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Still the most confusing and frustrating moment in my gaming life.


Did Rise of the Runemaster ever come out? I might enjoy playing it. And Hero of Daria goes down just as I’m about to start beta testing in earnest. :frowning:


Interesting conclusion, as my own first WIP (open world, RPG style) is also in the zombie realm (will it ever be finished,? Is choicescrip the best medium for it?). Anyway I really enjoyed the last Wizard, and looking forward to what you come up with next…


Lucid I have a request
If it doesn’t take up too much time can you please update what you had written by the time you decided to cancel the game? If you don’t want to or you didn’t write anything than im sorry I made this request

Also I was a big fan of the game but I understand if it just doesn’t seem to be what you want to do, thanks for giving us the demo in the first place


No, I never shared it. Heroes was much better. :slight_smile:

There wasn’t that much more. I just fixed the last few errors was all. The game isn’t dead, just on hiatus. :slight_smile:


Hope the hiatus ends soon then. And if it’s still up on Dashingdon, I may get the time to access it soon too. :slight_smile:


screams high enough to break glass
I thought you completely scraped the idea! This has made my day! Thanks!


So question, does the mc of the lost heir have unlimited mana/a crapload of mana? Seeing how we have it in rpg and all the other wizards (besides the head wizard of the academy) keep talking about it


For every Level Up in the wizard class you‘ll get 20 Mana.


Yeah but I’m asking what does the pc of the lost heir have


Oh sorry, I misread that😅.


It never states that mainly since one the lost heir had the choice of multiclassing. While the Wizard from LoW was purely a wizard, who explored the other schools of magic.


What about the multi classing? I’m asking how the pc has infinite mana not anything about classes or LoW

Also is it even submitted yet? I can’t find it anywhere and everyone keeps talking about it


Meaning the limits of the lost heir power is undefined. While you could scope out the power of the Wizard from LoW who was capable of greater feats than the Lost Heir.


Oh, well that is true but I just wanted a explanation as to why

Seriously though how did you play LoW?


Reason why I brought up multiclassing was for the reason being that the lost heir could have been a knight or assassin. Only we the readers true know what our character was; however, what is set in stone is that the lost heir was half-demon and manage to navigate through the demon realm. Which in itself is a capable feat for anyone. As for LoW I actually did a cheat-through just to see how powerful the Wizard could be and it was frightening how powerful they were.


Ah! Now I get it. Definitions mean nothing in the face of over impressive feats

Ha funny
Oh my god I just realised you meant life of a wizard I’m a idiot, I thought you were doing some weird abbreviation of last wizard


No I usually use LoW for Life of a Wizard, and LW I use for Last Wizard. I haven’t done a cheat-through of the LW but it would be interesting if the PC from LW met the Lost Heir.


I beta tested Last Wizard. Avoiding spoilers, I will say there are both spell casting limits and epic feel in that game. Life of a Wizard is still Lucid’s most powerful Wizard game thus far.


Yup, The Wizard is the most powerful wizard, the lost heir is basically a jack of all trades, the Last Wizard is specialist in the field of study they choose. Then finally the mobster is the best Crime Lord.