The Lost Heir 3: Demon War Bugs and Errors


verifying the integrityof the game files of all the 3 games didnt fix the issue
everytime that i try to load a LH2 save file the only files that are presented are the ones from the first LH
i’ve also tried uploading the saved files to but the only thing that i gain is the following message: "Error uploading saves. Please try again later"
and not always does the option to upload a saved file appears


Anyone else? Can anyone add more details?



I need a help with the wanderer ending


Not sure if it was reported, i think i saw something similar here…

When fighting pirate ship and choosing to join archers you don’t get prescribed +3 to Archery on success.


Can’t call this bug, but i noticed existence of variables mer_romance and mer_sleptwith

From what i see, even if you set them by romancing/sleeping with mer(man/maid), they don’t do anything. Actually. they don’t appear anywhere at all, aside from Statup.txt and the moment in ship_voyage.

Maybe it can be used for some additional flavour text for Hero ending, expanding on potential diplomatic relatinships between Daria and other races depending on your actions.


Romance bug:

You find yourself staring into the fire when Lacey sits down beside you. She looks you in the eyes and licks her red lips.

You have a wonderful time, but eventually, even the musicians start saying good night and leaving for their wagons. You eventually say goodbye and leave for your own camp, too. You’re just leaving their campfire when a voice speaks from nearby.

The situation is that I’m romancing Brinn, but I got rid of all my companions and then danced with Lacey. So I have a Royal Consort who the gypsy girl doesn’t know about. I believe that in this situation I’m supposed to be able to cheat. (Though of course Brinn would be quite interested in a three-way, you didn’t code that possibility in. Her loss :stuck_out_tongue: )


Noticed strange thing. In interlude, there are variable other_fliers_gone.
You can set it true by succesfully attacking lesser flying demons when large one lifting you in the air.
Problem is that IF you succesfully attacked them and set this variable true, THEN you getting attacked by them on the next round. Isn’t it should be other way around?..

*label Demon_Assassin_Up_High
*if (other_fliers_gone)
	The other, smaller demons cut you with the claws on their hands and feet as they swarm around you.  Several of the wounds are deep, causing blood to run down your body and drip from your dangling feet.

I think it should be *if (other_fliers_gone=false)

on sidenote: I always thought that my english will be significant barrier on the way to be tester. But if you okay with such reports, I will consider to apply for beta-testing in any possible future works you planning. Although, my expertise likely will be limited to code reading XD

Another wild idea:
Maybe give option for demon summoner who have Mythor as back-up mount to leave his main mount in Brightwater before voyage, saving some food. It’s just only actual use i can think for him.


Bug report, during the battle with the pirates, it says jumping on to the ship requires 80 agility or rune warrior, had 84 agility, failed the jump


Yeah, it actually requires more than 85 Agility.


A couple of things that I found from my latest playthrough where I’m in the mood to read (almost) every words carefully:

  • After meeting merpeople and dive in the water:
    The corridors hold about three feet of water, but the top half is dry. You take the pot off your head and breathe the air. It seems as fresh as the surface.
    *Isn’t feels is the right word for it? (CMIIW)

  • The first time I meet with Jadarra.
    The narration already said her name even though she never told me her name and I never asked her name. And in one of the option below it there’s an option to ask her name.

  • The first encounter with kraken:
    You look to starboard and see the silhouette of something enormous. The green-scaled creature is the size of a mountain, and it’s walking through the seawater as though it were only waist deep. You notice that it has sharp claws, each as long as you are tall. It has a double row of teeth that look like short swords. The Kraken continues to stride purposefully towards the Epiphany
    *Not sure, but I don’t think that’s the correct sentence.(CMIIW)

  • When fighting kraken:
    Dura calms the wind but keeps them handy so the Epiphany will still have some manoeuvrability
    *Pretty sure it’s a typo.

  • When I found Bozar at the demon realm:
    You draw out the Demonblade and place it upon the Anchor Stone of the small demon before you can even think about it. You push down, and the blade slides into the stone. The resiliency of the impact is like that of cutting into rotten flesh. The demon’s eyes open wide, and it begins to squirm about.`
    *The narration said that I already stab Bozar, but one of the option below it: Draw out the Demonblade and stab Bozar in the chest.

*English is not my main language, sorry if it looks like that I’m being a smart-ass or something :grin:


This happened while I was fighting the wizard with my sword on the ship


I came upon a hilarious bit of poor writing: “Gale is quiet and nervous-looking for the first time in her life. Her bright blue eyes shine brightly when she looks at you.”

Perhaps you should use bright a bit less in describing Gale’s eyes.

"Who all is involved in this plot?“
Should be
"Who else is involved in this plot?”


Report that the paladin healing on the boat didn’t work.


@Lucid For what it is worth, there is at least one other passage in the game in which all and else are confused.


@Lucid Another error, after I try to kick the demon at the summoners’ school:

Even with Syndie holding you up, you don’t have enough energy to swing your leg with any force. (Needed 50 Endurance or 3 Levels in 3)

3 Levels in 3 is obviously a typo.

Also, I found the other all/else confusion. After the player is summoned by the allied summoner, one choice is to ask “Who all is here?”

This should be

“Who else is here?”


No text when marrying Jess with an evil god?


Prison child reference in LH3 Brightwater broken if you made him work at kitchen, but then left at Brightwater before the war in LH2.
Dunno about his other profession options.


I found a typo in a play through where I sided with Sydnie against Poppy. I chose the unarmed option against the demon dog when I wasn’t skilled enough and go from “(Needed 50 Endurance or 3 Levels in 3)”


There a error with importing two to three


Can you provide more details about the save game error? That belongs to CoG, but they need a lot of info to fix them.