Hero of Daria: The RPG - Bugs, Errors and Updates (CLOSED)


I didn’t find the screenshot but I found a spelling error after I woke jaymon he finished rating his mean,then went home. I think that’s suppose to be meal


Spelling error, when buying armour from Delray’s store.

You might want to be careful about buying those bigger suits of armor" Delray says.

Add a full stop after the bolded word.


You are right that there is a spelling error, but there should be a comma after the bolded word, not a full stop, because the sentence doesnt end here, it ends at „Delray says.“


Spelling error, when talking to Gregor.

“Brother Naveen made some fresh bread this morning

Add a full stop after the bolded word.


I accidently saved in here and now im stuck and can,t get back to game, can anyone help me T_T


The save is stuck in the stats screen? That’s neat.

You may want to just wait and restart when the next update comes out. There are so many changes that I think that all old saves will be broken. :slight_smile:


That bug can happen across all WIPs on dashingdon to my knowledge.

To prevent it I save in multiple slots, alternating between them. So if 1 gets broken, you can roll back to an earlier one without losing all of the progress.


After i save in that screen i reset my browser and when i want to play again i only can see my stat. Everytime i click return to game button i always back to the previous page :s


Quest log->show stat->main stat->return to game->quest log(instead of back to game pack i back to the first page quest log)

Can this be fixed? And sorry if my english suck xD

Pada tanggal 28 Feb 2018 9.18 PM, “Mike Walter” choiceofgames@discoursemail.com menulis:


As mentioned, I believe that it’s a Dashing Don error. So no, looks like it can’t be fixed.

I would wait until the next update comes. Old saves will all be broken anyway, I suspect. :slight_smile:


There’s no fix, sadly. You’d either have to save carefully in multiple slots, or not use it at all; after all, no such feature will be present in Hosted Games.


the save states can cause the entire browser to crash if you do that too much


Huh, really? I’ve been rolling this way for quite some time and it never happened to me on either android/win/gentoo or VM all running firefox.


Spelling error, when Guarding the southern gate with Roland.

"It’s nice working with you, Oliver he says.

Add a double quote and comma after the bolded word.

Spelling error, in the quest log.

Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble: Brew a potion of Minor Strength and show it to Joline.



I think its bcs you save your game in the stats screen


With Quick Drinker Perk: You may switch pieces of equipment and still take your turn.

It should say Quick Draw in place of Drinker


Version 2.0 - March 6, 2018 - 3:50 pm

  • Fixed potion drinking conflict error.
  • Fixed problem where Curse was Re-randomizing the Mob Attack
  • Fixed the charged 2 gold for a 1 gold ale, problem.
  • Fixed the revival person/location for multiple locations and companions.
  • Typos.
  • Updated the dream system in case dream occurs when traveling.
  • Half-elf gained Between Two World racial bonuses to Geography and Persuade.
  • Roland and Rossi now fight in the combat missions and be recruited as companions.
  • Created companion system: hitting, taking hits, getting angry and leaving, going back to get them, leaving them in taverns, picking them up again, upgrading their weapons/armor.
  • Added Total Defense combat option.
  • Added Geography Checks to overland travel
  • Added the Navigator perk.
  • Added Rings, Boots, and Hats.
  • Made the NPC healers code more efficient.
  • Removed Concentration
  • Added Mounts. Farmer Paul now sells horses. Nelly and Bolt!
  • Gathered Farmer Paul’s stuff into one area.
  • Rewrote the intro.
  • Added a childhood friend and a childhood crush, along with learning the MC’s romantic preferences.
  • Added a Dating system and one dating location
  • Made the Full Cup Inn 24 hours, since inns are the hubs for companions and mounts.
  • Added regular jobs. (They may grow into other things in the future.)
  • Added Take All
  • Added a Body artifact, as well as finding it and another weapon artifact.
  • Added Tornassa and several new quests!
  • Finished Chapter Two.


When I go to sleep, a text reporting a bug comes up, and the screen of the game freezes.


What is the bug? Can you screenshot it or type it out?

I get to report my own bug too:
You awake in your bed several days later. A fellow traveler brought you and None home.


Well puts on 100 lbs backpack I’m off again. See everybody in a couple days!


hero_2 line 10220: Bug: This here? companion_name=None and store_companion_name_dreaming:None

I got this when trying to sleep.