Daria: A Kingdom Simulator BUGS and ERRORS

This is a special thread for me to collect known Bugs and Errors for Daria: A Kingdom Simulator.

For general conversation, use this thread: Daria: A Kingdom Simulator (Releasing TODAY!)

I am aware that updates are causing game progress to be lost. Unfortunately, this is a ChoiceScript thing and I have no power over it. The best I can do is limit the number of updates.


My entire army just got deleted when searching the cottage where the mcguffin used to be.

Lost my 1 vs 1 combat and poof entire army gone.

In a previous run i also lost my entire army when retreating from a combat.

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Still gathering errors for a big update. Because the update will restart the game (I have no control over this!) I will continue to collect errors but I won’t push an update until I have to.

Known Errors Fixed for Next Update:

As the sky darkens and lightning flashes,
Farms Destroyed
Skilled Farmers become citizens
Added stone tools instead of bronze, fixed!

build a House
build a Farm
build a wooden hut
Upper and lower mixed, fixed.

Exotic Goods -20 instead of +20
when wizards fight, random event, fixed.

Do as the Norgan request (against Jilal when making peace)
(Norgan Relationship +20 and
Nothing, fixed.

"We have no interest in a ceasefire…Senator Lucy
(Needed 30 Kingdom Relationship) ?
No with 30, yes with 40?
(Might have fixed this.)

Error: 2_kingdom line 21629: Bug: Check_For_Negatives found pottery: -5
Fixed! I also removed the game-ending *bug and turned it into a warning to let the player continue.

Telling multiple people to stop a job when they have a iron tool keeps giving me back stone tools…
Fixed! Also fixed bronze lumberjacks.

Your tribe eats 11 food. (Losing 11 Food per day, Enough Food for 7 more days)
Bold and ATTENTION needed

Smelting Bronze: Uses 1 copper ingot, 1 tin ingot, and 5 wood to smelt 1 bronze ingot. (You have 0)
Under People, Smelters
ore, not ingots, fixed!

10 heroes: Aquire all 10 heroes. (25 points) acquire is misspelled

The recruiting via inns and taverns does not seem to work properly. The average number of recruited visitors does not seems to be 20%. On average, it looks more like 10%.

Response: It looks correct. It would be hard to tell the difference between 10% and 20%.

Hint: Visit your heroes at the campfire and help them out.
Bloomery hint made bigger

Speak with Norgan, “Why haven’t you met with the leader of the
Fixed! If the Norgan are gone, it now jumps straight to leaving to see the dwarves.

“When I postpone an expedition to conquer neighbouring tribes my entire army just disappears”


When fighting the hero corpse, the army vanishes.

The office of resources does not take into consideration the bronze smelting when accounting if there’s a need for an additional copper and/or tin miner when increasing tin or copper production.


Note: This update will not be pushed to the platforms yet. Version 1.3 is only available for testing and will be rolled into Version 2.0 and released all at once.

Version 1.3 - April 22, 2024

  • Farms Destroyed, Skilled Farmers become citizens, was giving back stone tools instead of bronze tools. Fixed.
  • Build menus had mix of upper and lower case in menu options, changed all buildings to lower case. (Farms, houses, captapults)
  • (Norgan Relationship +20 and, nothing. May have fixed a few other potential errors with this too.
  • (Needed 30 Kingdom Relationship), fixed and called it proper name, not Kingdom but, example, Jilal Relationship
  • Hint for where the dwarf leader is, “Why haven’t you met with the leader of the Norgan people yet?” Now includes “send someone north in the Diplomacy and Warfare menu.”
  • Two wizards fight, -20 exotic goods, should be +20, fixed.
  • Smashing pottery, can’t smash more than you own.
  • Losing huts, can’t lose more than you own.
  • Bronze and Iron lumberjacks now give back bronze and iron tools, instead of stone.
  • Attention in bold, when losing food per day
  • Help menu bronze smelting, now correctly says ore instead of ingots.
  • 10 heroes: Aquire all 10 heroes. Spelling fixed.
  • Innkeepers bring 1 to max, instead of 0 to max
  • Made the Bloomery hint larger.
  • No Norgan left, plot now advances to searching for the dwarves.

Hopefully this is where we’re supposed to report errors as well as come to see which ones have already been reported. If not, let me know how I’m supposed to do that and I’ll do it right next time. :grin:

Just here to report this: I had 70% relationship with Laslonia (no peace treaty) and 100% plus a peace treaty with Jilal. Got a request for 20 Swordsmen from Jilal, which I didn’t fulfill. The game said the treaty with Jilal was canceled and that relationship with Jilal was reduced by 30%, but when I looked in Diplomacy and Warfare, relationship with Laslonia had become 40% and relationship with Jilal was at 100% but without the peace treaty.

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This is the perfect spot. Thanks!

And I found the error. It will be fixed in the next update.

I’m running a small, post-release beta test: Daria: A Kingdom Simulator Beta Test (OPEN!) - #31 by Lucid

I want to make sure that I don’t cause any new errors while fixing these ones. I’m hoping for a single update to fix everything.

So, if anyone wants to help me out and test to see if I’ve fixed these errors, follow that link and send me an email. The beta testing cheat codes are activated for the test, so you can jump forward as needed.


Version 1.31 - April 23, 2024

  • Reduced Jilal swordsman required in peace to 10 (from 20)
  • Reduced Jilal archers required in peace to 15 (from 20)
  • Reduced Jilal spearmen required in peace to 15 (from 20)
  • Not fulfilling Jilal peace request now properly lowers Jilal relationship (instead of Laslonian)
  • Reduced not fulfilling peace requests to -20 (instead of -30)
  • Army doesn’t disappear when fighting your corpse
  • Army doesn’t disappear, ever, I hope. But fixed possibles in diplomacy, invading, and raiding.

Unfixed Reported Errors:

14581: Bug: ERROR, please tell developer: people_unassigned: -1

Response: Couldn’t find or reproduce. I added a check.

Small bug when you make copper goods it says that they make tin goods and there’s another one like this somewhere else. I just can’t remember where.

Response: Couldn’t find or reproduce.

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Peace unification error

(You have acquired Senator Lucy.)|
*set hero_lucy_joined true|
*set laslonia_settlements 0|
*set norgan_unification true|


Found this funny bug on my Android Version.

Everytime a St9ne Miner dies, their pickaxe turn into stone.

Loving the game by the way! :heart:

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Yeah, that bug has already been discovered and it’s on the pile

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I appreciate them all. It’s always nice to see. It lets me double check them in case I fixed it in the wrong spot. :slight_smile:



Version 2.1 is being pushed today!

And, good news, this is the LAST time anyone should ever lose their progress.

Silly fix. At the end of each day when you go to sleep, the game will *goto_scene to an empty chapter and then *goto_scene you right back. This means that future updates will continue to restart the chapter, but that will mean the reset will return you to the last time you slept, so no progress lost.

As of this post, all known errors are now fixed too. Please continue to post all error in this thread and use this thread for general conversation: Daria: A Kingdom Simulator (Released Apr 4, 2024)

New Known Error list:

Assign blacksmith, blurb says crafting bronze

The Priests of Krahl chant… first win after Jerry, +0 swordsman given

Magda to be summoned, arena fights called Magda’s Undead Team