Hero of Daria: The RPG - Bugs, Errors and Updates (CLOSED)


Thanks. I’ll fix all of these option Full Stops for the next version. So no need to report any more until the next update. :slight_smile:


Version 1.2 - Feb 8, 3:30pm

  • removed capital on Sewer
  • Typos: “they key”, “from it.”, “any more”, “some day”, “identify”, “owner’s”, “his chest”, “fine job”, “many signs”
  • Who is Phil? :slight_smile: Logan once more.
  • Weight of overland ration eating is now fixed.
  • Weight of eating food is fixed. I also made this subroutine more efficient. Yay!
  • Able to turn venison into rations.
  • Added many fullstops to choices.
  • “his needs” for Lucien.
  • “proud of you” added quotation.


But the question is…


Im quite sure i had slept as i had gotten into the rythm of checking my hunger and fatigue level however there might have been a slight chance i misclicked but im quite sure i had chose to sleep, although the txt showing i had slept did not appear so im going to guess that i had indeed misclicked and apologize for bringing this into attention ill be more careful next time!


Fullstop missing.
Ahem… don’t mind the HP.


Did you also mod the turn undead? Or is that an error on my end?


Version 1.3 - Feb 9, 4:15pm

  • Changed wizard spell system to Mana.
  • Show active shields on the Cast list.
  • selling your spellbook before becoming a wizard reverts its name back to “blank spellbook”
  • Small typos and full stops.
  • Removed the extra “leave” menus to make travel faster.


I had the turn undead too, but I had only used the curse, I am pretty sure.
I had only modified the startup file and variables such as starting experience, skills and attributes.


It should be „Jolina says as she finishes correcting your test.


I tried drinking a potion and it crashed my game


What did it say? Was it because of the update?


Bug, when doing the Bad Reputation quest.
Selecting the options:
“Excuse me, Tiriel… I’d like to speak to you about Jolina.” And
"I’ll have an ale."

You expect Tiriel to serve you, but instead, she calls to an employee. One of the servers takes your order and brings you a plate of food.

Also, it says the ale costs 1 gold, but after ordering it I lost 2 gold.


I was in combat and when I clicked the quaff potion action it crashed. I couldn’t copy the error message but from what I saw there might’ve been a complication with the drink potion order when camping.



Bugs go here. @DontHurtMe. Thanks!


Bethany refers to Jolina as ‘Joline’ after you finish the bloodwasp quest.


I loaded a game in the main menu and now I’m stuck in a endless loop of loading. Of trying to press to load my game and getting sent to the perk menu


Sounds like a save game issue, which I don’t have control over. Was the save game made before your character was fully created?


I’ve had issues with it even with a fully made character. It’s annoying as the problems happen in my own WiP too. The worst part is I can’t fix that. /:


Yes I just had finished wizard traini ng thanks anyways for trying to help