Hero of Daria: The RPG - Bugs, Errors and Updates (CLOSED)

NOTE: The Beta Testing of this game is currently closed since the game itself has been shelved. Any updates and conversation about this game will show up here first: Upcoming Games by Lucid

This thread is for bugs and errors. If you find any, please post a copy/paste segment of text around the bug so I can find it. Spelling and continuity errors too, please, but keep feedback/suggestions to the other thread.

Keep in mind the version number, which is displayed on the stats screen. If you use the save game plugin, be aware that playing an older game with a newer version will cause additional errors.

It’s best to restart when a new version is uploaded.

I’ll “Like” the post in the error thread once I’ve dealt with it, but you won’t see it in the game until I post a “Game Updated” message, which I will do on every version.

Finally, please keep this thread clear of conversation. Just bugs, please. Conversation can still be had over here: Hero of Daria: The RPG (WIP) - CLOSED

Thanks, everyone!


“You hit the giant rat for 2 physical damage!
Your enemy is poisoned!”

I hit the rat with my bare hands.


When I select the full cup inn, it doesn’t take me anywhere other than selecting where to go.

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I have a regular dagger that somehow poisons people when I hit them.

Additionally, I got this after getting some Night Fennel for Jolina:

“Excellent, let me see what you’ve found,” Jolina says. “I’m sorry, but this isn’t enough. I need at least twice this amount in order to brew the potion.”

She takes the plants and places them in a mortar and crushes them with a pestil. As she does this, she walks around her work station to check on the other ingredients which are brewing too. The potion looks like it is a complex one. While she is grinds the plants into a gooey paste, she reads from a large, open book.
(Lost 2 Night Fennel and Gained 50 Experience)

“I need an emulsifier,” she says as she points to the page with her chin. “I can’t use just anything, it needs those properties. I have to prepare these other ingredients and I don’t have time to make both. Go buy some of Delray’s ‘hair pomade’. He charges too much for it, but we’re short on time.”
(Quest Log Updated)

Time must’ve passed at least once for you to be able to enter the inn.


You should get: It’s closed. You’ll have to come back later.

The time of day is on your stats screen. It’s not open in the morning.



Just got to the place Jaymon described, tried looking around.


She takes the plants and places them in a mortar and crushes them with a pestil.

Typo: pestil → pestle

(I’m not sure if typos count as errors, you might want to clarify in the OP if you want those reported too.)


Cover your face and kill him as your None demands.

I physically cannot leave the evil temple.


When fighting the highwayman during guard duty:

The man is faster and attacks first.

The man hits you for 6 damage! You see that Roland has defeated his opponent too.

Apparently, I defeated my opponent by dying. (I’m playing on easy, in case it makes a difference.)

Also, right after that fight, Roland says “see you tomorrow”, but I get the option to guard again, since it’s still morning. I think a time advance is missing there.

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When trying to sell one of my two short swords:

Let go of it first.

Yes, I’m wielding one of the swords, but that shouldn’t prevent me from selling the second one.


I gave two gold coins too Gregor and still it saids i have 7 gold coins

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Apperantly once you join the Shari order you cant leave the Shari temple.

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In the past, the halflings of Daria have never had there own home. There should be their

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I picture someone charging at an enemy to poke them with a bolt


You defeated its!
You: 249 / 253: 98%

Very weak bandit: -1 / 7: -14%

She was less skilled than you.
You gain no experience for defeating its.

Pronoun trouble for the bandit lady.

The guy bandit seemed to work.


Yes, I’ll take typos too, please. :slight_smile:


Also, I’ve edited the first page on this thread. :slight_smile:

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“Just stay away that witch Jolina,” your father says.
Missing a '“from” after “away”


Typos I’ve encountered (I haven’t progressed far to find any bugs):

Dwarves are study creatures and make excellent fighters

In race description page, sturdy

In the past, the halflings of Daria have never had there own home.

Same as above

The Elmvale graveyard is very large, considing how small of a village Elmvale is.


Some of them carry flowers and leave them behind. Many of them a greeting to you as they pass.

Structure. Instead “are greeting you/greet you”?

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Version 1.1 - Feb 7, 11:30am

  • When getting your longsword from Delray, it now checks to see if you have room to carry it and makes you back out and clear some room by dropping or selling.
  • Added duration details to Ice/Cold/Fire/Arcane shields.
  • Removed the “poisoned” statement that was happening on non-poisoned weapons.
  • Fixed the problem of going to Jolina with only 1 night fennel.
  • Fixed elf pass/fail Perception Check at the vault.
  • Random typos: pestle, halfling their, “that witch”, “sturdy dwarves”, “considering”, “greet you”, and more.
  • Notebook ++ finally go the Spell-check plug-in for the 64-bit version! So I fixed lots of spelling errors. :slight_smile:
  • You can now leave the evil temple.
  • Self-made deities have correct “god and goddess”. Eg. Cover your face and kill him as your None demands. is fixed.
  • If you get killed by a bandit with Roland, it recognizes it.
  • Doing guard duty with Roland. You can no longer do 2 morning duties on the same day.
  • When selling an extra piece of equipment of the same type you are wearing, you can now do so. To handle this cleanly, you can’t multiple drop the extras, but at least you can drop one at a time, but not the one you are using.
  • Giving Gregor a coin removes it from inventory.
  • Light crossbow now ranged.
  • Female enemy’s “her” is fixed.

Not so sure about this, but I think there should be a “the” before town.
“It’s dangerous to leave the town.”

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