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Life of a Space Force Captain by Mike Walter

Released: May 5th, 2022

It’s hard to believe, but this will be my 8th release.


Have you ever wanted to be the captain of a faster-than-light starship? You will live a full life starting as a young child of the future.

Play as human, various species of alien, or even a robot. With the help of your friends and your loyal, upgradable robo-pet, you will go to school to learn skills of your own choosing before taking a position as a lowly cadet.

You’ll choose which department to join and rise within as the Solar System trembles in fear when a powerful foe threatens its very existence.

Will you master the psionic arts or use technology to enhance yourself with cybernetics? Will you follow the rules or will you do whatever is necessary? The choice is yours in Life of a Space Force Captain!

  • A new look at the Lucidverse. After the Lost Heir, Life of a Wizard, and the Last Wizard, there was New Daria (home of Life of a Mobster and Paradox Factor.) This story takes place a few hundred years after that.
  • 6 Friends with full back stories, character arcs, and possible romances, if you wish.
  • Cybernetic Implants vs Psionic Skills
  • An upgradeable faithful robo-pet companion.
  • 5 distinct departments to join (Engineering, Medical, Science, Navigation, and Security)
  • 7 Traits: Strength, Agility, Endurance, Perception, Willpower, Charm, and Intelligence.
  • 9 Skills: Combat, Computers, Ranged Weapons, Leadership, Mechanics, Medicine, Pilot, Science, Streetwise
  • 6 Fully Playable Species: Aurellian (beautiful bio-luminescent alien), Linnera (giant cockroach with hive mind), Orrok (strong four-armed alien), Reticulan (traditional bald, grey-skinned, black-eyed alien), Solarian (human), Synthetic Humanoid (robot)
  • 21 exciting and unique endings.

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Puts on my fanboy outfit How dare you make a post asking about our favorite sci-fi universes without mentioning The Expanse?? Shame on you!! Nah kidding, but seriously everyone go watch that show, it’s the best sci-fi on TV by far (in my opinion). It’s a really good mix of politics, hard and soft sci-fi, world building, etc. Anyway, I’m a sucker for sci-fi games so I’ll buy this game for sure!


I didn’t even include Firefly! Wow, what’s wrong with me? :slight_smile:

It’s on Prime. I’ll have to check it out. Amazon has a lot of good shows. I have to finish Season 2 of Altered Carbon first. That could have made the list too!


This is exactly what I thought…wondering about why Firefly wasn’t on the list not about what’s wrong with you :rofl:
Omg! I didn’t knew you’re the author of The Lost Heir!!! I’m in love with that game/story! It’s my favorite and the one that brought me here. :grin:


I cant wait I love your games man. Keep up the good work


If anyone can make a sci-fi HG actually sell, I’d say it’s Lucid. Good luck, mate.


My answer was Babylon 5. I love me some grand, sweeping, mythic space opera, even if it’d probably be a bitch-kitty to match in a COG.


Very excited! Been looking forward to this game for a long time. Mentioning Doctor Who, Star Trek and Star Wars as inspiration AND letting you play as an alien or android/robot is awesome.

…Danger, Will Robinson.


The character that has his origins in Baltimore is one of my favorite supporting characters. Lots of good in that series, little to criticize outright.

Regardless – focusing on your project; very happy to see such progress.


I second that, the Expanse is just brilliant sci-fi!


I dont like scifi much. But i am hyped about its release. Cause finally: another game from lucid.:blush::blush:

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Do one of those 6 races include human, probably in the minority but I like playing as a human in games.

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Absolutely! In fact, I have a line at that choice that recommends humans for uncertain players.

Playing as human is a nice way to start the game. It lets you jump right in and enjoy instead of having to read stats about aliens right away.

Lots of people will want to learn about the future Lucidverse first, and then play a second time, once you know what the choices really mean.


Back in the days when it was free @AllenGies seemed to have a pretty good one going too and I didn’t get the impression that Mecha Ace was a failure either, or am I wrong there @Cataphrak ? :worried:


Mecha Ace was back in the days when opting for a large advance meant forgoing royalties entirely (I’m not bitter - that advance paid off my student loans), so I don’t have the exact sales figures, but from what I’ve heard, it was definitely a huge success.

Mecha Ace also wasn’t a HG.


@idonotlikeusernames - Apex Patrol has been a reliable earner for me. It wasn’t particularly complex or detailed either. And given that Lucid will be weaving an interesting story, it should be rewarding as well.


I’m not saying that doing a sci-fi title is a guaranteed fail on having commercial appeal. It’s just, you know, exceedingly likely. But we’ve gone over all that before in other threads. And Lucid has enough of a following that even though this would not likely overtake Lost Heir, it could still be a solid performer.


I find it silly that sci-fi shouldn’t be popular if it’s well done. Some people at least like it (and historical fiction) when other games drown them with high fantasy and supernatural romance all the time to have something different for once… :wink:


Lucid’s lost heir series got me into the whole cog thing.So,definitely looking forward to this!


Exactly mate! I was anticipating a lot from the second season and Amazon delivered it very rightfully by the continuation of the amazing story

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