December's Writer Support Thread

Welcome all to the support thread for December.



November’s goal was only half completed for me; I had a back-end of the month in which I only wrote 2,500 words.

Hoping to achieve my goal for December, I shall set it to be: Finishing of the transition between Chapter One and Two.

My stretch goal is to write chapter two for this project.

If it seems that November was a tough month for you, I share that same feeling. I am going to be a bit quieter this upcoming month, because I do not see it getting any easier.

Thank you, everyone that continues to participate in these threads – it helps others when you do participate, sometimes more than you think.

I’d also like to suggest new writers visit @poison_mara’s Workshop Thread.

Once again, I hope the first day of the month is treating everyone well.

:books: :fountain_pen: :pencil2:


Going to set a hopefully more reasonable goal for this month. Write something, even if only a few words, every single day. Hope that’ll get me in the writing mindset again.


I’m going to be honest: this month doesn’t seem it will be better than November to me.
If I will be able to just finish the character sheets I started, even just partially, I’ll consider it a success


I’ve only been posting very intermittently on these writer’s support threads, but I do look in on them and I’m very inspired by everyone’s progress. I had an exciting late November! I got my demo finished and a WIP thread opened, plus I got the final copy edits and content review for my upcoming HG! I plan to spend the first bit of December working through the edits and comments, and then jump straight back into Chapter 3 of the sequel.


My goal for December is to write another chapter for my WIP. It might seem corny, but because my story is a werewolf story, I really would like to be able to update it next full moon.


I still have my goal of trying to write two sentences per day.

It helps that I’m very enthusiastic about my story at the moment but I know that’ll probably slow down when I hit a road block. For now, I’m not worrying about that and just writing down interesting ideas for a later date.


I hope you don’t mind @The_Black_Reaper, but I’m gonna borrow your goal. Writing two sentences per day sounds doable, and I desperately need something concrete but doable right now.


My goal for December is simply to get more done than in November.

A very low bar, so hopefully it doable.


I finished my goal for November this morning! :slight_smile: I missed it by one day, but I finished editing the last 2 chapters.

Actually, I did more than I had hoped. I also completed the last endings today. I would have been happy with just the editing, but wrapping up those last 3 endings feels even better. :slight_smile:

I’m still hesitant to say that I’m finished the first draft since I have a half dozen things still on my To Do List.

December should be very good for me, although on a sad note, we officially postponed Christmas due to Covid. :frowning: My parents are in their 70s and my brother’s city just got bumped up to Red Zone (one step before a full lockdown). We moved into Yellow last week. Ontario is very colourful.

December has Christmas Break, which gives me time. It also has 2 more soft weeks of work (and 1 busy week.) So, potentially a good amount of time to write.

Now I need a goal! I think I should be able to get those last things finished and officially have the rough draft complete. In addition, I should be well into my Alpha testing. That will be a great goal.

After Alpha is done, I’ll be opening up my Beta Test. So close now! It’s looking like I’ll start that in January. :slight_smile:


Wait it’s December? November literally felt like a week. Geez.

Anyway, my goal is to finish the fourth chapter of my WIP. I’m maybe 80% of the way done. I really, really wanted to get it out in November in order to continue my trend of monthly updates, but I was really unproductive.

Oh well. Here’s to a better month, and in January, hopefully a better year.


Goals for December:


  • 30,000 words
  • Finish my map
  • Get my discord out to more people
  • Finish college applications


  • Possibly find a cover artist

In the interest of not completely screwing my sleep schedule, I switched from a 1 AM start time to a 11 PM start time. Both were four hour writing periods though.


Good luck with college! And good luck finding a cover artist!


My goal is simply to write a prologue and write an updated post about my work.

I hope to write to my birthday.


Goals for December

  • 20,000 words
  • Finish college applications
  • Post my demo when chapter one is done
  • Understand physics

Good luck to everyone else!


I couldn’t think of anything new to write for my two daily sentences so I’m settling for going back and cleaning up a couple of documents that held things like lore notes and whatnot.

It’s probably 80% editing/rewriting and 20% writing new material.

I’m just striking out old stuff instead of outright deleting cause I might change my mind later and put it back in. This whole thing is also making sure all my notes/ideas are all in one place so I don’t have to search around like a panicked chicken in the future.

When is everyone’s writing hour? I.e. what time of the day (or night!) do you either get an explosion of inspiration or get an explosion of writing done or both?

I’ve spent probably the last few hours rewriting, editing, and writing in this document in between watching youtube videos of cats, food, and wood turning. I really like what I’ve done since I decided to not copy and paste straight into the document.

Forcing myself to rewrite this stuff (and not into bullet points) has made me analyze what I’d previously written. Stuff that didn’t make sense. It’s also inspired me to think of a couple of new things, probably less than a handful, about the lore and world that I hadn’t thought of before.


November was a rough one, like most people have already mentioned, but I think I’m finally ready to start pushing forward again. Here’s to a good month for us all. :slight_smile:

I work from home and usually finish work somewhere around four or five, so I tend to try and get some writing done between then and dinnertime, while I’m still in productivity mode, and then rest afterwards. But then other times I like to use that time as a break and try and do some writing after dinner. It kind of depends on the day, whether my brain is classifying it as work or recreation.


In November I finally released my first Hosted Game and the reception was that it was too short and linear but well-written. I figure it’s easier to write more than write better, so that should give me motivation to work on my next piece. But… it didn’t! lol. So I guess my goal is to do something reasonable, maybe 5000 total words in December?


This month Goals:

  • Write about more than 10k+ in one chapter
  • Draft all the romantic scene/action scene
  • Make the best jokes ever exist.
  • Do some freaking schoolwork

Hope you all achieve you December goals. :kissing_heart:


I had a difficult but productive November in which I managed to complete NaNoWriMo with the draft of a brand-new (prose) novel. It’s a first draft, so obviously it is very rough and not remotely up to my usual standards, full of little notes saying things like [REPHRASE] and [RESEARCH] and things like that. But, it is done and I’m proud of the accomplishment.

Now I’m taking a well-earned couple of days off, after having written every day for thirty days. Near the end of October I did jot down a few goals for December, so next week I will have a look at those and start putting together my to-do list for the month. I’m excited to get back to my two game WIPs, one of which is very close to being ready for its first public demo.


November was… okayish.

I have two goals for December:

  • 10k words (2k more than last month and therefore probably doable).
  • Something every day.

Just gotta keep on keeping on for now. Hopefully all goes well; my roommate (an essential employee) has just been put into quarantine because a coworker she has close contact with tested positive for COVID after Thanksgiving. I am… really hoping I don’t get it, as my underlying health is not the most solid. We shall see. >_<

I wish everyone all the luck in the upcoming month. May it be as productive and stress-free as it can be.