December's Writer Support Thread

Finished up a little friendship/romance scene with Dominique for Royal Affairs today! The way I’m doing these is complicated - they can occur at different points in the game and will have slightly different content depending on what’s going on, which leads to greater complexity but hopefully will be extra satisfying and feel natural!


I SEE THE LIGHT at the end of the tunnel! :fireworks:

Today I finished chapter 7, where MOST of the RO happen! There are a LOT of unusual options: for example you could date a gorilla, a zombie, a venerable lady or a dandy.

Everybody, thank you so much for supporting my chitchats and for telling me not to give up in my darkest hours!

I CAN SEE THE LIGHT at the end of the tunnel! :fireworks:

Everyone, stay safe and never stop writing! If there’s something I can do for you, just drop me a line! Talking and chatting helps!


December was a success for me. I thought I’d be done earlier, but it took me until the very last day. But, I did it. I finished the rough draft of Life of a Starship Captain!

Happy New Years, everyone. I’ll see you in the January thread. :slight_smile:


omg i forgot about this thread! anyways…

My Progress

  • I’ve written about 24k words this month, so this is a success.
  • I have one left that’s literally due in a few days.
  • Did that :slight_smile:
  • Not going to be possible, dropping the class for next semester (this is a joke, I’m going to suffer through)

2/3 is about the same as my physics grade so I’m sold.


To anyone who thinks to have written too little:

If you wrote even a single sentence in this month, you have already done more than me.
Even a minimal progress is something to be proud


I got next to nothing done this month, but that’s not really that weird, considering my general state of being.

On a more positive note, it feels like my burnout is slowly ebbing away, so hopefully next month will be better.

Happy New Year to all of you, and I hope you and your pets get through this horrendously noisy night, easier than my cat and I will.


This was a pretty bad month for writing. I guess I was a little too stressed out from job hunting and all the uncertainty that goes along with that? Kinda took a holiday since the start of the Christmas period since companies are closed anyway, and am pretty happy with that this far. Still not about writing, though. Only wrote one tiny branch and some fan fiction drabbles this month.


I completed chapter 3 and hope to post the fixes to previous chapters tonight!


I only wrote about 6000 words this month, which is well short of my goal, and I certainly didn’t get to it every day either, but considering the kind of month it turned out to be I’m going to cut myself some slack on that, heh.

Happy new year, everyone, and here’s to accomplishing our writing goals in 2021. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone. I’ll be starting the January thread later today.

December was yet another month of sideways progress – it is better to move on from here.


Happy 2021 everyone!

Don’t forget to write on the 1st of January, cause “He who writes the first day of the year will then write every single following day!”.

Love to all of you!


Happy New Years everyone. I woke up with a hangover but got a good chunk of writing done. All the best to everyone in the New Year.


This month I didn’t keep track of word count, which honestly was really relaxing. I worked some on the new chapter, but progress was veeery slow.

It wasn’t a very good writing month, but I’m determined to make January much better!


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