Mobster instead. I then got interested in it once more and returned to it, so who knows, Hero of Daria may yet live.

I also wrote a game called Rise of the Runemaster. I wrote it immediately after Life of a Wizard as my entry into @Lordirish’s contest. It was also an RPG and a dungeon crawl. I had it pretty much done, but then I changed directions and wrote Paradox Factor instead. I think I’ll continue to return to the idea of a Rogue-like game or RPG (it’s in my blood!), but if I get that itch again, I’ll return to Hero of Daria before starting anything new. It has the bones I was looking for.

For now, life if very busy. I’ll enjoy a short break until the thoughts wake me from my sleep once more and I’m forced to create again. :slight_smile:


Shame about Heroes of Daria i thought it was a really nice game/idea. a text RPG kinda like old schools from the 80s was really fun i liked travelling around an exploring new areas admittedly its ambitious but it could also continue to be added on to. and without graphics to worry about it gives it so much more detail.