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Okay so after a few days I came back and the quest changed. I don’t know how sorry for the inconvenience


The only thing that is checked is that the day isn’t the same day that the quest was given. So 1 day later or 90 days later is the same, and should have Farmer Paul saying that Logan didn’t return.


After the whole Dreambeast debacle in Tornassa in which I chose to save Princess Sophie who was then staying at Fullcup Inn after we came back to Elmvale…when asking her out for a date MC has to “recruit” her again first----- Is that a bug? :confused:


In the dream scene it says the MC was a baby when they were adopted, but when the MC wakes up it says the MC was a child when they were adopted.

You were only a baby when you were brought to Elmvale

You were a child when your parents took you in

Spelling error, when visiting the King’s Inn in Tornassa.

I’d like to rent a room the night, please.

Add ‘for’ after the bolded word.

Spelling error, when talking to Captain Caleb.

I’ve got some strange orders," he says. "I’m told to recruit as many people as I can, but I’ve been order to not do anything.


The big brute turns pale upon seeing you hand gestures.



Bug report
Despite showing up and having completed the date Sasha on day 1, she complained I didn’t show up the next day.quest log doesn’t properly update once the date is complete either.


Yes, you date her as a companion. So if you want to talk to her and ask her out, you need to recruit her and then talk to her at an inn (Full Cup or Kings Inn, but eventually all inns.)

That allows you to speak to your companions.


I may have fixed it. Either way, I fixed a dating quest log error. I’ll upload it now so that you can see if it’s fixed the problem.

Version 2.4 - March 13 - 11:30am

  • Added Norgan Mountains in Look Arounds.
  • Wine and Beer now cost 5 gold, as it says.
  • Various Typos
  • Fixed the Quest Log for Dates.


I think that he meant lieutenant


10 more minutes left:/


I guess that putting the time on is kind of useless. :slight_smile:


Spelling error when doing the: “A Call To Darkness” quest.

You know that he’s newly married has a newborn baby at home.

Put ‘and’ after the bolded word.


From the first picture, it says “I know that the will my my god supersedes my own.”

For the third picture, it’s missing a period between “He has his hands raised as we walks back and forth The entire crowd cheers”

For the second picture, I think a word is replaced with the word “None”.


Spelling errors when entering Jerome’s Goods and Supplies, in Tornassa, and using the changing room.

“Please don’t track mud into my change rooms,” the man says.

Trek, changing

Spelling error when choosing to go to the North-West section of Tornassa.

You’ll have to find another way pass.



Something very unexpected just happened I was trained as an evil priest and after finding logan and horse and sustaining injuries (health went down to 2 from 9) I went to Temple district to get healing but when I went inside the temple I was miraculously transported to The Cathedral in Tornassa! Now its day 24 and I’m full and well rested and trying to get back to Elmvale

EDIT- Yup happened again when I did my fake duties as servant of Auriel and scene cut out to Tornassa’s Cathedral


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