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Something exciting is happening!!! :slight_smile:

But, before that, I need some help. I would like to make a nice map of Daria, but I’ve been writing Daria for like 6 years and I’m worried that I don’t remember all of the details or that I’ve mixed stuff up in my mind.

So, here is the map I have: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TNW6CacG0ne4H3Qtdavcp3bX9k2tVTZQ/view?usp=sharing

Additional Details:

  • Tornassa is the biggest city.
  • Brightwater is the second biggest and has many beautiful arching bridges over the river.
  • Ludd is the third biggest, but it’s built on the plains.
  • Vernex is the size of Ludd, but it’s partly on an island and partly on the shore.
  • The Academy of Wizards is on an island. It has some enormous towers and one central tower that is bigger than the rest.
  • There are many little villages/towns scattered across Daria, a few are named: Elmvale, Dobbton, Opal Cove, Clearwater.
  • The people of Duroth know the names ‘Burrk’ and ‘Duroth’ as the northern and southern mountain regions that are unreachable due to the impassable Blasted Lands (the orcs live along the fringes of these wild lands.)
  • The Falcon River flows between Dobbton and Opal Cove. (Many of the other rivers shown are suggestions and not fixed in the story.)

Some Ideas: https://mythcreants.com/blog/crafting-plausible-maps/

Can anyone think of any details that should be added from Life of a Wizard or the Lost Heir Trilogy? Do any of the details mentioned above contradict what was written in the stories?


What about that village where the Abyss was (perhaps a new gateway has opened?). It’s name was Scone, I think. Don’t forget about the Jilal Empire to the south, the mariner nation to the East ( Lastlonia perhaps?), and the Elven forest of Oneuduin. Norgan & Grey Mountains are also important. Probably most of these are already on the map.


Ok I looked at the map. One large problem- if it’s correct, General Vale had bad geography (very possible), and the Lost Heir’s Army took a very indirect route in LH2. They went north along the coast to Opal Cove, crossed the Falcon River, visited Dobbton, went backwards to the swamp, then south to Ludd. Then north to Elmvale & Tornassa afterwards. So either the map needs fixing for at least the swamp or it’s moved in 100 years.


I think I had all of these, don’t I? Did I miss any of them?

Ahh, this is the kind of thing I was worried about. :slight_smile: So, I swapped my Swamp and Dobbton, yes?

I knew you’d know your stuff. :slight_smile: But is that what you see so far? Dobbton and the Swamp got switched?


yeah, you got all the villages, my bad.

Are the Mermaids and Som’Reth Capital still out there, I wonder?

Yeah, the swamp was the only mistake I saw. Don’t forget Gnomes need to be somewhere too (maybe a Goblin village also?).


Gnomes are hidden and don’t have a land of their own. Mer-people are under the sea. I’ve added some goblin tribeland, but it’s not stationary enough to make the map.

MAP UPDATED! How does that look?

  • See previous post for link, and remember to refresh! -


Looks good. But where was the Lair of Parnassus? I figured it’d be a landmark. Or perhaps lost to the mystery of time.


Yes, like the Eye of Heaven, some of these things aren’t on the common person’s map. :slight_smile:


I know this isn’t quite what you were asking, but geographically speaking, I’ve found this article by Mythcreants and some of the related resources to be very helpful in keeping maps plausible and logical. (One could say it helps avoid the ‘uncanny valley’ effect… (:O )


I like that article @Fiogan . I’ve read others like it and I agree. My map is very rough, but I’ve stolen your link, if that’s okay, so I can share that idea. I’ve also made a few smaller changes. My main goal is to make sure that my geography is correct and that I haven’t missed anything.

The finishing touches and the pretty stuff is still to come. :slight_smile:


When you start working on the Hero of Daria again, can you add an option to quit jobs?


Sure, no problem. :slight_smile: Although it might be more of a “work what shifts you want”, so you can do many jobs at once, but we’ll see.


I have a question about The Last Wizard and this whole contest thing.
Does the contest mean that only the top 3 games get released or every game will still get released and the top 3 will just get extra rewards?


I can tell you that yes, the Last Wizard will be released either way. :slight_smile: I imagine that all of the contest entries will release, since the work is done.

And yes, I hope that the Last Wizard wins a prize too.

On top of that, there’s a chance that the Last Wizard could be released as a labeled CoG game (technically this is possible whether it wins a prize or not). But if it doesn’t become a labeled CoG game, it will be released as a Hosted Game (whether it wins a prize or not).

But still, cross your fingers! I’d love the prestige of being a prize winner. :slight_smile:


What are the benefits of being a CoG game instead of a HG one?


CoG games get their cover art done for them and a copy editor hired to look over their work.

More importantly, they get the benefit of more advertising and they’re linked to the other CoG games when searched. This means more exposure, more sales, and more visibility. This is what I’d like to have. :slight_smile:


Why do some CoG authors (like the author of Zombie Exodus) still post games in the HG brand instead of CoG then?
Also how do you become a CoG author?


I think HG has less stringent regulations and they usually release faster than ones that go through CoG proper.


I would assume that you have more freedom in HG. And to become a CoG author, I think you need to have some titles under HG.


You can pitch an idea to CoG ahead of time and then work with them to completion (if they like and accept your idea.)

I gave a small pitch for Lost Heir to become a CoG game, but we didn’t see eye-to-eye on exactly what they wanted. They have a very specific esthetic that they want for their games and my idea was too different. In the end, I didn’t want to change my style, so I published the trilogy over on Hosted. I suppose that it was “artistic differences.”

I imagine @JimD felt the same. He likely wanted to make his own game in his own way, so he stuck with Hosted too.

Some people write in both categories for this reason. I made many changes to my style for Last Wizard, so we’ll see if it’s close enough to CoG’s esthetics to win. Either way, I think it’s a really good game, so I think it will be enjoyed when it releases.