Hero of Daria: The RPG - Bugs, Errors and Updates (CLOSED)


I think both variants are correct here. Yours is very specific about leaving the town, rather than any other location.


Perhaps. Whenever I see a the before something though, it sounds more pleasant.


I think it’s good as it is, especially since it’s spoken.

“… to leave the town.” - makes it sound more formal, but not bad. :slight_smile:


Yes, I guess both forms are correct.


Loading a game got me stuck on Show Stats screen. Refreshing doesn’t seem to help


That’s actually not the game’s fault I am pretty sure. It’s common with games which use save slots. So, it might or might not happen. It’s annoying when it does though.


That’s my guess too. I just did an update. Restart your browser and reload your last save game. Things should keep going after that.


That’s why I use every slot to my advantage. All 3 of them. Once one is broken, I load another.


Is there any special reason for the fact that the word sewers is capitalized in the second choice, but not in the first choice? But in the first choice, it has a fullstop, yet, the other has not. Maybe I’m digging too much in this.


Might want to add another thing I’ve found. I’ve replayed a few times now, but when searching for the yellow moss in the sewers, I jumped to grab it but failed and it is no longer appearing. Like I have searched for 7 days now. Nope, just keep on encountering bandits. I’ve failed it before, but it appeared shortly after like 3 attempts of search. Sorry this doesn’t give too much info.


After „it“ should be a period.


I plan to add more things to sewer hunting and outdoor hunting, so right now, it seems repetitive.

You have a 20% chance of running into the yellow moss, regardless of previous success or failures. :slight_smile:

That’s rare. Only 1 in every 5 searches. And sometimes your luck could be bad. :slight_smile:


That’s RPG for you.
Anyways, bad luck is nicely said. I’ll keep trying. Plus I’m getting experience anyway.
Edit: Wow. The game likes to troll me. 7 days of searching and just as I post this, after 2 attempts of search, I find it. Well, that’s great.


Some more typos/errors:

I’m sure he’s okay, but he’s pretty old. Here’s they key to his house.

The key

Priests across Daria are always reading from it Sure, I have a few copies available.

Full stop missing between sentences

Your father won’t even go fishing with him any more

One word adverb instead?

But I suspect that you will hear the words of the deities some day.


I figured you might work for Johanna some day.

One word, since time period is unspecified

Your identify is a secret to them as well.


At least the owners family will get the wagon and the merchandise back.

Missing apostrophe

he lays back down on his sleeping pallet and places his travel bag on is chest.


I think that they did a find job of raising you


You see may signs that tell you that you have found someone’s old home



You leave camp. The sun rises in the east. You are becoming very hungry. You start to feel the effect of staying awake for so long.
(Failed Endurance Check: 5 vs Difficulty 15)

You feel exhausted.
(Strength, Agility, Intelligence, and Wisdom -10)
(Failed Survival Check: 8 vs Difficulty 12)

I was out on the edge of the wilderness and encountered a bug where after i had ate and slept i still suffered from exhaustion. Around day 35 if that matters.


Are you sure you slept? You were camping (by choice, not from overland travel). I think I’d need the text of you sleeping that preceeded this, since that must be where the error is.


"Perhaps you could convince Farmer Paul to lend Phil one of his horses. "

I thought the guy’s name was Logan, not Phil.


Couple of things:
1 cooked dear meats can’t be made to rations

2 inventory not calculated correctly, spaces are still taken up even after item are eaten.


Other “Look around” options have fullstops.

"but doing good in the world makes him happy and serves him needs well."
I assume that it’s “serves his needs well”?

Either I’m dumb and not understanding the sentence, or this is how it should be (I assume): “You learn about some of his rites and how his worshippers pray to him.”


No ending quote.

Yep, love digging into choices without periods/fullstops.

“At least the owners family”. Missing apostrophe. “At least the owner’s family.”

Isn’t something one word?