Hero of Daria: The RPG (WIP) - CLOSED

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Hero of Daria: The RPG is an open-world, sandbox role-playing game. Inspired by games like Diablo and Skyrim, this game will be unique to CoG’s library when it’s complete.

NOTE: This game has been put on the back burner. It was a fun experiment and it may return some day, but I need to decide if this is the best medium for such a game. Thanks for your support!

Beta Test CLOSED

Click Here to report bugs, when it reopens

Features Currently Implemented:

  • Equipment: Weapon, Offhand, Feet, Body, and Ring. You can drop, take, buy, sell, and use an assortment of items. Includes alchemy and crafting.
  • Powerful and unique Artifacts (created randomly to make each special discovery a thing of beauty). Many magical items also created.
  • Multi-dimensional Combat: Spells, powers, two-handed weapons, melee/ranged, bash/slash/pierce, fire/cold/electricity damage/resistances, saves of reflex/fortitude/willpower, and immunities of all kinds.
  • Mounts: You can get different kinds of mounts, including horses, which have different speeds and difficulty of riding.
  • Companions: These people can join you in battle to attack your foe and take hits from the enemy. Using gold, you can upgrade their equipment. You can bring one companion into battle at a time.
  • Romance: A dynamic dating system. Go on dates and outings to various locations. Bond with new people, make romantic connections and grow your relationships.
  • Four classes currently coded with class quests and unlimited, unpenalized multi-classing:
    • Fighter: Heavy Armor Proficiency, Shield Proficiency, Heavy Armor Mastery Perk (To Level 3)
    • Cleric: Heavy Armor Proficiency, Shield Proficiency, Turn Undead, Minor Heal, Bless, Curse, Holy Weapon, Desecrate Weapon (To Level 3)
    • Wizard: An assortment of Tier One spells: Arcane Blast, Fire Bolt, Ice Spike, Electricty Spark, Swift Retreat, Arcana Shield, Ice/Fire/Electric Shield. (To Level 3)
    • Thief: Sneak Attack, Precise Attack Perk, Poison I (To Level 3)
  • 3 Difficulty Settings (Easy: Get knocked out, no harm, Normal: Lost experience since last level and 10% gold, Hardcore: Perma Death, you die, game over)
  • 7 Playable Races: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Half-Elf, Halfling, Gnome, Half-Orc
  • 5 Abilities: Strength, Agility, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom
  • 14 Skills: Climb, Jump, Sneak, Tumble, Endurance, Devices, Alchemy, Arcana, Geography, History, Survival, Perception, Persuade, Animal Care
  • 33 Perks: Allow you to make even more unique characters.
  • Fully Displayed Stats: The stats button shows all of the numbers and how they interact with the other numbers.
  • Quest Log: A guide your journey.
  • Journal: To help you remember what’s going on as you get side-tracked with things.
  • Time and Hunger: It makes it feel a little more real, since time passes as you do things.
  • Deep history.: This takes place in the same Daria as my other works, but a hundred years later, so you will recognize many familiar things from the Lucidverse, but no prior knowledge is needed.
  • Engaging Main Story Line: Top secret, of course, but Daria is under threat once more and YOU must save the world! One word: Dreamwalker. (Completed 2 of 9 Chapters)
  • Familiar Locations: Elmvale and Tornassa have been made.

Good news: QUICKTEST PASSED. Do I have your attention yet? :slight_smile: Yes, everything in the above list has been coded and works!

Future Things:

  • Building of a stronghold: (house, temple, garden, income source, alchemy lab, etc) Garrisoning it with companions.
  • Allies: Familiars, Animal Companions, Undead minions, Golems
  • More NPCs, including deeper romance, marriage and adopted children.
  • More classes, including hidden, prestige, and racial.
  • More mounts, items, artifacts, enemies, spells, skills, side quests…
  • The rest of Daria: Vernex, Brightwater, Alderheart (with Oneiduin), Norgan Mountains, Grey Mountains, Western Wilds, Southern Desert (and Jilal Empire), Opal Cove, Swamps, Ludd, Falcon River, Silver Sea, Clearwater, and of course the Grand Academy of Wizards.
  • The rest of the main story.

Do my eyes deceive me?! Is this really happening?!


I love it can’t wait to try it.


Just like how you described it before, it sounds like a crazy expansion on what was previously done with this coding system. I love it! I do see the names of those abilities, powers and skills and wonder if you could be threatened by any legal action from certain wizards who reside on a certain coast. Because that is an attack of opportunity that, if it hits, always lands a x4 crit.




Praise the divines that be for this amazing day!!


This sounds absolutely insane and just might make me spend more time on it than I ever did in Heir of Daria.

Do not take that statement lighlty, After almost ten different saves, I’m still not satisifed with my magic monk.


This is awesome. Period.

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giphy (11)

I can already see my Half-Orc Cleric.

Question: Will the elementals return? I want another fire elemental!


This is going to be Epic!


I can’t wait for the demo

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The D20 system is open source. Pathfinder is a great example. Most of this stuff has been out there long enough to not be a problem. I know some of the changes are pretty insignificant, like Agility for Dexterity, but abilities are universal. If I went with the SPECIAL system of Fall Out, I might get in more trouble. :slight_smile:

Abilities, Perks and Skills have many names in many systems. Every RPG ever made has some variation on this.

I’ll have to be careful with my monsters though. They have copyrights on some of those and I often don’t remember which. A kobold is okay, for example, yet a mind flayed is an infringement. :slight_smile:

I think I’m okay here, but if anyone sees anything that has a copyright, let me know. :slight_smile:


Answer: Probably, but it’s too early to tell. :slight_smile: Ask me again once this thing has been running for a bit and I’m around the halfway mark. :slight_smile:


Aye Aye Captain :ok_hand:

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I guess that’s true, I forget that even though only 3.5 edition actually got to be out there for the masses, generic d20 is another matter. Just wasn’t sure about stuff like turning undead or Handle Animal, if they got too specific.

If memory serves, you will want to make sure your characters do not go around beholding a certain multi-eyed monster either.

It’s just crazy to see this, a much more literal RPG than anything CoG or HG has had to date if memory serves. Very nice.


Hell yes! I love your games Lucid, some of the best writing and concepts i’ve seen in fiction to date!

Will this game be set before or after the events of The Lost Heir and Life of a Wizard? :slight_smile:


Hey buddy, it’s mentioned above. Specifically here ↑

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I just hope this one is a bit easier… :smiley:


I agree. This is just my honest opinion, Lucid. You’re my second favorite author, so please don’t misinterpret my words.

But LH3 was literally so hard I found it not fun and almost illogical at times, seeing as only certain builds could get good endings. And that’s still only if you make certain choices. Just an honest criticism from an honest fan of your work.


Think mage build is the perfect one. Not only LH, all of Lucid’s games are hard. Life of a Wizard-Spent days to get the perfect ending. Still can’t get one for A Life Of A Mobster. Then there’s Paradox Factor. Jeez, Lucid, have mercy. :smiley:

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Lost Heir 3 was the only one I found too much.