Hero of Daria: The RPG - Bugs, Errors and Updates (CLOSED)


Ack! That was my debugging bug. :slight_smile: Got it.


It also happens when you travel to tornasa and you have a dream


Version 2.1 - March 6 - 6:30pm

  • A fellow traveler brought you and None home.
  • Debug Bug when sleeping fixed.


The collage of monks doesn’t have the option to enroll (im assuming it should as the other places in tornassa have the option) ps love the new demo


It also isn’t ready. Not yet implemented. :slight_smile:


There’s a glitch my childhood friend whose a male has the she pronoun even tho other male pronouns were used in him


Please copy/paste the text so I can find it.



When I wielded Short Sword of Lighting it seemed to bug some things. While in the camp and trying to manage the inventory it went right back to the same scene of being in the camp. While fighting it shows the damage, but instead of continuing the fight or showing the fight end screen it kicks me back to what I was doing before the fight (or after, but without the loot/exp screen, not quite sure).


2.1 Bug report:
Could not get healing in temple (on day 1at least)

When asking RO/friend on date, the quest log keep saying day 1 regardless of actual date.


There should be a something amazing or some amazing poitions in there


2.1 Bug, When you succesfully hang out with Brayden, the last sentence refers to him as a female before reverting back to a male pronoun,

ie. The smile on her face shows that he had a good time.

Also when you romance Edmund, the relationship bar refers to him as your girlfriend.


Did you visit Logan again? There should be some new things in his shop, as Yam suggests.

Version 2.2 - March 7 - 11:20am

  • Brayden’s pronoun.
  • Fixed the lightning/fire/cold extra damage problem.
  • Healers can now heal on Day 1
  • Reduced Outing experience to 25.
  • proper girlfriend/boyfriend titles.

Can you give me more specifics? I couldn’t get this to repeat. Who is the person? What is the activity?


When killing animals in the Alderheart forest I dont get gold anymore. Is this a bug or done on purpose?


One concern I have here: getting companions to date is a bit… problematic. (Not companions actually, have only tried one, Roland, the guard). He keeps giving me the time, and despite me showing up, he sometimes says I never did. It mostly happens when he says “tomorrow”, so, at times I’m able to meet up, sometimes the game doesn’t acknowledge I’ve showed up.


When trying to give Grak geographical knowledge it makes me do a history check :thinking:

There is a mistake with the sentence „He ages rapidly until he is looks how you saw him last.“
I unfortunately dont know what the grammatically correct sentence is.


I don’t remember how it was, but I’m trying to keep it a little real. An animal will give you its meat, but shouldn’t have coins on them. Bandits often have coins. If any of the mobs don’t match their loot, let me know.

I’ll need specifics. Specifically, what date did you ask for, what time was it when you asked, and what day/time should it have been, and what day/time showed up in the quest log.

The Quest Log should say the date and time, which should match when they show up, which should match what you were told when they accepted. Any part of that breaking would be an error and would give me a clue as to what part broke. :slight_smile:


I’ll note that next time. Sometimes they say “I’ll meet you there.” Though, never specify when…?


Found it! It was the Full Cup Inn date. Yes, that explains why some people were having trouble meeting their dates too.

I think I have that fixed now. Oh, and it would fix that Day 1 error too. I’ll upload this update right away, since that one bug caused so many errors.


Oh, well, that’s great.