December's Writer Support Thread

I don’t know much about how these threads are supposed to work, so I apologise beforehand in case I break any unspoken rules.

I’m feeling both happy and awful right now. I have this story idea I’ve been bouncing around for the past year or so, but I always seem to go either “write wrITE WRITE ALL THE WORDS NOW” or “okay i need to keep writing but maaaaaan”, with absolutely no middle ground at all. On Thursday, I took my PC with me to the hospital to do some work on my WIP, and I cranked out nearly 10 thousand words while waiting for my turn to come.

Meanwhile, on Friday, when I was stuck at home doing absolutely nothing, I pulled off less than 2k.

Now, on Saturday? Zilch. Nada. Couldn’t even get myself to open CSIDE.

And I completely despise that. I like my story, I like writing my characters, and writing about the world I created, but I hate that, despite knowing exactly what I want to write and how to write it, I am unable to do it unless God cracks open my motivation fountain.

Now, with that bit self-loathing spiel done, uh, here are my goals for the month:

  • Finish Chapter 1.
  • Finish the three remaining character profiles.
  • Try and pull off at least another 6k words before Christmas.

Stretch goals (am I doing this right?):

  • See if I can find out how to flip on the “10k words a day” switch at will.
  • Make a WIP thread (if I manage to reach my 40k word milestone first, anyway).
  • Find a good anime-ish but not too animeish style artist to do one piece of cover art.

I just finished the climax of chapter 3 of my story, although now I need to write how everyone gets to the climax… Okay… now i’m adding more to my climax, got to make the main antagonist of my work feel like a threat, I mean he is literally named Extinction! with a name like that, you got to be able to prove your power.
I haven’t done any work on the later half of chapter two, although I need to do that. Now though I really want to start chapter four.
Has for the word count I’m at 3365 words… well now it’s higher number. I’ve been writing all day, today, so… I’m not going to stop now!


Hi everybody! :slight_smile:

After tough shifts in covid assistance department, I finally found some time to write. And I managed to finish chapter 6, where you compete in the Boisterous Bucatini Brothers Circus.

Writing gives me the strength to support people facing covid issues.

Merry Christmas everyone! And never stop writing! :star_struck:


Didn’t do much writing as i’m taking cooking/culinary classes for the next 2-3 months. :slightly_frowning_face: No regrets on taking the class but it does suck that i have less time for writing. Maybe during the Christmas and New Year breaks, i may get to write something even if it’s not for my novella. Maybe a poem or a random scene will be good enough for me.


At the start of the year, I made two resolutions: to write at least 100 words every day, and to actually post a WIP here.

The first has gone very nicely, and I’ve written over 200,000 words total. I’ve gradually bumped the targets up too, to 500 words on a work day and 1,000 on days off.

As for the second resolution, well…there’s still a few days to achieve that! Half the problem is choosing which story to post, since I currently have one sitting at 120k, one at 140k, and another at 160k (I have to switch between every so often, to keep burnout at bay). I wouldn’t feel too bad about delaying this, though - it’d be worse to rush something out before it was ready. Maybe next year!


Still trying to stick to my goal of writing two sentences per day. I admire those who set their daily writing goals as writing X amount per day. I can’t do it because I start to self sabotage myself if I use that goal marker, especially if I don’t reach the 100 words.

Honestly, I spent more time debugging and figuring out the framework to make this scene work than I did actual writing. I don’t know if I’m satisfied with my efforts or telling myself that to hide the fact that I haven’t written a lot of words for the narrative.

I think it’s both. Personally, I don’t want to write all this cool narrative for the story and have it be bug infested to the point where bug reports are cropping up every five minutes when I publish the demo. I have done other types of writing, mainly job applications and the like, which I am satisfied with.

Along the way of debugging and such, I realized that the beginning of my story may not be as rushed as I feared it was. Specifically, I was afraid that it’d be too soon after the action packed and tension filled Prologue to have the next chapter also have a tension filled section.

Competed Goals, both planned or otherwise:

  • Wrote two sentences per day
  • Gave my story’s lore a much needed polish
  • Stored it all in one document
  • Completed the code framework for the rotating string values that will cycle in the hub section
  • Cleaned up the companion.txt file using multi-replace
  • Settled on a name for the city that I’m happy with and most definitely not going to change again /s
  • Made a title card (out of many failed attempts), used the *image command, and am happy with it
  • Figured out why the option to toggle between numbers and dots wasn’t registering for the Prologue Protagonists
  • Learned the basics for playing darts and pool
  • Was hit by 11pm inspiration time and wrote the gender choice that doesn’t involve a mirror, filling out paperwork, or is immersion breaking
  • Created a lot more permanent variables (yay…)
  • Binged a ton of crime shows for research purposes
  • Researched state and federal laws, forensic terminology, firearms, body armor, and folklore/mythology

Future Goals for January:

  • Buy an yet another external USB, albeit one that’s compatible to Thunderbolt 3, to save my files
  • Write two sentences per day
  • Continue chipping away at the Prologue
  • Start reading the book I ‘borrowed’ from my dad about gangsters/the mob/mafia/etc. in the Midwest
  • Start reading The Last Wish

Merry Christmas holidays to everyone! :star_struck:

I don’t think I’ll be able to write a lot today. I’ll spend the day with my kids, telling them stories, and teaching them how to write and draw.

Who knows, maybe one day THEY will finish my story.


Finished up a little friendship/romance scene with Dominique for Royal Affairs today! The way I’m doing these is complicated - they can occur at different points in the game and will have slightly different content depending on what’s going on, which leads to greater complexity but hopefully will be extra satisfying and feel natural!


I SEE THE LIGHT at the end of the tunnel! :fireworks:

Today I finished chapter 7, where MOST of the RO happen! There are a LOT of unusual options: for example you could date a gorilla, a zombie, a venerable lady or a dandy.

Everybody, thank you so much for supporting my chitchats and for telling me not to give up in my darkest hours!

I CAN SEE THE LIGHT at the end of the tunnel! :fireworks:

Everyone, stay safe and never stop writing! If there’s something I can do for you, just drop me a line! Talking and chatting helps!


December was a success for me. I thought I’d be done earlier, but it took me until the very last day. But, I did it. I finished the rough draft of Life of a Starship Captain!

Happy New Years, everyone. I’ll see you in the January thread. :slight_smile:


omg i forgot about this thread! anyways…

My Progress

  • I’ve written about 24k words this month, so this is a success.
  • I have one left that’s literally due in a few days.
  • Did that :slight_smile:
  • Not going to be possible, dropping the class for next semester (this is a joke, I’m going to suffer through)

2/3 is about the same as my physics grade so I’m sold.


To anyone who thinks to have written too little:

If you wrote even a single sentence in this month, you have already done more than me.
Even a minimal progress is something to be proud


I got next to nothing done this month, but that’s not really that weird, considering my general state of being.

On a more positive note, it feels like my burnout is slowly ebbing away, so hopefully next month will be better.

Happy New Year to all of you, and I hope you and your pets get through this horrendously noisy night, easier than my cat and I will.


This was a pretty bad month for writing. I guess I was a little too stressed out from job hunting and all the uncertainty that goes along with that? Kinda took a holiday since the start of the Christmas period since companies are closed anyway, and am pretty happy with that this far. Still not about writing, though. Only wrote one tiny branch and some fan fiction drabbles this month.


I completed chapter 3 and hope to post the fixes to previous chapters tonight!


I only wrote about 6000 words this month, which is well short of my goal, and I certainly didn’t get to it every day either, but considering the kind of month it turned out to be I’m going to cut myself some slack on that, heh.

Happy new year, everyone, and here’s to accomplishing our writing goals in 2021. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone. I’ll be starting the January thread later today.

December was yet another month of sideways progress – it is better to move on from here.


Happy 2021 everyone!

Don’t forget to write on the 1st of January, cause “He who writes the first day of the year will then write every single following day!”.

Love to all of you!


Happy New Years everyone. I woke up with a hangover but got a good chunk of writing done. All the best to everyone in the New Year.


This month I didn’t keep track of word count, which honestly was really relaxing. I worked some on the new chapter, but progress was veeery slow.

It wasn’t a very good writing month, but I’m determined to make January much better!

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