The Lost Heir 3: Demon War Bugs and Errors


*if (academy_autonomy)
The Academy already has their political autonomy, for which they’re very happy, but now they’ll also
*if (academy_autonomy)
Although you turned down their request for political autonomy, this will help soothe their anger, since they’ll

Should be if (academy_autonomy= false)


The way that your Cape of Shadows manipulates the shadows themselves is very unique, but your lack of magical knowledge makes studying it nearly impossible. You decide to focus upon something else instead. (Needed Cape of Shadows, 50 Magic, and 1 Level in Wizard, or 80 Stealth and 1 Level in Thief or Assassin)

I have the CoS, 50 Magic, 80 Stealth, and 1 level in Thief. Why can’t I go shadow?


At the start of ship_voyage you have *temp pirate_mage_alive false . This lead to situation that he automatically considered dead for all checks when fight with pirates take place.


Okay, this one not bug, but simple suggestion.
I think Arcane Tattoist should have option to unleash his tiger on demons that holding him on bed during ship mutiny.


this might not belong here, but it say she the maximum call stack has exceeded, and I can’t access the game. Is there any way to delete the saves or fix it? (On iPad if that helps)


I had 100% unarmed. When fighting the bandits I was told that I’d needed 8% unarmed, which my stats said that I had.


After entering my email theres no option called “Upload a save”


Okay, so now if you make sure to verify the game should load saves properly. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Now it just detects the saves from the first game…


If you’re still having trouble, try these steps:

  1. First, open up LH2. Restart the game and try to restore from LH1. Make sure you see your LH1 and LH2 saved games there.
  2. Next, reboot your computer and try LH3 again. Rebooting will completely restart Steam Cloud, which may allow LH3 to download the saves that way.
  3. Still not working? On the LH2 restore menu there’s an option to “Retrieve saved games online from” If you use it, LH2 may offer you another option to “Upload saved games to” Then, back in LH3, you can try retrieving them from again.


step 1 and 2 didnt work
and the option upload saved games never appears


I’m getting the saved game list from episode 1 just as @kiko4285 is.

I have restarted and verified everything and still the list seems to be the saved files from episode 1.


Could you please elaborate on “Didn’t work”? Did no games show up in step one, or was it just LH1 saves? Or did something else not do what was expected?


in the first step i saw that all LH1 and LH2 saves were in the LH2 so all fine there
After completion of the step 2 i launched LH3 and the only saves recognizes by the game were from the first LH


And what happened when you selected “Retrieve saved games online from” in Lost Heir 2? Did it properly allow you to Upload the games to the site?


"Error downloading saves. Please try again later." and the normal saves below


New Lost Heir2 Update just hit my Steam server 39mb updated received and completed.


what changed?
can you load your LH2 saves?


It seems it is still locked but I’m doing some testing right now.


shakes head I’m still having issues. Sometimes things show up, sometimes not. Sometimes looking to retrieve it from the choicesofgames, but nothing comes up.

This is one problem that could have been alleviated with a little Steam testing before release. And I know there were issues on Lost Heir 2 of similar nature when it came back.