Hero of Daria: The RPG - Bugs, Errors and Updates (CLOSED)


Version 2.3 - March 7 - 2:15pm

  • Graks history/geography check mix-up.
  • Ages rapidly - rewrote
  • Full Cup Inn, not giving a time, saying wrong day, other problems.


Does time affect much? Like, how many days you spend in a certain place, for example. I really wouldn’t want penalties for it, so I hope it’s just for other reasons!


No, time doesn’t really matter. You get “little wins” by not having to wait, and “little penalties” by having to come back later.

If you haven’t found a place for free food, you might be burning calories and need food, but that’s a minor inconvenience too.

Time is just a useful mechanism so things don’t happen all at once. :slight_smile:


Oh, so if I spend 200 days at my village just grinding, it won’t matter at all?
Time to hit level 5 fighter.


If you want to spend 200 days working at your parent’s candle store and earn 200 gold, be my guest. :slight_smile:


Ah, no, I have become a Guard Lt. which is the highest paying job I discovered so far. (2 gold… sniff). I haven’t explored the new contents of the update yet (darn save slots keep messing me up so maybe I’ll have to modify the game after all).


I’m really looking forward to being a higher level cleric/ paladin, and maybe even a dreamwalker.

Although how long can I keep up the ruse of praying to Auriel? And I think there should be more options to sacrifice/ do stuff for god.

I was confused when I couldn’t find the Grey Mountains… but after a while I realised it’s the Norgan Mountains… I can’t tell if I’m slow or that was purposefully vague.

Also isn’t it weird we can buy a guard long-sword, but he can’t give us one? Because that almost explicitly states he has em (and infinite amount of 'em, really.


I think you can only work as guard for a little bit.


I think they say about changing shifts, then later on you can work as a lieutantant or however that is spelt.


Bug, when choosing to Meet Brayden for drinks.

I have 7 gold. Why can’t I buy the two highlighted options?

In the option: “We’ll each have a glass of your best wine”.

${date_name} smiles as the Tiriel returns with your drinks.

Remove the bolded word.

*selectable_if (mc_gold>=10) #"We'll each have a glass of your best wine."  (Needs 5 Gold)
		Tiriel arches an eyebrow before leaving to get your order.  ${date_name} smiles as the Tiriel returns with your drinks.  The smell of the Daria Red is pungent and fills the air.
		*label Full_Cup_Medium_Spender
		(Lost 10 Gold)
		*set mc_gold -10
		*set {"${date_id}_relationship"} %+3
		*set good_date +1
		*goto Full_Cup_After_Ordering
	*selectable_if (mc_gold>=10) #"We'll take a pitcher of your house brew."  (Needs 5 Gold)
		Tiriel nods as she takes your order.  She returns a short time later with a pair of glasses and a pitcher filled with yellow, bubbling beer.
		*goto Full_Cup_Medium_Spender

That’s why, need 10 gold fo some reason (@Lucid)

Oh hey I have cake or something.


You need double the amount of gold, because you are buying both, for you and your date. At least that‘s what I came up with.


Nope, just an error. :). I’ll return fix it on the next update.

Delay’s greasy. :). He’s looking for his next profit.

There will be a map, eventually. And I’ll also add it into the Look Arounds, to help out. It’s actually east of the Norgan mountains, but also in the north.


Can you add a clock-ish thing? since (I dont think) there’s anyway we can know if its morning/evening/afternoon/night until we go for a time specific quest…(like morning job/evening job)

Also yay! I finally travelled all the way to Tornassa for the first time!


It’s on the first screen on the stats page. It should tell you time and day.


When I chose the action “talk to farmer Paul about johan” It kept on repeating this line and didn’t change the command

“What do you mean? What happened?” Farmer Paul asks angrily. “He came and borrowed a horse. You promised that he’d come back with it. That was just today, but if he doesn’t come back tomorrow with it, you’ll owe me a lot of money for letting him steal my horse!”


Did you try searching for him?


Yes, didn’t have the option. Even slept and came back and it wasn’t fixed


You should get that message on the day that Logan borrows the horse. If you come back the next day and speak to Farmer Paul, he’ll say that Logan never came back which opens up the quest to search for Logan in the woods.

Where does it hang up? Do you get a different message the next day?

(I just tested it and it worked for me.)


Day 106 I took the job and asked in one day but took nearly 90 days to get back to Logan about it. Went back to farm and told farmer but it didn’t give quest. Checked the woods but he wasn’t there so I slept and went back to the farm, message and choice didn’t change
Yeah checked it again, I got the job, went to farm, told Logan, slept, asked farmer and the glitch happend