The Lost Heir 1: The Fall of Daria - Errors and Bugs

This is actually after the update (For Google Play)

I also posted this in main TLH thread, but after hrowing my dagger at the Kobolds I don’t have the option to use it on the last Kobold that has the necklace of nature. Game treats it as if I don’t have a dagger anymore despite

Oh! I didn’t know it had updated. Yup, start up a new list. :slight_smile: Hopefully there aren’t any real bad ones. :slight_smile:

Just some minor things here and there. I’ll keep you updated through screen shots and such on this thread. Ideally I won’t have to post one bit more, but the update is good. I noticed LOTS of squashed bugs and a few stat gain changes.
Btw do you have a list of the stat gain and stat check changes?

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I’m glad that you see the fixed bugs and balances too. :slight_smile: No, I have no record of the exact changes, but there was a lot. And I thought it was pretty clean the first time! :slight_smile:

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Yep, after throwing the dagger at the Kobold the game (or code) believes I lost it. I have the option to buy a dagger again.

Really? Weird, it doesn’t happen to me. I always buy it from Karl/a (I think?), and that’s it, I never lose it, unless I throw it to the demon summoner in the last battle.

Did you throw your dagger at the Kobolds?

Yes :smile: I even use it for the big kobold (the one you take the shaman artifact from).

Yes, it’s a bug. Grrrr… :slight_smile:

Updated to the newest version? (Google Play got it today)

Eh… I don’t think so? I think I’m playing the old version, because my phone doesn’t say anything new and I don’t see any change about the game on the app store.

I guess it’s because I’m from Spain and the time zones did something?

Alright, I got the game updated, and yes, after using it with the three kobols, I lose it -3-

Also, a little bug:

I wish I could make screencaps with my phone…

Actually that +3 strength isn’t from learning swordplay but from him as your foster parent in general. It is stated on an earlier page. Just as if you choose Emaline you get a bonus to nature.

For me the stat didn’t increase until I got to this specific page.
Edit: Oh my mistake nvm.


Found a Bug, i tried too heal suno and payed for him but i got the message i needed 70 gold. I played a mage + Thief and had more than 70 Gold but even after 4 tries with more money i got the same message.


You need to be 70+ good, not gold :smile:

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damn, sorry.

thanks a lot, schouldn´t be playing at work :sweat_smile:

So I’ve been trying to get Theo early on the sheep herding mission but I always end up getting 64% instead of 65% is this a bug?

theothea rel >=65 and strength >=40 will get you “Nice,” theothea says, running a hand over the muscles in your arm. “It’s very tempting, but not tonight”… its not a bug…

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