The Lost Heir 3: Demon War Bugs and Errors


Update on my early report about gaa’bon summoning bug.
I played with different character, who didn’t used Gaa’bon in Tornassa siege, and he had option to summon him in tavern in LH3.
It looks like, as I suspected, using Gaa’bon at the end of LH2 somehow affect variables, blocking out his options in third game.


You pull on the coral as Lana pushes. Together, you manage to break enough of it away to allow her to escape.
(Strength +2)

Even if it says I gained strength, my strength didn’t change


Cant upload saves to COG server. “Error uploading saves. Please try again later”


At the beginning of finalplans, you have *temp zusak_has_runebag false , so the game treats it like he doesn’t have the runebag by default.


Was suspecting this, but didn’t checked yet… Nice find.


Not sure if it’s a bug or not. When I walk to bandit camp with Gill/Gale in my party, decided to stay the night with them, and encourage Gill/Gale to stay. The next morning Gill/Gale decided to stay at the bandit camp. But when I asked to choose to bring one people to infiltrate Consortium, Gill/Gale is still available to choose and he/she still able to do it.

And it’s not a bug, in my current playthrough Gale is the ex-Red. Not long ago she’s still very weak from Selina’s poison but suddenly she become very energetic at the bandit camp and start flirting with Trevor. Just a little weird IMO. Maybe love(lust) is the cure for Selina’s poison :grin:



2 Typos:

It’s edge zigzags like a lightning bolt, and it’s made of a strange black metal.

Should be

Its edge zigzags like a lightning bolt, and it’s made of a strange black metal.

“Smooth,” Jess. “You made us blunder right onto another creature.”

Should be

“Smooth,” said Jess. “You made us blunder right onto another creature.”


A Bug: When Discussing with Jess my son Gareth, the choice is: “What kind of woman do you think Gareth will grow up to be?”


Lore inconsistency: In part 2 the unknown is shown to not care about the MC’s moral alignment, yet in part 3 I lost my holy symbol and divine powers for evil below 60. If this is not a bug, it is at least a major plot inconsistency.


Marrying Jess/Jace with an evil ceremony.


How is the Steam savegame issue going? Is it fixed for everyone now?


This was fixed in the first update, I hope. :slight_smile:


Anyone know anything about this? Is it still occurring? @RETowers

I’ve had others mention this too.


Anyone else have this happen? If GillGale stays behind, they should NOT be available to come to the Consortium with you.

The code looks solid, so if this is happening, I don’t see it yet.


Here we go. This is update #2. It will be sent today, March 20th, although it may take a few days to reach all the markets.

  • The choice to ignore the summoner’s pull has been removed.
  • The choice to continue talking to Zusak until it is too late to be saved has been removed.
  • Fixed the unarmed check when “Your companions rush to your aid as you strike out at anyone who comes close.”
  • Synden/Syndie/Pope/Poppy may now be named as Royal Wizard.
  • Theo/Thea now draws a hammer instead of an axe when the ground shakes near the Academy.
  • “is asleep on the ground nearby.standing beside you, wide awake since he requires no sleep.” Fixed!
  • “in the camp with your before” Fixed!
  • Timothy shrugs. "It’s just a name… Fixed the extra between this and the choice!
  • “Smooth,” Jace. “You made us blunder right onto another creature.” - Added a says and an eye roll, cause it’s Jace. :slight_smile:
  • Gaabon wasn’t being healed, so if it got killed, you never got to use it again. Fixed!
  • The Reaver is now alive during the ship battle… until you kill him. Fixed!
  • Added a “just wait” option during the ship battle since it was possible to have no choices at all.
  • The Academy already has…Although you turned down… Double statement fixed!
  • Tattoo tiger can escape the demons during the mutiny.
  • Together, you manage to break enough of it away to allow her to escape. - Didn’t give strength, now it does. Fixed!
  • Zusak now has his runebag during the final battle.
  • Mentioned the poison if GillGale was the Red and flirts with the bandit
  • It’s edge zigzags like a lightning bolt - Fixed.
  • The Unknown God doesn’t leave you if you’ve done good in the world. It doesn’t care.
  • Marrying JaceJess under an evil deity has the proper reaction.
  • Added some more flavour to the Hero Ending. It is still the dominant ending, but with the two blunder-choices removed, it should occur more often.
  • When GillGale stays behind, they can’t be chosen to come to the Consortium. Fixed!

That should be it for now! Hopefully the Steam saves and “maximum call stack has exceeded” errors are now gone, since I have no control over these.


Maybe it’s because I played the older version?? my version is still 1.0.1 (I hate auto update :unamused:).
Or maybe it have something to do with Gill/Gale is the Red in my playthrough??


In my game Gale wasn’t available.

But what I find strange is this:
“Hey Gale do you want to stay with the bandit guy?”
“I can’t, I have to help you!”

The next day…
“Hey MC, I decided I’m going to stay with the bandit guy, bye!”


There it is. I found it. It’s now fixed too. :slight_smile:


The issue is not fixed


Could you state the specifics of what isn’t working?

CoG believe that this fixed it: Lost Heir 3: Demon War Bugs and Errors

So, if that didn’t do it, I’d really appreciate some specifics on what is happening when you try to get the saves to work on Steam.